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New Developments in Improved Oil Recovery

Product Code: SP084
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H.J. de Haan
Publication Date: 21 March 1995
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Special Publication 84.

This volume contains a series of 26 articles presenting new developments in the areas of reservoir characterization, water and gas injection, oil rim developments, chemical recovery and thermal recovery. The results of both laboratory studies and field applications are discussed. 

The contents of this volume demonstrate that, on the whole, improved oil recovery methods have a bright future, even though some of the more advanced processes are uneconomic at current prices. 

The contributions in this volume were carefully selected from recent papers on improved oil recovery methods and are written by an international field of authors from both industry and academia. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-22-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-22-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 294
Weight: 0.77 kg


DE HAAN, H. J. Introduction • Reservoir characterization • JONES, A., DOYLE, J., JACOBSON, T. & KJ0NSVIK, D. Which sub-seismic heterogeneities influence waterflood performance? A case study of a low net-to-gross fluvial reservoir • KING, M. J. Application and analysis of a new method for calculation tensor permeability  • KJ0NSVIK, D. & ALVESTAD, J. An analytical method for calculating the performance of hetergeneous reservoirs and use in uncertainty analysis • KOKKEDEE, J. A. & BouTKAN, V.K. Towards measurement of capilliary pressure and relative permeability at representative wettability • BAKER, L. E. Three-phase relative permeability of water-wet, intermediate-wet and oil-wet sandstone • KALAYDJIAN, F., VIZIKA, 0., MOULU, J.-c. & MUNKERUD, P.-K. The role ofwettability and spreading in gas injection processes under secondary conditions • LONGERON, D., KALAYDJIAN, F. & BARDoN, C. Gas - oil capillary pressure measurements at reservoir conditions: effect of interfacial tension and connate water saturation • HEFFER, K. J. & KOUTSABELOULIS, N. C. Stress effects on reservoir flow: numerical modelling used to reproduce field data • Water and gas injection methods • J 0RGENSEN, M. & STENBY, E. H. Modelling of vapour -liquid -liquid equilibria of CO2 - crude oil mixtures • DALLAND, M. & HANSSEN, J. E. Foam barriers for thin oil rims: gas blockage with hydrocarbon foams • HANSSEN, J. E., SURGUCHEV, L. M., SVORST0L, 1. & BLAKER, T. SAGA injections: a new combination IOR process for stratified reservoirs • HAZLETT, R. D. Soluble gas injection for waterflood profile modification • KING, M. J., BLUNT, M. J., MANSFlELD, M. &. CHRISTIE, M. A. Rapid evaluation ofthe impact of heterogeneity on miscible gas injection • DALEN, V., INSTEFJORD, R. & KRISTENSEN, R. A WAG injection pilot in the Lower Brent Formation at the Gullfaks Field • HALLAM, R. J., MA, T. D. & RAINBOLD, E. W. Performance evaluation and optimization of the Kuparuk hydrocarbon miscible water-alternating-gas flood • WILCOX, T. C., POLZIN, M. W., Kuo, S. S. & HUMPHREY, K. J. Prudhoe Bay: infill drilling in gravity dominated WAG floods • NIKO, H. & OVENS, J. Waterflooding under fracturing conditions: from theoretical modelling to field processes • Oil rim development • ZAKIROV, S. N., SHANDRYGIN, A. N. & ROMANOV, A.S. A new approach to oil nm development • MADSEN, T., LIE, O. & VELVIN, M. Improving oil recovery from OsebergGammaNorth using horizontal wells • Chemical recovery methods • SCHILLING, B. E. R., STENSEN, I.-A. & 0REN, P.-E. Effects of pore-scale displacement mechanisms and small-scale heterogeneities on oil recovery by surfactant flooding • ALTUNINA, L. K., BOKSERMAN, A. A., KUVSHINOV, V. A. & POLKOVNIKOV, V. V. Inorganic gels for enhanced oil recovery at high temperature • KALPAKCI, B., ARF, T. G., GRIST, D. M., HYDE, S. B., VIKANE, O. & ESPEDAL, S. A preliminary evaluation of an L TPF process for Statfjord Field, Norway • PUTZ, A., PEDRON, B. & BAZIN, B. Commercial polymer injection in the Courtenay Field, 1993 update • KRISTENSEN, R., LUND, T., TITov, V. I. & AKIMOV, N. I. Laboratory evaluation and field tests of a silicate gel system intended for use under North Sea conditions • Thermal recovery methods • GODDERIJ, R. R. G. G., GUMRAH, F. & PALMGREN, c. T. S. An investigation of the vertical sweep efficiency of steam drive in a layered reservoir • MARJERRISON, D. M. & FASSIHI, M. R. Morgan pressure cycling in-situ combustion project: performance and modelling • Index 


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