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Correlation of the Early Paleogene In Northwest Europe

Product Code: SP101
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R.W.O'B. Knox, R.M. Corfield and R.E. Dunay
Publication Date: 19 February 1996
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The early Paleogene of northwest Europe has been the subject of intense investigation over the last 25 years, with important stimuli being provided by the search for oil and gas in the offshore basins and by IUGS-sponsored investigations of the onshore historical stage and stratotype sections. The book includes three categories of papers on the Paleocene and Eocene of NW Europe: detailed aspects of local stratigraphy in the North Sea, Denmark, Belgium, SE England and offshore NW Scotland; regional syntheses of the biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy in NW Europe; and papers placing the successions of NW Europe in a global context, primarily through correlation with oceanic sections of the eastern Atlantic. Topics covered include: biostratigraphy (foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, dinoflagellate cysts, diatoms, mammals), isotope stratigraphy, tephrostratigraphy, igneous history, tectonic evolution, and sequence stratigraphy.

Type: 1170086283755
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-47-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-47-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 488
Weight: 1.15 kg


Early Paleogene correlation in NW Europe: an overview • Regional studies: stratigraphy, tectonics and volcanism • A summary of Paleogene sequence stratigraphy in northwest Europe and the North Sea • Forward and reverse stratigraphic modelling of Cretaceous-Tertiary post-rift subsidence and Paleogene uplift in the Outer Moray Firth Basin, Central North Sea • Early Paleogene offshore igneous activity to the northwest of the UK margin and its relationship to the North Atlantic Igneous Province • Controls on Eocene sedimentation in the Central North Sea Basin: results of a basinwide correlation study • An integrated stratigraphy for the Paleocene and Eocene of the North Sea • The occurrence of the dinoflagellate cyst Apectodinium in the late Danian to mid Thanetian off the Central North Sea • An integrated palynological-palynofacies approach to the zonation of the Paleogene in the Forties-Montrose Ridge area, Central North Sea • Chronostratigraphic framework for the Thanetian and lower Ypresian Eocene boundary deposits of southern England • Upper Paleocene-Lower Eocene dinoflagellate cyst sequence biostratigraphy of southeast England • Recognition of Chron 25n in the upper Paleocene Upnor Formation of the London Basin, UK • The 'Oldhaven Magnetozone' in East Anglia: a revised interpretation • Mammalian biostratigraphy across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in the Paris, London and Belgian basins • The earliest Eocene sediments of eastern England: an ultra high resolution palynological correlation • Paleoenvironments in the North Sea Basin around the Paleocene/Eocene boundary: evidence from diatoms and other siliceous microfossils • Stable isotope and biotic evolution in the North Sea during the early Eocene: the Albaek Hoved section, Denmark • Global perspective: geochronology and the oceanic record • A late Paleocene-early Eocene NW European and North Sea magnetobiochronological correlation network: a sequence stratigraphic approach • The upper Paleocene-lower Eocene stratigraphic record and the Paleocene/Eocene boundary carbon isotope excursion: implications for geochronology • Global d13C changes across the Paleocene/Eocene boundary: criteria for terrestrial-marine correlations • The Paleocene-Eocene benthic foraminiferal extinction and stable isotope anomalies • Deep water circulation in the Paleocene ocean • Early Eocene palaeoceanography and the palaeoclimatology of the eastern North Atlantic: stable isotope results for DSDP Hole 550


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