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Applications of X-ray Computed Tomography the Geosciences

Product Code: SP215
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by F Mees, R Swennen, M Van Geet and P Jacobs
Publication Date: 12 August 2003
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X-ray computed tomography (CT) is a technique that allows non-destructive imaging and quantification of internal features of objects. It was originally developed as a medical imaging technique, but it is now also becoming widely used for the study of materials in engineering and the geosciences. X-ray CT reveals differences in density and atomic composition and can therefore be used for the study of porosity, the relative distribution of contrasting solid phases and the penetration of injected solutions. As a non-destructive technique, it is ideally suited for monitoring of processes, such as the movement of solutions and the behaviour of materials under compression. Because large numbers of parallel two-dimensional cross-sections can be obtained, three-dimensional representations of selected features can be created. In this book, various applications of X-ray CT in the geosciences are illustrated by papers covering a wide range of disciplines, including petrology, soil science, petroleum geology, geomechanics and sedimentology.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-139-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-139-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 243
Weight: 0.90 kg


Applications of X-ray comuted tomography in the geosciences, F Mees, R Swennen, M Van Geet, P Jacobs • Applications of high-resolution X-ray computed tomography in petrology, meteoritics and palaeontology, W D Carlson, T Rowe, R A Ketcham, M W Colbert • Computed tomography in petroleum engineering research, A R Kovscek, S Akin • Study of the microgeometry of porous materials using synchrotron computed microtomography, K W Jones, H Feng, W B Lindquist, P M Adler, J F Thovert, B Vekemans, L Vincze, I Szaloki, R Van Grieken, F Adams, C Riekel • Porosity measurements of sedimentary rocks by means of microfocus X-ray computed tomography (uCT), M Van Geet, D Lagrou, R Swennen • Quantitative characterization of fracture apertures using microfocus computed tomography, J Carmeliet, K Vandersteen, B Busselen, K Van Den Abeele • Three-dimensional visualization of fractures in rock test samples, simulating deep level mining excavations, using X-ray computed tomography, A Vervoort, E Sellers, J Van Cleynenbreugel • Geostatistics and the representative elementary volume of gamma ray tomography attenuation in rock cores, J R Vogel, G O Brown • Porosity and fluid flow characterization of granite by capillary wetting using X-ray computed tomography, Y Geraud, F Surma, F Mazerolle • Direct imaging of fluid flow in fault-related rocks by X-ray CT, T Hirono, M Takahashi, S Nakashima • rock drying tests monitored by X-ray computed tomography - The effect of saturation methods on drying behaviour, B Rousset-Tournier, F Mazerolle, Y Geraud, D Jeannette • Characterization by X-ray computed tomography of water absorption in a limestone used as building stone in the Oviedo Cathedral (Spain), V G Ruiz De Argandona, A Rodriguez-Rey, C Celorio, L Calleja, L M Suarez Del Rio • Estimation of porosity and hydraulic conductivity from X-ray CT-measured solute breakthrough, S H Anderson, H Wang, R L Peyton, C J Gantzer • Assessment of soil structure using X-ray computed tomography, H Rogasik, I Onasch, J Brunotte, D Jegou, O Wendroth • 3D soil image characterization applied to hydraulic properties computation, J F Delerue, E Perrier, A Timmerman, R Swennen • Evaluation of local porosity changes in limestone samples under triaxial stress field by using X-ray computed tomography, C O Karacan, A S Grader, P M Halleck • Monitoring void ratio redistribution during continuous undrained triaxial compression by X-ray computed tomography, R C K Wong, P R Thomson • The use of X-ray computed tomography in the investigation of the settlement behaviour of compacted mudrock, M A O'Neill, A K Goodwin, W F Anderson, • Industrial X-ray computed tomography studies of lake sediment drill cores, A Becker, A Flisch • Analysis of analogue models by helical X-ray computed tomography, G Schreurs, R Hanni, M Panien, P Vock • Preliminary microfocus X-ray computed tomography survey of echinoid fossil microstructure, S R Stock, A Veis • 


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