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Hydrothermal Vents & Processes

Product Code: SP087
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by L.M. Parson, C.L. Walker and D.R. Dixon
Publication Date: 27 June 1995
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Special Publication 87.

Hydrothermal venting at mid-ocean ridges has become one of the fastest-growing areas of interest in the marine geosciences since their discovery at the beginning of the 1980s. Marine geologists, geochemists and biologists are beginning to unravel the processes that generate and focus these high-temperature, chemically charged fluid exhalations, and those that control the colonization and ecology of the bizarre gamut of fauna and flora resident at these sites. Researchers, on the edge of understanding how volcanic and tectonic processes interact to control fluid flow, can show how they can predict the likely occurrence of hydrothermal systems throughout the world ridge system, and how the biomass has flourished in such inhospitable settings. Indeed, the very isolation of the communities has led workers to suggest that their restricted evolutionary path has direct significance for studies of the early origins of life itself. 

Hydrothermal processes are four-dimensional in their character, on a range of time-scales, which are of the order of thousands of years in terms of the of the lifetime of the hydrothermal sites, down to days in terms of the dispersal of plume products in the water column. 

The papers in this volume represent the latest reviews and reports of the state-of-the-art understanding of an area of marine science that we are only just beginning to recognize the scope and impact of. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-25-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-25-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 416
Weight: 1.01 kg


PARSON, L. M. Introduction • GERMAN, C. R., BAKER, E. T. & KLINKHAMMER, G. Regional setting of hydrothermal activity KRASNOV, S. G., • POROSHINA, 1. M. & CHERKASHEV, G. A. Geological setting of high-temper a­ture hydrothermal activity and massive sulphide formation on fast- and slow-spreading ridges • MURToN, B. J., VAN DOVER, C. & SOUTHWARD, E. Geological setting and ecology of the Broken Spur hydrothermal vent field: 29°10'N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge • KRASNOV, S. G., CHERKASHEV, G. A., STEPANOVA, T. V., BATUYEv, B. N., KROTOV, A. G., MALIN, B. V., MAsLov, M. N., MARKOV, V. F., POROSHINA, 1. M., SAMOVAROV, M. S., ASHADZE, A. M. & ERMOLAYEV, 1. K. Detailed geographical studies of hydrothermal fields in the North Atlantic • BAKER, E. T. Characteristics of hydrothermal discharge following a magmatic intrusion • EDMOND, J. M., CAMPBELL, A. c., PALMER, M. R., KLINKHAMMER, G. P., GERMAN, C. R., EDMONDS, H. N., ELDERFIELD, H., THOMPSON, G. & RONA, P. Time series studies of vent fluids from the TAG and MARK sites (1986, 1990) Mid-Atlantic Ridge: a new solution chemistry model and a mechanism for Cu/Zn zonation in massive sulphide orebodies • KLINKHAMMER, G. P., CHIN, C. S., WILSON, C. & GERMAN, C. R. Venting from the Mid- Atlantic Ridge at 37°17'N: the Lucky Strike hydrothermal site • JAMES, R. H., ELDERFIELD, H., RUDNICKI, M. D., GERMAN, C. R., PALMER, M. R., CHIN, C., GREAVES, M. J., GURVICH, E., KLINKHAMMER, G. P., LUDFORD,E.,MILLS,R. A., THOMSON,J. & WILLIAMS, A. C. Hydrothermal plumes at Broken Spur 29°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge: chemical and physical characteristics • PALMER, M. R., LUDFORD, E. M., GERMAN, C. R. & LILLEY, M. D. Dissolved methane aJ.ld 1 hydrogen in the Steinah6ll hydrothermal plume, 63°N Reykjanes Ridge • MILLs, R. A. Hydrothermal deposits and metalliferous sediments from TAG, 26°N 1 Mid-Atlantic Ridge • STUART, F. M., HARROP, P. J., KNOTT, R., FALLICK, A. E., TURNER, G., FOUQUET, Y. & 1 RICKARD, D. Noble gas isotopes in 25000 years of hydrothermal fluids from BON on the East Pacific Rise • DICKSON, P., SCHULTZ, A. & WOODS, A. Preliminary modelling of hydrothermal circulation 1 within mid-ocean ridge sulphide structures • PASCOE, A. R. & CANN, J. R. Modelling diffuse hydrothermal flow in black smoker vent fields  • DUCKWORTH, R. C., KNOTT, R., FALLICK, A. E., RICKARD, D., MURTON, B. J. & VAN DOVER, C. Mineralogy and sulphur isotope geochemistry of the Broken Spur sulphides, 29°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge • SCOTT, S. D. & BINNS, R. A. Hydrothermal processes and contrasting styles of mineralization in the western Woodlark and eastern Manus basins of the western Pacific • KNOTT, R., FALLICK, A. E., RICKARD, D. & BAcKER, H. Mineralogy and sulphur isotope 2 characteristics of a massive sulphide boulder, Galapagos Rift, 85°55'W • CHERKASHEV, G. A. Hydrothermal input into sediments of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge • HODKINSON, R. A. & CRONAN, D. S. Hydrothermal sedimentation at ODP Sites 834 and 835 in 2 relation to crustal evolution ofthe Lau Backarc Basin • SUDARIKOV, S. M., DAVYDOV, M. P., BAZELYAN, V. L. & TARASOV, V. G. Distribution and transformation of Fe and Mn in hydrothermal plumes and sediments and the potential function of micro biocoenoses • VAN DOVER, C. L. Ecology of Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal vents • SHILLITO, B., LECHAIRE, J.-P., GOFFINET, G. & GAILL, F. Composition and morphogenesis of the tubes of vestimentiferan worms • DANDO, P. R., HUGHES, J. A. & THIERMANN, F. Preliminary observations on biological communities at shallow hydrothermal vents in the Aegean Sea • SUDARIKOV, S. M. & GALKIN, S. V. Geochemistry of the Snake Pit vent field and its implications for vent and non-'Jent fauna • RIELEY, G., VAN DOVER, C. L., HEDRICK, D. B., WHITE, D. C. & EGLINTON, G. Lipid characteristics of hydrothermal vent organisms from gON, East Pacific Rise • DIXON, D. R., JOLLIVET, D. A. S. B., DIXON, L. R. J., NOTT, J. A. & HOLLAND, P. W. H. Molecular identification of early life-history stages of hydrothermal vent organisms • COWAN, D. A. Hyperthermophilic enzymes: biochemistry and biotechnology • GERMAN, C. R. & ANGEL, M. V. Hydrothermal fluxes of metals to the oceans: a comparison with anthropogenic discharge • SPEER, K. G. & HELFRICH, K. R. Hydrothermal plumes a review of flow and fluxes • RUDNICKI, M. D. Particle formation, fallout and cycling within the buoyant and non-buoyant plume above the TAG vent field • Index 


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