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Drift Exploration in Glaciated Terrain

Product Code: SP185
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. B. McClenaghan, P. T. Bobrowsky, G. E. M. Hall & S. J. Cook
Publication Date: 17 December 2001
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Geological Society Special Publication 185

This special publication is a compilation of papers presented at the Drift Exploration in Glaciated Terrain Short Course held in conjunction with the 19th International Geochemical Exploration Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in April, 1999. The short course was sponsored by the Association of Exploration Geochemists. The volume focuses on the application of till geochemical and indicator mineral methods to mineral exploration in the glaciated terrain of Canada. The principles and examples described, however, have direct applications for explorationists working in glaciated parts of North America, northern Europe and Asia, as well as mountainous regions of South America. Mineral exploration in glaciated terrain requires an appreciation and understanding of glacial processes, surficial sediments, glacial history, and soil formation in addition to economic geology. The following papers address these issues and are organized to lead the reader from the general to the specific.The first half of the volume is an introduction to glaciated terrain. Sampling techniques are described, followed by reviews of indicator mineral methods used for diamond, gold, base-metal exploration. Lake sediment and biogeochemical methods are included to complement geochemical and indicator mineral methods. A paper describing the application of GIS methods to till geochemical data has also been included, reflecting the importance of data interpretation and display as essential parts of regional geochemical surveys. The second half of the volume consists of a series of case studies addressing each of the three major glaciated terrains of Canada: flat lying Shield terrain of central and northern Canada, rugged mountainous terrain of the western Canadian Cordillera and the rounded mountains of Appalachia on the east coast. Readership: Professionals and Academics in the mineral exploration industry, especially diamond exploration. Suitable for undergraduates and above.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-082-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-082-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 1.10 kg


Introduction • Quaternary geological perspective on geochemical exploration in glaciated terrain Sampling techniques • Till geochemistry and sampling techniques in glaciated shield terrain: a review • Regional till geochemical surveys in the Canadian Cordillera: sample media, methods and anomaly evaluation. Heavy minerals in mineral exploration • The application of heavy indicator mineralogy in mineral exploration, with emphasis on base metal indicators in glaciated metamorphic and plutonic terrain • Geochemical and indicator mineral methods for diamond exploration in the glaciated terrain of Canada. Lake sediment geochemistry • Lake sediment geochemical methods in the Shield and Cordillera. Biogeochemistry • Biogeochemical exploration methods in the Canadian Shield and Cordillera Data interpretation • Analysis of geochemical data for mineral exploration using a GIS: A case study from the Swayze greenstone belt, northern Ontario, Canada. Case Histories. Geochemical exploration in Shield Terrain • Regional and local-scale gold grain and till geochemical signatures of lode Au deposits in the western Abitibi Greenstone Belt, central Canada • Application of composite glacial boulder geochemistry to exploration for unconformity-type uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada. Case Histories: Geochemical exploration in Appalachia • An evolutionary model of glacial dispersal and till genesis in Maritime Canada • Contrasting styles of glacial dispersal in Newfoundland and Labrador: methods and case studies. Case Histories III - Geochemical exploration in the Cordillera • The glacial transport and physical partitioning of mercury and gold in till: implications for mineral exploration with examples from central British Columbia, Canada • Geochemical signatures around massive sulphide deposits in Southern British Columbia, Canada • Glacial transport and secondary hydromorphic metal mobilization: examples from the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada • Index.

Principal authors: R A Klassen, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada. I McMartin, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada. V M Levson, British Colombia Survey, Canada. S A Averill, Overburden Drilling Management Ltd., Canada. M B McClenaghan, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada. S J Cook, British Colombia Geological Survey, Canada. C E Dunn, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada. J R Harris, Geological Survey of Canada, CanadaS Earle, Grasswood Geoscience Ltd., Canada. R R Stea, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Canada. M J Batterson, Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. A Plouffe, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada. R E Lett, British Colombia Ministry of Energy and Mines, Canada. R C Paulen, University of Victoria, Canada.


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