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Tectonics & Magmatism in Turkey and the Surrounding Area

Product Code: SP173
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E. Bozkurt, J. A. Winchester and J. D. A. Piper
Publication Date: 12 May 2000
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The volume is divided into five sections: Tethyan evolution, Neotethyan ophiolites, post-Tethyan basin evolution, neotectonics and igneous activity. The first two sections deal with Tethyan oceans, whose growth and subsequent closure dominated the geodynamic framework in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. The subsequent sections deal with more recent geological developments from the Balkan Peninsula in the west to the Transcaucasus in the east that followed consumption of the Tethyan oceans. There is a broad mix of papers throughout the volume: wide-ranging review papers on ocean development and extensional tectonics are followed by detailed descriptions of petrology and geochemistry and geographically focused studies on basin evolution, specific aspects of extensional and strike-slip tectonics and discussions of the relationship of magmatic activity to the tectonic development of the area. Tectonics and Magmatism in Turkey and the Surrounding Area presents up-to-date results and ideas from a large number of international contributors on a wide range of current research activity in this region. It is essential reading for all geoscientists with an interest in both academic and applied aspects of eastern Mediterranean geology.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-064-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-064-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 540
Weight: 1.40 kg


Geochemical character and tectonic environment of Neotethyan ophiolitic fragments and metabasites in the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, Turkey • Aspects of Jurassic radiolarite sedimentation in a ramp setting following the “mid-Late Jurassic discontinuity”. Barla Dag area, Western Taurus, Turkey • Palaeomagnetic study of the Erciyes sector of the Ecemis Fault Zone: neotectonic deformation in the south eastern part of the Anatolian Block • Supra-subduction zone origin of the Pozanti-Karsanti ophiolite (Southern Turkey) deduced from whole rock and mineral chemistry of the gabbroic cumulates • Cenozoic extension in Bulgaria and Northern Greece: the northern part of the Aegean extensional regime • Palaoezoic-Early Tertiary Tethyan evolution of melanges, rift and passive margin units in the Karaburun Peninsula ( W Turkey) and Chios Island (Greece) • When did the Western Anatolian grabens begin to develop? • Tethyan oceans • Was the Late Triassic orogeny in Turkey caused by the collision of an oceanic plateau? • Neogene and Quaternary volcanism of of south-eastern Turkey • Petrogenesis of basalts from southern Turkey: the Plio-Quaternary volcanism to the North of Iskenderun Gulf • A geotraverse across NW Turkey: tectonic units of the central Sakarya region and their tectonic eveolution • Episodic graben formation and extensional neotectonic regime in west Central Anatolia and the Isparta Angle: a case study in the Aksehir-Afyon graben, Turkey • Mesozoic-Tertiary tectonic-sedimentary evolution of a south-Tethyan oceanic basin and its margins in southern Turkey • Geochemistry of volcanic rocks from the Cicekdag Ophiolite, Central Anatolia, Turkey, and their inferred tectonic setting within the northern branch of the Neotethyan Ocean • Late Permian foraminiferal biofacies belts in Turkey: palaeographic and tectonic implications • Structural correlation of the southern Transcaucasus (Georgia)-eastern Pontides (Turkey) • S-I-A- type intrusive associations: geodynamic significance of synchronism between metamorphism and magnetism in Central Anatolia, Turkey • Neogene Paratethyan succession in Turkey and its implications for the palaeogeography of the Eastern Paratethys. Principal authors. G. M. Stampfli, Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland. A. I. Okay, Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, Turkey. A. H. F. Robertson, University of Edinburgh, UK. D. Altiner, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. M. Cemal Goncuoglu, Middle East. Technical University, Turkey. A. Farinacci, Universita La Sapienza, Italy. A. Yilmaz, Cumhuriyet University, Turkey. P. A. Floyd, University of Keele, UK. K. M. Yaliniz, Celal Bayar University, Turkey. O. Parlak, Cukurova University, Turkey. V. G. Kazmin, Russian Academy of Science, Russia. N. Gorur, Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, Turkey. M. Karabiyikoglu, Mineral Research and Exploration Institute, Turkey. N. Kaymakci, ITC, The Netherlands. C. B. Burchfiel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Y. Yilmaz, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. E. Bozkurt, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. A. Kocyigit, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. O. Tatar, Cumhuriyet University, Turkey. D. Boztug, Cumhuriyet University, Turkey. J. Arger, University of Edinburgh, UK. S. Yurtmen, Cukurova Universitesi Turkey.


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