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Mineral Resource Evaluation II

Product Code: SP079
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: M.K.G. Whateley and P.K. Harvey
Publication Date: 31 August 1994
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The chapters in this volume cover a wide range of activities in the field of mineral resource evaluation. Methods that are currently in use to evaluate mineral resources are described, including exploration drilling, sampling, resource estimation, mine design, financial evaluation and mine sampling and grade control. The volume also gives case histories from all over the world, including Canada, USA, Chile, Ghana, Sweden, Zambia, Ireland and the UK, covering the evaluation of manganese, phosphate, coal, limestone, gold, base metals and kaolin deposits. 

One notable aspect of this volume is the number of chapters that deal with mineral resource definitions. A mineral resource is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The aim is to develop a mine that will maximize the Net Present Value for the shareholders. It is therefore important to define resources sufficiently accurately to convince the banks to lend the necessary 75-80% of the money required to develop the mine. 

This volume will be an essential reference for mine and mineral exploration geologists and engineers and financial experts working in mineral commodities and mine financing. It will also be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students of mining, geology and environmental sciences. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-06-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-06-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 272
Weight: 0.72 kg


Preface • Definitions • RIDDLER, G. What is a mineral resource? • ARMITAGE, M. G. & POTTS, M. F. A. Some comments on the reporting of resources and reserves • JAKUBIAK, Z. & SMAKOWSKI, T. Classification of mineral reserves in the former Comecon countries • Data •GRIBBLE, P. D. Fault interpretation from coal exploration borehole data using SURPAC2 software • HATTON, W. INTMOV; a program for the interactive analysis of spatial data • NATHANAIL, P. Reserve assessment of a stratified deposit with special reference to open­ast coal mining in Great Britain • Deposit variability • NOTHOLT, A. J. G. Phosphate rock: factors in economic and technical evaluation • BELL, T. M. & WHATELEY, M. K. G. Evaluation of grade estimation techniques • DOWD, P. A. Optimal open pit design: sensitivity to estimated block values • SCOBLE, M. & Moss, A. Dilution in underground metal mining: implications for grade control and production management • SIDES, E. J. Quantifying differences between computer models of ore body shapes • Finance • GORMAN, P. A review and evaluation of the costs of exploration, acquisition and develop­ment of copper and gold projects in Chile • O'LEARY, J. Mining project finance and the assessment of ore reserves • Case histories • DOWD, P. A. The optimal design of quarries • AL-HASSAN, S. & ANNELS, A. E. Geostatistical estimation of manganese oxide resources at the Nsuta Mine, Ghana • ANNELS, A. E., INGRAM, S. & MALMSTROM, L. Structural reconstruction and mineral resource evaluation at Zinkgruvan Mine, Sweden • ARTHUR, J. & ANNELS, A. E. The application of geostatistical techniques to in situ resource estimation in the sand and gravel industry • CAMERON, R. I. & MIDDLEMIS, H. Computer modelling of dewatering a major open pit mine: case study from Nevada, USA • CRUMP, L. A. & DONNELLY, R. Opencast coal mining; a unique opportunity for Clee Hill Quarry • BARRY, J., GUARD, J. & WALTON, G. Database management at the Lisheen deposit, Co. Tipperary, Ireland • MITCHELL, C. J. Laboratory evaluation of kaolin: a case study from Zambia • O'LEARY, J. Cia Minera Los Pelambres: a project history 


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