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Continental Reactivation & Reworking

Product Code: SP184
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J Miller, R Holdsworth, I Buick & M Hand
Publication Date: 01 November 2001
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As a result of its relative buoyancy, continental crust is rarely subducted meaning that successive episodes of continental deformation imparts a complex geological character that is not found in younger oceanic lithosphere. This character is largely the result of two related processes: (1) reactivation, involving rejuvenation of discrete structures; and (2) reworking, involving the repeated metamorphism, deformation and magmatism of a previously tectonised crustal or lithospheric volume. Characterising the style, distribution and timing of reactivation and reworking in different continental settings should therefore provide a crucial dataset with which to evaluate the spatial patterns, temporal evolution and dynamic controls of tectonic rejuvenation of the continents and continental lithosphere. A combination of review and research papers are presented which highlight some of the issues and problems associated with the characterisation and modelling of continental reactivation and reworking. Readership: Metamorphic petrologists, tectonocists, geochronologists, structural geologists and geodynamicists, as well as, sedimentologists and igneous petrologists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-080-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-080-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 450
Weight: 1.20 kg


Reassessing reactivation and reworking of continents • Mechanisms of lithospheric renewal associated with continental orogeny • The role of deep basement during continent-continent collision: a review • When the Wilson Cycle breaks down: How orogens can produce strong lithosphere and inhibit their future reworking • From lithospheric thickening and convective thinning to active continental rifting • Episodicity during orogenesis • The structure and rheological evolution of reactivated continental fault zones: a review and case study • Geodynamics of Central Australia during the intraplate Alice Springs Orogeny: Thin viscous sheet models • A thin-plate model of Palaeozoic deformation of the Australian lithosphere: Implications for understanding the processes of cratonisation, orogenesis, reactivation and reworking • Tectonic feedback, intraplate orogeny and the geochemical structure of the crust: a central Australian perspective • Long term thermal consequences of tectonic activity at Mt Isa Australia: Implications for polyphase tectonism in the Proterozoic • Polymetamorphism and reworking of the Reynolds and Anmatjira Ranges, central Australia • High-grade reworking of Proterozoic granulites during Ordovician intraplate transpression, eastern Arunta Inlier, central Australia • The response of U-Pb mineral chronometers to metamorphism and deformation in orogenic belts • Polyphase deformation and metamorphism at the Kalahari Craton - Mozambique Metamorphic - Province Boundary • Polymetamorphism of mafic granulites in the North China Craton: textural and thermobarometric evidence and tectonic implications • Pervasive Pan-african reactivation of the Grenville crust and large igneous intrusions in central Dronning Maud Land (East Antactica) • Fluid-rock interaction in the Reynolds Range, central Australia : superimposed, episodic, and channelled fluid flow systems • Mesoproterozoic orogenesis and Palaeozoic reworking of the Sverdrupfjella Group of western Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: evidence from stable isotopes • Index


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