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Basin Inversion

Product Code: SP088
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.G. Buchanan and P.G. Buchanan
Publication Date: 03 May 1995
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This title is out of print. It is available electronically via the Lyell Collection.

This volume presents recent work on basin inversion and the causes and effects of inversion tectonics, the increasing recognition and importance of which are highlighted by examples from four continents. 

The book also features sections on mechanics, dynamics and geometry in inverted basins, on the modelling of inversion tectonics and on the recognition and measurement of basin inversion. Integrated studies require detailed analysis of every available dataset, and conclusions of many of the papers here are based on numerous data types and both surface mapping and sub-surface seismic interpretation. 

The volume shows that research in recent years has increased under­standing of the inversion processes. In many cases inversion tectonics is the controlling factor in hydrocarbon prospectivity and its timing, extent and amount, as well as controls on it, will need to be understood further in order successfully and cost-effectively to explore sedimentary basins. 

The book brings together work from both academia and the petroleum industry and attempts to forge links between workers in both these areas. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-29-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-29-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 600
Weight: 1.35 kg


Introduction • Mechanics, dynamics and geometry of basin inversion • SIBSON, R. H. Selective fault reactivation during basin inversion: potential for fluid redistribution through fault-valve action • BRODIE, J. & WHITE, N. The link between sedimentary basin inversion and Igneous underplating • LOWELL, J. D. Mechanics of basin inversion from worldwide examples • KNOTT, S. D., BEACH, A., WELBON, A. 1. & BRocKBANK, P. J. Basin inversion in the Gulf of Suez • MACGREGOR, D. S. Hydrocarbon habitat and classification of inverted rift basins • Modelling of basin inversion • McCLA Y, K. R. The geometrics and kinematics of inverted fault systems: a review of analogue model studies • ElSENSTADT, G. & WITHJACK, M. O. Estimating inversion: results from clay models KELLER, J. V. A. & McCLA Y, K. R. 3D sandbox models of positive inversion • Recognition and measurement of basin inversion • GREEN, P. F., DUDDY, 1. R. & BRAY, R. J. Applications of thermal history reconstruction in inverted basins • HILUS, R. R. Regional Tertiary exhumation in and around the United Kingdom • MENPES, R. J. & HILUS, R. R. Quantification oftertiary exhumation from sonic velocity data, Celtic Sea/South-Western Approaches • Case studies: Americas • UUANA, M. A., ARTEAGA, M. E., LEGARRETA, L., CERDAN, J. J. & PERONI, G. O. Inversion structures and hydrocarbon occurence in Argentina • HOMOVC, J. F., CONFORTO, G. A., LAFOURCADE, P. A. & CHELOTTI, L. A. Fold belt in the San Jorge Basin, Argentina: an example of tectonic inversion • SINCLAIR, 1. K. Transpressional inversion due to episodic rotation of extensional stresses in Jean d'Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland • Case studies: Europe • THOMAS, D. W. & COWARD, M. P. Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous inversion of the northern East Shetland Basin, northern North Sea • HOOPER, R. J., LENG SlANG GOH & DEWEY, F. The inversion history of the northeastern margin of the Broad Fourteens Basin • DEEKS, N. R. & THOMAS, S. A. Basin inversion in a strike-slip regime: the Tonquist Zone, Southern Baltic Sea • HUYGHE, P. & MUGNIER, J.-L. A comparison of inverted basins of the Southern North Sea and inverted structures of the external Alps • NEMCOCK, M., GAYER, R. & MILIORIZOS, R. Structural analysis of the inverted Bristol Channel Basin: implications for the geometry and timing of fracture porosity • DART, C. J., MCCLAY, K. R. & HOLLINGS, P. N. 3D analysis of inverted extensional fault systems, southern Bristol Channel basin, UK • BOND, R. M. G. & MCCLAY, K. R. Inversion of a Lower Cretaceous extensional basin, south central Pyrenees, Spain • GUIMERA, J., ALONSO, A. & RAMON MAS, J. Inversion of an extensional-ramp basin by a newly formed thrust: the Cameras Basin (N. Spain) • Case studies: Asia • LAMBIASE, J. J. & BOSWORTH, W. P. Structural development and stratigraphy of the Kyokpo Pull-Apart Basin, South Korea and tectonic implications for inverted extensional basins • SAMUEL, M. A., HARBURY, N. A., JONES, M. E. & MATTHEWS, S. J. Inversion-controlled uplift of an outer-arc ridge: Nias Island, offshore Sumatra • WANG, G. M., COWARD, M. P., YUAN, W., LIU, S. & WANG, W. Fold growth during basin inversion - example from the East China Sea Basin • Case studies: Australasia • HILL, K. C., HILL, K. A., COOPER, G. T., O'SULLIVAN, A. J., O'SULLIVAN, P. B. & RICHARDSON, M. J. Inversion around the Bass Basin, SE Australia • BISHOP, D. J. & BUCHANAN, P. G. Development of structurally inverted basins: a case study from the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand • TURNER, J. P. & CORBIN, S. G. Tertiary uplift of a deep rift-sag basin, Cardigan Bay, offshore Wales, UK (extended abstract) • Index 


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