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Petroleum Geology of Ireland's Offshore Basins

Product Code: SP093
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: P.F. Croker and P.M. Shannon
Publication Date: 29 August 1995
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During the past few years, a number of factors have combined to create renewed petroleum exploration interest in the sedimentary basins that virtually surround Ireland. These factors include recent discoveries in contiguous UK offshore basins, the perceived attractiveness of Irish licensing terms anc;! the apparent stabilization of the international oil price, combined with recent advances in drilling and deep-water pro­duction technologies and the realization by many oil companies that the Irish basins are only lightly explored. 

This volume presents a comprehensive review of the results of recent exploration and production data, and points to possible future trends in exploration activity in the area. It includes contributions from most of the major oil companies active in the region, and covers the full geographical and stratigraphical spectrum of the Irish offshore basins, together with some adjacent and geologically related regions; the papers are arranged in a generally clockwise progression around Ireland. 

Publication of the book coincides with the 25th anniversary of the drilling of the first well in the Irish offshore in 1970. The volume will be of particular interest to oil industry professionals and research workers involved in hydrocarbon exploration or with an interest in the sedimen­tary basins offshore Ireland and west of the UK. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-34-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-34-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 504
Weight: 1.15 kg


CROKER, P.F. & SHANNON, P.M. The petroleum geology of Ireland’s offshore basins: introduction • READMAN, P.W., O’REILLY, B.M., EDWARDS, J.W.F & SANKEY, M.J.A gravity map of Ireland and surrounding waters • SHELTON, R. Mesozoic basin evolution of the North Channel: preliminary results • FITZSIMONS, S & PARNELL, J. Diagenetic history and reservoir potential of Permo-Triassic sandstones in the Rathlin Basin • ARMSTRONG, J.P., D’ELIA, V.A.A & LOBERG R. Holywell Shale: a potential source of hydrocarbons in the East Irish Sea • TRUEBLOOD, S., BRYAN C, & PICKERING, S The Douglas oil field and its implications for exploration on the Irish Continental Shelf • CROKER, P.F. Shallow gas accumulation and migration in the western Irish Sea • MADDOX, S.J., BLOW, R & HARDMAN, M. Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Central Irish Sea Basin with reference to Block 42/12, offshore Ireland • GRIFFITHS, P.S Predictive model for the development and distribution of Triassic reservoir sands offshore southeast Ireland based on seismic sequence geometries at the Variscan unconformity • MUSGROVE, F.W., MURDOCH, L.M 7 LENEHAN, T The Variscan fold-thrust belt southeast of Irelands and its control on early Mesozoic extension and deposition: a method to predict the Sherwood Sandstone • ROWELL, P Tectono-stratigraphy of the North Celtic Sea Basin • EWINS, N.P & SHANNON, P.M Sedimentology and diagenesis of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of the North Celtic Sea and Fastnet Basins • KESSLER, L.G & SACHS, S.D Depositional setting and sequence stratigraphic implications of the Upper Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) sandstone interval, North Celtic Sea/St George’s channel Basins, offshore Ireland • MURPHY, N.J. SAUCER, M. J & ARMSTRONG, J.P Toarcian source rock potential in the North Celtic Sea Basin, offshore Ireland • CASTON, V.N.D The Helvick oil accumulation, Block 49/4, North Celtic Sea Basin • TABER, D.R. VICKERS, M.K & WINN, R.D The definition of the Albian ‘A’ sand reservoir fairway and aspects of associated gas accumulations in the North Celtic Sea Basin • HARTLEY, A Sedimentology of the Cretaceous Greensand, Quadrants 48 and 49, NorthCeltic Sea Basin: a progradational shoreface deposit • MURRAY, M.V Development of small gas field s in the Kinsale Head area • HOWELL, T.J & GRIFFITHS, P.A Study of the hydrocarbon distribution and Lower Cretaceous Greensand prospectivity in Blocks 48/15, 48/17, 48/18 and 48/19, North Celtic Sea Basin • CRAVEN, J.E The tectonic evolution, stratigraphy and petroleum potential of the Mizen Basin, southwest Celtic Sea • SMITH, C Evolution of the Cockburn Basin: implications for the structural development of the Celtic Sea basins • MURDOCH, L.M., MUSGROVE, F.W & PERRY, J.S Tertiary uplight and inversion history in the North Celtic Sea Basin and its influence on source rock maturity 


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