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Palaeomagmatism & Diagenesis in Sediments

Product Code: SP151
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: D. H. Tarling and P. Turner
Publication Date: 05 May 1999
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This book contains a co-ordinated series of papers considering how chemical changes in sediments, as they accumulate and lithify, affect their magnetization and how such changes can be monitored by studying their magnetic properties. It is especially relevant to sedimentologists, particularly those in exploration for hydrocarbons and sediment hosted materials, as well as for geophysists using the magnetization of sediments.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-028-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-028-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 224
Weight: 0.70 kg


Contents Introduction: sediments and diagenesis • Preliminary investigations into the acquisition of remanence in archaeological sediments • Studies of post-depositional remanent magnetization and their relevance to the palaemagnetic record • Viscous remanent magnetization of high thermal stability in limestone • The significance of magnetotactic bacteria for the palaeo- and rock magnetic record of Quaternary sediments and soils • The locking-in of remanence in late Pleistocene sediments of Lake Lisan (palaeo Dead Sea) • Diagenesis and remanence acquisition in the early Pliocene Trubi Marls at Punta di Maiata (southern Sicily): palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic observations • Magnetic properties of sediments deposited in suboxic-anoxic environments: relationships with biological and geochemical proxies • The isolation of diagenetic groups in marine sediments using fuzzy c-means cluster analyses • Diagenesis of magnetic mineral assemblages in multiply redeposited siliciclastic marine sediments, Wanganui basin, New Zealand • Remanence acquisition and magnetostratigraphy of the Leman Sandstone Formation: Jupiter Fields, southern North Sea • Characterizing pore fabrics in sediments by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility analyses • Magnetic anisotropy indications of deformations associated with diagenesis • Acquisition of anhysteretic remanence and tensor subtraction from AMS isolates true palaeocurrent grain alignments • Diagenesis and remanence acquisition in the cretaceous carbonates of Monte Raggeto, southern Italy • Diagenesis in platform carbonates: a palaeomagnetic study of a late Triassic-early Jurassic section, Tata (Hungary) • The influence of dolomitization on the magnetic properties of early palaeozoic carbonate rocks in estonia • Alteration of magnetic properties of Palaeozoic platform carbonates during burial diagenesis (Lower Ordovician, Texas, USA) • Glossary


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