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Palaeomagnetism & Tectonics of the Mediterranean Region

Product Code: SP105
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Morris and D.H. Tarling (University of Plymouth, UK)
Publication Date: 01 June 1996
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The Mediterranean Region represents a complex mosaic of continental, microcontinental and ophiolitic terranes, whose overall evolution has been controlled by relative movements between the African and Eurasian plates. Covers the full width of the Mediterranean basin and presents results from Permian to Quaternary rocks, providing a snap-shot of the current state of palaeomagnetic research in the Mediterranean region.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-55-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-55-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 432
Weight: 1.02 kg


Palaeomagnetism and tectonics of the Mediterranean region: introduction • Western Mediterranean • Applications of net tectonic rotations and inclination analysis to a high-resolution palaeomagnetic study in the Betics Cordillera • The Neogene remagnetization in the western Betic: a brief comment on the reliability of palaeomagnetic directions • New constraints on the bending of the Gibraltar Arc from palaeomagnetism of the Ronda peridotites (Betic Cordilleras, Spain) • Palaeomagnetic studies in Morocco: tectonic implications for the Meseta and Anti-Atlas since the Permian • Palaeomagnetism and magnetostratigraphy of the Middle Triassic in the Iberian Ranges (Central Spain) • Palaeomagnetic study of Jurassic limestones from the Iberian Range (Spain): tectonic implications • clination error linked to sedimentary facies in Miocene detrital sequences from the Vallès-Penedès Basin (NE Spain) • Consequences of post-collisional deformation on the reconstruction of the East Pyrenees • Palaeomagnetic dating and determinations of tectonic tilting: a study of Mesozoic-Cenozoic igneous rocks in central west Portugal • Central Mediterranean and Carpathians • Palaeomagnetism and palaeogeography of Adria • Palaeomagnetic evidence of block rotations in the Matese Mountains, Southern Apennines, Italy • Lack of Late Miocene to Present rotation in the Northern Tyrrhenian margin (Italy): a constraint on geodynamic evolution • The pattern of crustal block rotations in the Italian region deduced from aeromagnetic anomalies • Large scale rotations in North Hungary during the Neogene as indicated by palaeomagnetic data • Magnetostratigraphy of Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones in the Western Carpathians • Ultra-fine magnetostratigraphy of Cretaceous shallow water carbonates, Monte Raggeto, southern Italy • A magnetostratigraphic study of the onset of the Mediterranean Messinian Salinity Crisis; Caltanissetta Basin, Sicily • Revised magnetostratigraphy and rock magnetism of Pliocene sediments from Valle Ricca (Rome, Italy) • Palaeomagnetic database: the effect of quality filtering for geodynamic studies • Eastern Mediterranean • Alternative tectonic models for the Late Palaeozoic-Early Tertiary development of Tethys in the Eastern Mediterranean region • Palaeomagnetic investigations in Northern Albania and their significance for the geodynamic evolution of the Adriatic-Aegean realm • Palaeomagnetism as a tool for testing geodynamic models in the North Aegean: convergences, controversies and a further hypothesis • Implications of ophiolite palaeomagnetism for the interpretation of the geodynamics of Northern Greece • Palaeomagnetic study of crustal deformation across an intracontinental transform: the North Anatolian Fault Zone in Northern Turkey • A review of palaeomagnetic research in the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus • Palaeomagnetism of some Cretaceous Nubian Sandstones, Northern Sinai, Egypt • alaeomagnetism of some Tertiary sedimentary rocks, southwest Sinai, Egypt, in the tectonic framework of the SE Mediterranean • Applications in volcanology • Emplacement temperatures of pyroclastic deposits on Santorini deduced from palaeomagnetic measurements: constraints on eruption mechanisms • Palaeomagnetic controls on the emplacement of the Neapolitan Yellow Tuff (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy) • Magnetic stratigraphy procedures in volcanic areas: the experience at Vesuvius • Archaeomagnetism • Archaeomagnetic results from the Mediterranean region: an overview • Archaeomagnetic directions: the Hungarian calibration curve


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