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Natural Stone, Weathering Phenomena, Conservation Strategies and Case Studies

Product Code: SP205
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S Siegesmund (University of Gottingen, Germany), a Vollbrecht (University of Gottingen, Germany) & T Weiss (University of Gottingen, Germany)
Publication Date: 05 February 2003
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The weathering of historical buildings and, indeed, of monuments and sculptures of natural stone is a problem that has been encountered for hundreds of years. However, a dramatic increase in deterioration in the structure of our built heritage has been observed during the past century. To understand the complex interaction that the stone in a building suffers with its near environment (the building) and the macro environment (the local climate and atmospheric conditions) requires an interdisciplinary approach and the application of many different theoretical, experimental and empirical resources provided by the geosciences, chemistry, materials sciences, biology and construction engineers.

The protection of our architectural heritage has both the cultural and historical importance, as well as substantial economic and ecological value. Large sums of money are spent worldwide on measures for the preservation of monuments and historical buildings. Optimization of damage analysis procedures and damage process controls, as well as the development of monitoring and early warning systems for damage prevention, is needed. The past several decades has seen an unprecedented level of research activity in this area, the results of which are often difficult to access. This volume is intended to provide an integrated approach to the study of the deterioration of geomaterials, making the research available to a wide international audience.

Natural Stone, Weathering Phenomena, Conservation Strategies and Case Studies comprises 30 chapters divided into 6 sections: weathering of natural building stones; weathering processes; fabric dependence of physical properties; biodeterioration; quality assessment and conservation of stones; and environmental conditions. Review articles are combined with reports on recent progress in the various fields, authored by a comprehensive team of international contributors. This volume will be of interest to all those involved in the protection of our built heritage, particularly geoscientists, material scientist, construction engineers, architects and stone conservators.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-123-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-123-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 496
Weight: 1.30 kg


Freeze-thaw cycles and their influence on marble deterioration: A long-term experiment • Evolution of the petrophysical properties of two types of Alsatian sandstone subjected to simulated freeze-thaw conditions • Deterioration of the Globigerina Limestone of the Maltese Islands • Salt Weathering: A Selective Review • Thermal expansion and its control on the durability of marbles • Experimental study on the variation in porosity of marble as a function of temperature • Thermal stresses and microcracking in calcite and dolomite marbles via finite element modelling • Depositional environment and diagenesis as controlling factors for petro-physical properties and weathering resistance of siliciclastic dimension stones:- integrative case study on the 'Wesersandstein' (Northern Germany, Middle Buntsandstein) • Anisotropic technical properties of building stones and their development due to fabric changes • The Anisotropy of Itacolumite flexibility • Ultrasonic wave volocities as a diagnostic tool for the quality assessment of marble • Physico-mechanical and microstructural characteristics of historic and restoration mortars based on gypsum: current knowledge and perspective • Impact of endolithic biofilms on carbonate rock surfaces • Biodeterioration of calcareous and granitic building stones in urban environments • Biofiolms and their extracellular environment on geomaterials: methods for investigation down to nanometer scale • Limestone weathering on historical monuments in Cairo / Egypt • Characterizing the construction materials of a historic builidng and evaluating possible preservation treatments for restoration purposes • Thermal behaviour of weathered and consolidated marbles • The influence of petrographic, architectural and environmental factors in decay patterns and durability of granite stones in Braga monuments (NW Portugal) • Investigations into provenance and properties of ancient building sandstones of the Zittau/Gorlitz region (Upper Lusatia, Eastern Saxony/Germay) • Bowing of marble panels: On-site damage analysis from the Oeconomicum Building at Goettingen (Germany) • Bending-strength properties of untreated and impregnated igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic dimension stones of different thickness • Atmospheric pollution and building materials: stone and glass • Modelling the rapid retreat of builidng sandstones: a case study from a polluted maritime environment • Oolitic limestone in a polluted atmospheric environment in Budapest: weathering phenomena and alterations in plysical properties • Principal Decay Patterns on Venetian Monuments • Acid deposition and the deterioration of stone: a brief review of a broad topic • Implications of future climate change for stone deterioration • Evaluation of the origin of sulphate compounds in building stone by sulphur isotope ratio • A rapid method for the determination of cation exchange capacities of sandstones: preliminary data


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