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Volcanic Degassing

Product Code: SP213
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by: C Oppenheimer, D M Pyle and J Barclay
Publication Date: 09 July 2003
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Humans have long marvelled at (and feared) the odorous and colourful manifestations of volcanic emissions, and, in some cases, have harnessed them for their economic value. The degassing process responsible for these phenomena is now understood to be one of the key factors influencing the timing and nature of volcanic eruptions. Moreover the surface emissions of these volatiles can have profound effects on the atmospheric and terrestrial environment, and climate.

Even more fundamental are the relationships between the history of planetary outgassing, differentiation of the Earth’s interior, chemistry of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and the origin and evolution of life. 

This book provides a compilation of 23 papers that investigate the behaviour of volatiles in magma, the feedbacks between degassing and magma dynamics, and the composition, flux, and environmental, atmospheric and climatic impacts of volcanic gas emissions.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-136-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-136-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 432
Weight: 1.30 kg


Volcanic degassing: introduction, C Oppenheimer, D M Pyle and J Barclay • Dynamics of magma degassing, R S J Sparks • Experimental constraints on volatile abundances in arc magmas and their implications for degassing processes, B Scaillet and M Pichavant • Water diffusion in natural potassic melts, C Freda, D R Baker, C Romano and P Scarlato • H20 and halogens in volcanic clasts: traxcers of degassing processes during plinian and dome-building eruptions. B Villemant, G Boudon, S Nougrigat, S Poteaux and A Michel • A model for the saturation of C-O-H-S fluids in silicate melts, R Moretti, P Papale and G Ottonello • Sulphur release from flood lava eruptions in the Veidivotn, Grimsvotn and Katla volcanic systems, Iceland, T Thordarson, S Self, D J Miller, G Larsen and E G Vilmundardottir • Particles from the plume of Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico - the FESEM/EDS Approach, J H Obenholzner, H Schroettner, P Golob and H Delgado • Optical sensing of volcanic gas and aerosol emissions, A J S McGonigle and C Oppenheimer • Altitude effects on COSPEC measurements of volcanic SO2 emission rates, T M Gerlach • Volcanic eruption detection bythe Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) instruments: a 22-year record of sulphur dioxide and ash emissions, S A Carn, A J Krueger, G J S Bluth, S J Schaefer, N A Krotkov, I M Watson and S Datta • Rainwater and ash leachate analysis as proxies for plume chemistry at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, M Edmonds, C Oppenheimer, D M Pyle and R A Herd • Magma extrusion dynamics revealed by high-frequency gas monitoring at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Monsterrat, S R Young and B Voight • CO2 Emissions from Fumarolic Ice Towers, Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antartica, L J Wardell, P R Kyle and A R Campbell • Fumarole migration and fluid geochemistry at Poas Volcano (Costa Rica) from 1998 to 2001, O Vaselli, F Tassi, A Minissale, G Montegrossi, E Duarte, E Fernandez, E Fernandez-Fernandez and F Bergamaschi • Degassing processes of Popocatepetl and Volcan de Colima, N R Varley and Y Taran • FTIR remote sensing of Fractional Magma Degassing at Mt. Etna, Sicily, M Burton, P Allard, F Mure and C Oppenheimer • The Tropospheric Sulphur cycle and the role of Volcanic SO2, D S Stevenson, C E Johnsons, C E Johnson, W J Collins and R G Derwent • The 12,900 yr BP Lacher eruption: estimation of volatile yields and simulation of their fate in the plume, C Textor and H F Graf • Changes in stratospheric composition, chemistry, radiation and climate caused by volcanic eruptions, R G Grainger and E J Highwood • Compositional variation in topospheric volcanic gas plumes: evidence from ground-based remote sensing, L A Horrocks, C Oppenheimer, M R Burton and H J Duffell • Correlations between eruption magnitude, SO2 yield, and surface cooling, S Blake • Environmental impacts of tropospheric volcanic gas plumes, P Delmelle • Illness and elevated human mortality inEurope coincident with the Laki Fissure eruption, J Grattan, M Durand and S Taylor 


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