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Mine Water Hydrogeology and Geochemistry

Product Code: SP198
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. L. Younger and N. S. Robins
Publication Date: 07 October 2002
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This book is a collection of keynote reviews and detailed case-studies covering the principal areas of active research and state-of-the-art industrial practice in the field of mine water management. It addresses both issues of water quantity (such as the impact of longwall mining on the piezometry and hydraulic properties of overlying aquifers) and water quality (spanning an array of sites from deep coal mines to open-pit base metal mines), as well as a wealth of hybrid, integrated studies in which hydrogeological and geochemical aspects are considered (and managed) together.

The papers presented in this book are intended for practising geologists and engineers involved in the management of active and abandoned mine sites all over the world. It is also of interest to academic geoscientists and students with interests in low-temperature aqueous geochemistry and the hydrogeology of complex, quasi-karstic groundwater flow systems.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-113-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-113-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 408
Weight: 1.30 kg


Challenges in the characterisation and prediction of the hydrogeology and geochemistry of mined ground, P L Younger and N S Robins • The effects of Longwall coal mining on overlying aquifers, C J Booth • Mine Water Tracing, C Wolkersdorfer • The monitoring and modelling of mine water recovery in UK coalfields, K R Whitworth • Effects of longwall mining in the Selby coalfield on the piezometry and aquifer properties of the overlying sherwood sandstone, S Dumpleton • A physically-based model of rebound in South Crofty tin mine, Cornwall, R Adams and P L Younger • Coalfield closure and environmental consequence - the case in South Nottinghamshire, N S Robins, S Dumpleton and J Walker • Depressurisation of the North Wall at the Escondida Copper Mine, Chile, P McKelvey, G Beale, A Taylor, S Mansell, B Mira, C Valdivia and W Hitchcock • Hydrogeological Framework for assessing the possible environmental impacts of large-scale gold mines, J S Kuma, P L Younger and R J Bowell • Predicting mineral weathering rates at field scale for mine water risk assessment, S A Banwart, K Evans and S Croxford • The hydrogeochemical dynamics of mine pit lakes, R J Bowell • Modelling the oxidation of sulphides in an unsaturated soil, M W Saaltink, C Domenech, C Ayora and J Carrera • Laboratory and numerical modelling studies of iron release from a spoil heap in County Durham, C J Gandy and K Evans • Contaminant source characterisation of the San Jose Mine, Oruro, Bolivia, D Banks, W Holden, E Aguilar, C Mendez, D Koller, Z Andia, J Rodriguez, O M Saether, A Torrico, R Veneros and J Flores • Secondary minerals in the abandoned mines of Nenthead Cumbria as sinks for pollutant, C A Nuttall and P L Younger • The importance of pyritic roof strata in aquatic pollutant release from abandoned mines in a major, oolitic, bethierine-chamosite-siderite iron ore field, Cleveland, UK, P L Younger • Arsenic removal by oxidising bacteria in an heavily arsenic contaminated acid mine drainage system (Carnoules, France), M Leblanc, C Casiot, V P Parnachev, F Elbaz-Poulichet, B Frengstad, C Personne, O V Karnachuk • Fingerprinting minewater in the eastern sector of the South Wales coalfield, M M E Brown, A L Jones, K G Leighfield and S J Cox • Alkaline mine drainage from metal sulphide and coal mines: examples from Svalbard and Siberia, D Banks and W Holden • Assessment, prediction and management of long-term post-closure water quality: A case study - Hlobane Colliery, South Africa, R P Hattingh, W Pulles, R Krantz, C Pretorius, C Pretourius and S Swart • Integrate hydraulic-hydrogeochemical assessment of flooded deep mine voids by test pumping at the Deerplay (lancashire) and Frances Collieries (Fife), C A Nuttall, R Adams and P L Younger • Hydrogeological and geochemaical interactions of adjoining mercury and coal mine spoil heaps in the Morgao catchment, J Loredo, A Ordonez and F Pendas • Structural influences on plume migration from a tailings dam in the West Rand, Republica of South Africa, I Neumann and K Sami • Hydrogeological and geochemical consequences of the abandonment of Frazer's Grove carbonate hosted Pb/Zn fluorspar mine, north Pennines, UK, K L Johnson and P L Younger • Paradise Lost? Assessment of liabilities at a Uranium mine in the Slovak Republic: Novoveska Huta, D Holten, D Holton, M Kelly and A Baker • Influence of mine hydrogeology on minewater discharge chemistry, S B Rees, R J Bowell and I Wiseman


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