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Manganese Mineralization: Geochemistry & Mineralogy of Terrestrial Marine ..

Product Code: SP119
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by K. Nicholson (Robert Gordon University, UK), J.R. Hein (US Geological Survey, USA), B. Bühn (Justus-LeibigUniversitat, Germany) and S. Dasgupta (Jadavpur University, India)
Publication Date: 03 December 1996
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Manganese mineralization is diverse in occurrence, origin, mineralogy and geochemistry. These variations reflect differences in the processes of formation and depositional environments, which in turn are a response to changes in the land - ocean - atmosphere system over geological time. As such, manganese deposits can act as markers of major events in the dynamic evolution of the Earth’s surface. Modern manganese accumulations provide insights into key factors controlling manganese deposition that cannot readily be determined from examination of ancient ores. A knowledge of oceanic currents, ocean chemistry or small-scale variation in physicochemcal patterns of recent basins, for example, may extend our understanding of depositional processes in the past. Equally, the study of Precambrian deposits not only elucidates ancient mechanisms of manganese metallogenesis, but also helps to unravel the impact of comprehensive environmental changes on metal deposition on a scale not realised in younger geological times. The volume includes a review of the range of terrestrial Mn deposits and their relative abundance through geological time. This is followed by six papers on Precambrian deposits that cover the manner in which Mn mineralization reflects changes in planetary and environmentalchemistry. Ten papers on Cenozoic deposits show the wide diversity of genetic types of the younger deposits, from nodules, crusts and stratabound layers, todeposits precipitated from hydrothermal fluids. Five papers in the last section consider the geochemistry and mineralogy of Mn deposits. Experimental and modelling approaches to Mn geochemistry and mineralogy can further aid our understanding of the formational and depositional processes involved and thereby ourinterpretation of deposit metallogenesis.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-74-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-74-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 352
Weight: 0.91 kg


Introduction • Precambrian to Modern manganese mineralization: Changes in one type and depositional environment • Review • Genetic diversity of manganese deposition in the terrestrial geological record Supriya Roy • Precambrian deposits • Fractionation of manganese from iron in Arhaean and Proterozoic sedimentary ores • Lithological and geochemical evidence of Fe and Mn pathways during deposition of lower Proterozoic banded Iron Formation in the Krivoy Rog Basin (Ukraine) • Insight into the enigma of Neoproterozoic manganese and iron formations from the perspective of supercontinental break-up and glaciation • Mineralogy and geochemistry of Archaean greenstone belt-hosted Mn formations and deposits of the Dharwar Craton: Redox potential of photo-oceans • Deep-water manganese deposits in the middle to late Proterozoic Penganga Group of the Pranhita-Godavari valley, South India • Manganese ores of the Ghoriajhor - Monmunda area, Sundergarh District, Orissa, India: Geochemical evidence for a mixed Mn source • Cenozoic deposits • Iron and manganese oxide mineralization in the Pacific • Some controls on the geochemical variability of manganese nodules with particular reference to the tropical South Pacific • Growth history of manganese nodules and crusts of the Peru Basin • Distribution and composition of marine hydrogenetic and hydrothermal manganese deposits in the north-west Pacific • Geochemical constraints on the hydrothermal origin of ferromanganese encrustations from the Rodriguez Triple Junction, Indian Ocean • Environments of formation of ferromanganese concretions in the Baltic Sea: A critical review • Deception Island (Antarctica): A new target for exploration of Fe-Mn mineralization? • Terrestrial hot-spring Co-rich Mn mineralization in the Pliocene-Quaternary Calatrava Region (central Spain) • An EPMA and SEM study of the Mn-oxide mineralization of Kato Nevrokopi, Macedonia, northern Greece: Controls on formation of the Mn4+ oxides • recent manganese oxide deposits in Hokkaido, Japan • Geochemistry and mineralogy • Formation of solid phases of manganese in oxygenated aquatic environments • Geochemistry of manganese oxides: metal adsorption in freshwater and marine environments • P-T-X relationships during metamorphism of manganese-rich sediments: Current status and future studies • Zincian rancieite from the Kato Nevrokopi manganese deposits, Macedonia, northern Greece • The determination of the valancy of manganese in the mineralogical and environmental samples by X-ray emission spectroscopy


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