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Paleomagnetic Applications in Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production

Product Code: SP098
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. Turner and A. Turner
Publication Date: 21 November 1995
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Palaeomagnetism is a relatively young geoscience which incorporates aspects of geomagnetism, rock magnetism and geology. This volume investigates the use of palaeomagnetism in oil exploration and production. It presents various techniques including a newly emerging technique which wilJ be of general interest to the oil industry. 

The main areas in which palaeomagnetic data may be useful to the petroleum geologist are: palaeomagnetic dating and magnetostratigraphy; susceptibility logging of cores; magnetic fabric studies for palaeocurrent analysis; using remagnetization to date diagenetic events including those associated with hydrocarbon migration; and identification of magnetic anomalies associated with hydrocarbon plumes and oil seeps. Most papers deal with case studies performed on wells from active exploration or production locations worldwide. 

The book is the first of its kind and presents much previously unpublished data. It will be of particular interest to both academics and professionals in the oil industry. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-42-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-42-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 312
Weight: 0.80 kg


TURNER, P. & TURNER, A. Palaeomagnetic applications in hydrocarbon exploration and production: an overview • Magnetic mineral assemblages and hydrocarbons • MACHEL, H. G. Magnetic mineral assemblages and magnetic contrasts in diagenetic environments - with implications for studies of palaeomagnetism, hydrocarbon migration and exploration • Palaeomagnetic properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs • PERROUD, H., CHAUVIN, A. & REBELLE, M. Hydrocarbon seepage dating through chemical remagnetization • TURNER, P., BURLEY, S. D., REY, D. & PROSSER, D. J. Burial history of the Penrith Sandstone (Lower Permian) deduced from the combined study of fluid inclusion and palaeomagnetic data • HALL, S. A., & EVANS, I. Palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic properties of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks from the Permian Basin, southeastern New Mexico, USA • JOHNSON, S. A., TURNER, P., HARTLEY, A. & REy-GARCIA, D. Palaeomagnetic implications for the timing of hematite precipitation and remagnetization in the Carboniferous Barren Red Measures, UK southern North Sea • HOUNSLOW, M., MAHER, B. & THISTLEWOOD, L. Magnetic mineralogy of sandstones from the Lunde Formation (late Triassic), northern North Sea, UK: Origin of the palaeomagnetic signal • BEYER, C. Results from a palaeomagnetic investigation of the Brent Group sediments in wells 34/10-16 and 34/10-17 showing evidence for complete remagnetization of the sediment • Magnetostratigraphic applications • HOUNSLOW, M. W., HAUGER, M. W., MAHER, B., THISTLEWOOD, L. & DEAN, K. Magneto­strati graphic correlations in two cores from the late Triassic Lunde Formation, Beryl Field, northern North Sea, UK • BELKAALOUL, K. N., AISSAOUI, D. M., REBELLE, M. & SAMBET, G. Magnetostratigraphic correlations of the Jurassic carbonates from the Paris Basin: implications for petroleum exploration • HAUGER, E. & VAN VEEN, P., Application of magnetostratigraphy to Brent Group reservoir zonation at the Visund Field • TURNER, G. M & BRYANT, I. D. Application of a palaeomagnetic reversal stratigraphy to constrain well correlation and sequence strati graphic interpretation of the Eocene C-sands, Maui Field, New Zealand • THOMPSON, R.,& CAMERON, T. D. J. Palaeomagnetic study of Quaternary and Pliocene sediments in North Sea boreholes: an example of a magnetostratigraphic conundrum in a hydrocarbon-producing area • Core orientation and susceptibility logging • ROLPH, T. c., SHAW, J., HARPER, T. R. & HAGAN, J. T. Viscous remanent magnetization: a tool for orientation of drill cores • HAILWOOD, E. A. & DING, F. Palaeomagnetic re-orientation of cores and the magnetic fabric of hydrocarbon reservoir sands • L0VLIE, R. & VAN VEEN, P., Magnetic susceptibility of a 180m sediment core: reliability of incremental sampling and evidence for a relationship between susceptibility and gamma activity • SRI, H. & TARLING, D. H. Magnetic field of a core barrel • TARLING, D. H. & SRI, H. Magnetic anisotropy of bore hole core samples • Structural applications • STEWART, S. A. & JACKSON, K. C. Palaeomagnetic analysis of fold closure growth and volumetrics • Index 


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