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The Timing & Location of Major Ore Deposits in an Evolving Orogen

Product Code: SP204
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D J Blundell (University of London, UK), F Neubauer (University of Salzburg, Austria) and A von Quadt (Institute of Isotope Geochemistry and Mineral Resources, Switzerland)
Publication Date: 19 December 2002
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As an outcome of the European Science Foundation scientific programme, GEODE, on geodynamic and ore deposit evolution, this book examines the underlying geodynamic processes that lead to the formation of ore deposits in order to discover what controls the timing and location of major ore deposits in an evolving orogen.

A collection of 19 research papers examines various aspects of ore genesis in the context of the geodynamic processes occurring with an evolving orogen. Although the majority of papers relate to Europe, their findings have a global significance for metallogenesis

The book will be of interest to all those involved in research or mineral exploration concerned with metallogenesis. In addition, ore deposits provide new evidence about magnetism associated with transient, rapid changes in plate motions and subduction processes in unusual tectonic settings, and are therefore of interest to those involved in both the magmatic and tectonic processes of orogenesis.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-122-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-122-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.30 kg


The timing and location of major ore deposits in an evolving orogen: the geodynamic context, D J Blundell • Global comparisons of volcanic-associated massive sulphide deposits, R L Allen and P Weihed • Tectonic controls on magmatic-hydrothermal gold mineralization in the magmatic arcs of SE Asia, M E Barley, P Rak and D Wyman • Timing and tectonic controls in the evolving orogen of SE Asia and the western Pacific and some implications for ore generation, C G Macpherson and R Hall • Correlating magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposit formation over time with geodynamic processes in SE Europe, A L W Lips • Contrasting Late Cretaceous with Neogene ore provinces in the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride collision belt, F Neubauer • Auriferous arsenopyrite-pyrite and stibnite mineralization from the Siflitz-Guginock Area (Austria): indications for hydrothermal activity during Tertiary oblique terrane accretion in the Eastern Alps, G Amann, W H Paar, F Neubauer and G Daxner • The Elatsite porphyry copper deposit in the Panagyurishte ore district, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria: U-Pb zircon geochronology and isotope-geochemical investigations of magmatism and ore genesis, A Von Quadt, I Peytcheva, B Kamenov, L Fanger, C A Heinrich and M Frank • 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of magmatism and hydrothermal activity of the Madjarovo base-precious metal ore district, eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria, P Marchev and B Singer • Multiple generations of extensional detachments in the Rhodope Mountains (northern Greece): evidence of episodic exhumation of high-P rocks, A Krohe and E Mposkos • The relationship between ore deposits and oblique tectonics: the southerwestern Iberian Variscan Belt, F Tornos, C Casquet, J M R S Relvas, F J A S Barriga and R Saez • Permo-Mesozoic multiple fluid flow and ore deposits in Sardinia: a comparison with Post-Variscan mineralization of Western Europe, M Boni, P H Muchez and J Schneider • The timing of W-Sn-rare metals mineral deposit formation in the Western Variscan chain in their orogenic setting: the case of the Limousin area (massif Central, France), M Cuney, P Alexandrov, C Le Carlier De Veslud, A Cheilletz, L Raimbault, G Ruffet and S Scaillet • Discrimination criteria for assigning ore deposits located in the Dinaridic Palaeozoic-Triassic formations to Variscan or Alpidic metallogeny, L A Palinkas and I Jurkovic • Example of a structurally controlled copper deposit from the Hercynian Western High Atlas (Morocco): the High Seksaoua mining district, A Chauvet, L Barbanson, A Gaouzi, L Badra, J C Touray and S Oukarou • The Baikalide-Altaid, Transbaikal-Mongolian and North Pacific orogenic collages: similarity and diversity of structural patterns and metallogenic zoning, A Yakubchuk • Tectonics, geodynamics and gold mineralization of the eastern margin of the North Asia Craton, V Y Fridovsky and A V Prokopiev • 1.05 - 1.01 Ga Sveconorwgian metamorphism and deformation of the supracrustal sequence at Saesvatn, South Norway: Re-Os dating of Cu-Mo mineral occurrences, H J Stein and B Bingen • Fluorine in orthoamphibole dominated Zn-Cu-Pb deposits: examples from Finland and Australia, L Rajavuori and L M Kriegsman •


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