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Volcano-ice Interaction on Earth and Mars

Product Code: SP202
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J L Smellie & M G Chapman
Publication Date: 03 February 2003
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This volume focuses on magmas and cryospheres on earth and Mars and is the first publication of its kind to combine a thematic set of contributions addressing the diverse range of volcano-ice interactions known or thought to occur on both planets. Understanding those interactions is a comparatively young scientific endeavour, yet it is vitally important for a fuller comprehension of how planets work as integrated systems. It is also topical since future volcanic eruptions on earth may contribute to melting ice sheets and thus to global sea level rise.

Papers included here are likely to influence the choice for future Mars missions in exobiologically important areas. On Earth, snow and ice are widespread, not only in extensive ice caps but also as alpine glaciers at high elevations in tropical regions. By contrast, Mars today is an arid volcanic planet with only small polar ice-caps although an abundance of water is believed to be trapped in the cryolithosphere. It is also thought that the planet may have sustained extensive frozen oceans early in its history. The presence of a former hydrosphere, a cryosphere and coincident volcanism thus make Mars the likeliest prospect for the first discoveries of life away from Earth. Much research has assumed that terrestrial volcano-ice systems are plausible analogues for putative Martian examples, but until mankind finally sets foot on Mars, there is no simple test for that assumption.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-121-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-121-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.60 kg


Introduction: Volcano-ice interaction on Earth and Mars, J L Smellie, M G Chapman • Heat transfer and melting in subglacial basaltic volcanic eruptions: implications for volcanic deposit morphology and meltwater volumes, L Wilson & J W Head • Mars: a review and synthesis of general environments and geological settings of magma - H2O interactions, J W Head & L Wilson • The 1969 subglacial eruption on Deception Island (Antarctica): events and processes during an eruption beneath a thin glacier and implications for volcanic hazards, J L Smellie • A brief overview of eruptions from ice-covered and ice-capped volcanic systems in Iceland during the past 11 centuries: frequency, periodicity and implications, G Larsen • Basaltic pahoehoe lava-fed deltas: large-scale characteristics, clast generations, emplacement processes and environmental discrimination, I P Skilling • Architecture and evolution of hydrovolcanic deltas in Marie Byrd Lane, Antarctica, W E Lemasurier • Facies analysis of proximal subglacial and proglacial volcaniclastic successions at the Eyjakjallajokull central volcano, southern Iceland, S C Loughlin • Glacial influences on morphology and eruptive products of Hoodoo Mountain volcano, Canada, B R Edwards & J K Russell • Effusive intermediate glaciovolcanism in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, southwestern British Columbia, Canada, M C Kelman, J K Russell & C J Hickson • Physical volcanology of a subglacial-to-emergent rhyolitic tuya at Raudufossafjoll, Torfajokull, Iceland, H Tuffen, D W McGarvie, J S Gilbert, H Pinkerton • Lithofacies analysis and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of ice-volcano interactions at Mt. Murphy and the Crary Mountains, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, T I Wilch & W C Mcintosh • Volatiles in basaltic glasses from a subglacial volcano in northern British Columbia (Canada): implications for ice sheet thickness and mantle volatiles, J E Dixon, J R Filiberto, J G Moore & C J Hickson • Layered, massive and thin sediments on Mars: possible Late Noachian to Late Amozonian tephra? M G Chapman • Rootless cones on Mars: a consequence of lava-ground ice interaction, S A Fagents, P Lanagan & R Greeley • The hyaloclastite ridge formed in the subglacial 1996 eruption in Gjalp, Vatnajokull, Iceland: present day shape and future preservation, M T Gudmundsson, F Palsson, H Bjornsson & P Hognadottir • Subglacial volcanic features beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet interpreted from aeromagnetic and radar ice sounding, J C Behrendt, D D Blankenship, D L Morse, C A Finn & R E Bell • Spectroscopic and geochemical analyses of ferrihydrite from springs in Iceland and applications to Mars, J L Bishop & E Murad • Geochemical and mineralogical analyses of palagonitic tuffs and altered rinds of pillow basalts in Iceland and applications to Mars, J L Bishop, P Schiffman & R Southard • Distinguishing palagonitized from pedogenically-altered basaltic Hawaiian tephra: mineralogical and geochemical criteria, P Schiffman, R Southard, D D Eberl & J L Bishop • Identifying bio-interaction with basaltic glass in oceanic crust and implications for estimating the depth of the oceanic biosphere: A review, H Furnes, H Thorseth, T Torsvik, K Muehlenbachs, H Staudigel & O Tumyr •


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