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Carbonate Ramps

Product Code: SP149
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by V. P. Wright and T. P. Burchette
Publication Date: 12 January 1999
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Carbonate Ramps provides an up to date understanding of the most widespread platform type in the geological record. It contains a series of papers on the sedimentology and modelling of ancient and modern tropical to temperate environments where shallow water carbonate-rich sediments are formed. Carbonate Ramps includes new reviews of southern Arabian Gulf shallow water deposits, the Brazilian coast, northern UK shelf, as well as, studies of Tertiary to Ordovician ramp systems. With contributors coming from 8 countries and examples discussed from 13 countries this is a particularly comprehensive book.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-025-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-025-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 472
Weight: 1.20 kg


Introduction • Carbonate ramps 1973-1996: a historical review • Quaternary proximal foreland ramp and its continental fringe, Arabian Gulf, UAE • Carbonate ramps and the Pleistocene-Recent depositional systems of the Arabian Gulf • Carbonate -siliciclastic sedimentation on a high-energy, ocean-facing, tropical ramp, NE Brazil • Cool-water carbonate deposition on the West Shetland Shelf: a modern distally steepened ramp • Phanerozoic carbonate ramps from greenhouse, transitional and ice-house worlds: clues from field and modelling studies • Carbonate production and offshore transport on a Late Jurassic carbonate ramp (Kimmeridgian, Iberian basin, NE Spain): evidence from outcrops and computer modelling • A review of sediment distributions and processes in Oligo-Miocene ramps of Southern Italy and Malta (Mediterranean divide) • Facies architecture and geometry of a prograding carbonate ramp during the early stages of foreland basin evolution: Lower Eocene sequences, Sierra del Cadí, SE Pyrenees, Spain • Carbonate sedimentation during early foreland basin subsidence: the Eocene succession of the French Alps • Constructional dynamics for a Lower Cretaceous carbonate ramp (Gorbea Massif, N Iberia) • The middle Cretaceous carbonate ramps of the northern Sinai: sequence stratigraphy and facies distribution • Geometry and facies dynamics of Middle Jurassic carbonate ramp sandbodies, West-Central Portugal • Lower Triassic storm-dominated ramp sequence in northern Hungary: an example of evolution from homoclinal through distally steepened ramp to Middle Triassic flat-topped platform • Controls on development of Mid-Triassic ramps: examples from southern Hungary • Depositional Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of a Lower Carboniferous bryozoan-crinoidal carbonate ramp in the Illinois Basin, mid-continent USA • Mud build-ups on a Middle Devonian carbonate ramp (Algerian Sahara) • Middle Devonian reef and mud mounds on a carbonate ramp: Mader Basin (eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) • Ramp facies and sequence stratigraphic models in an epeiric sea: the Upper Ordovician mixed carbonate/siliciclastic Glenwood and Platteville Formations, Wisconsin, USA • Index


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