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Volcanoes in the Quaternary

Product Code: SP161
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: C. R. Firth & W. J. McGuire
Publication Date: 31 August 1998
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It has long been suggested that there is a causal link between volcanic activity and Quaternary environmental change. Earlier work pointed to the volcanic activitty driving large-scale Quaternary glacial fluctuations. However, a growing body of evidence lends weight to the converse view that Quaternary environmental changes resulted in increased volcanic activitity. Using tephra layers as chronological horizons, researchers have begun to suggest that these volcanic events may have produced not only short-term climate changes but also variations in regional vegetation patterns and in the distribution of society.A full understanding of the complex interaction between volcanic activity and Quaternary environmental change requires the collaboration of both volcanologists and Quaternary scientists. Volcanoes in the Quaternary brings together papers from workers in both fields and reflects the diversity of current research. The papers are grouped geographically and focus on New Zealand’s North Island, the East African Rift Valley, the Mediterranean and Iceland. They cover the determination of eruptive chronologies, discuss the impacts on local vegetation and society, outline the importance of tephrostratigraphic records and provide detailed studies of hazard assessment.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-049-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-049-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 284
Weight: 0.80 kg


New Zealand, North Island volcanic province; The Auckland volcanic field, New Zealand: geophysical evidence for its eruption history. Impact of tephra fall and environmental change: a 1000 year record from Matakana Island, Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand. Volcanic Hazards in Auckland: apreliminiary assessment of the threat posed by central North Island silicic volcanism based on the Quaternary tephrostratigraphical record. East African Rift Valley and the Mediterranean; The role of tephrachronology in recognizing synchronous caldera-forming events at the Quaternary volcanoes Longonot and Suswa, south Kenya Rift. Deep sea tephra from Nisyros Island, eastern Aegean Sea, Greece. Eruptive and seismic activity at Etna Volcano (Italy) between 1977 and 1991. Late Quaternary eruptions in Iceland; Modelling the impact of Icelandic volcanic eruptions upon the prehistoric societies and environment of northern and western Britain. Characterization of tephras using magnetic properties: an example from SE Iceland. As assessment of discriminant function analysis in the identification and correlation of distal Icelandic tephras in the British Isles. Regional warming of the lower atmosphere in the wake of volcanic eruptions: the role of the Laki fissure eruption in the hot summer of 1783. Environmental and social responses in Europe to the 1783 eruption of the Laki fissure volcano in Iceland: a consideration of contemporary documentary evidence. Hazard assessment; Human adjustments and social vulnerability to volcanic hazards: the case of Furnas Volcano, Sao Miguel, Acores. Reconstruction of the 1706 Montana Negra eruption. Emergency procedures for Garachico and El Tanque, Tenerife, Canary Islands. Index.


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