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Ground Penetrating Radar in Sediments

Product Code: SP211
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C S Bristow and H M Jol
Publication Date: 27 May 2003
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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is transforming the way earth scientists and engineers describe and interpret near-surface sedimentary environments in the field. Because of recent advances in equipment, GPR now provides continuous, high-resolution data that other geophysical investigative tools cannot achieve. GPR has proven useful in a wide array of environmental, geological, and engineering applications.

Included in this book are practical guidelines for data collection and interpretation, from antennae configurations to sequence stratigraphy, together with new advances such as vertical radar profiles and 3-D GPR imaging for hydrocarbon reservoir modeling, designed to assist new and veteran users to get the most from GPR. Case studies in this book detail GPR investigations in a wide array of sedimentary environments including alluvial fans, braided rivers, spits, beaches, sand dunes, lakes, bogs, and floodplains. Examples of GPR investigation applied to stratigraphic correlation problems in Holocene, Pleistocene, and ancient sediments; hydrocarbon reservoir modeling; and detection and mapping of contaminants, reservoir infilling, land mines, and fault displacements are included.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-131-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-131-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 338
Weight: 1.00 kg


GPR in sediments: advice on data collection, basic processing and interpretation, a good practice guide, H M Jol and C S Bristow • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) traverses across dune forms on the Maputaland coastal plan, South Africa, G A Botha, C S Bristow, N Porat, G A T Duller, S J Armitage, H M Roberts, B M Clarke, M W Kota and P Schoeman • GPR Survey of a Holocene Aeolian/Fluvial/Lacustrine Succession, Lauder Sand Hills, Manitoba, Canada, K G Havholm, N Bergstrom, H M Jol and G L Running • A GPR study of sedimentary structures within a transgressive coastal barrier along the Danish North Sea coast, Ingelise Moller and D Anthony • GPR Stratigraphy used to infer Transgressive deposition of Spits and a Barrier, Lake Bonneville, Stockton, Utah, U.S.A. D G Smith, R A Meyers and D G Currey • Sedimentary architecture and post-glacial evolution of Cheekye fan, southwestern British columbia, Canada, C Ekes and P Friele • Three-dimensional GPR analysis of various Quaternary braided river (gravel-bed) deposits (SW-Germany), J Heinz and T Aigner • Sedimentary Architecture and Radar Facies of a Fan Delta, Cypress Creek, West Vancouver, British Columbia, M C Roberts, H P Niller and N Helmstetter • The use and application of GPR in sandy fluvial environments: methodological considerations, J Woodward, P J Ashworth, J L Best, G H Sambrook, Smith and C J Simpson • GPR-dervived architecture of November 1996 jokulhlaup deposits, Skeidararsandur, Iceland, N J Cassidy, A J Russell, P M Marren, H Fay, O Knudsen and E L Rushmer • GPR Survey of a Lobate Rock Glazcier in Yankee Boy Basin, CO, USA, J L Degenhardt, J R Giardino and M B Junck • Radar images of periglacial slope deposits beneath peat bogs in Middle European Highlands, Germany, M Leopold and J Volkel • Soil effects of ground penetrating Radar Detection of buried nonmetallic mines, J M H Hendrickx, S H Hong, T Miller, B Borchers and H Tobbin • Sacramento, M G Ferrick and C M Collins • The recognitionn of barrage and paludal tufa systems by GPR: case studies in the geometry and correlation of Quaternary freshwater carbonates, M Pedley and I Hill • Using GPR to image 3-D turbidite channel architecture in the Carboniferous Ross Formation, County Clare, Western Ireland, J D Clark, A R Westerman, J A Guest and R J Ferguson • Visualisation and characterisation of active normal faults and associated sediments by high-resolution GPR, S Reiss, K R Reicherter and D C Reuther • Radar reflection from sedimentary structures in the vadose zone, R L Van Dam, E H Van Den Berg, M G Schaap, L H Broekema and W Schlager • Downhole GPR for high-resolution analysis of material properities near Fairbanks, Alaska, L E Hunter, A J Delaney, D E Lawson, L Davis • Influence of antenna configurations for GPR survey Information from polarisation and amplitude versus offset measurements, P Lutz, S Garambois and H Perroud • Using GPR to image 3-D turbidite channel architecture in the Carboniferous Ross Formation, County Clare, Western Ireland, J K Pringle and A R Gardiner • GPR-derived architecture of November 1996 jokulhlaup deposits, Skeidararsandur, Iceland, T A G P van Dijk • 


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