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Coal and Coal-Bearing Strata as Oil-prone Source Rocks?

Product Code: SP077
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.C. Scott and A.J. Fleet
Publication Date: 31 January 1994
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The role of coal and coal-bearing strata in the formation of oil has long been debated. Increasing evidence is being provided, mainly from geochemical data, that coal and coal-bearing strata, at least of some ages and in some places , may give rise to significant quantities of oil. Most arguments concerning oil formation from terrigenous organic matter have been based on an examination of a single source of data (e.g. geochemistry). Many research areas have, however, an impact on the debate including geochemistry, palaeobotany, petroleum and coal geology. The need for a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the problem is highlighted by this volume.

This volume will be of interest to all geologists, geochemists and palaeobotanists with interests in petroleum or coal geology, and to both those in industry and academia. It will act as a focus for future research on the general area of petroleum-source rocks and oil-prone coals, in particular.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-99-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-99-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 208
Weight: 0.59 kg


FLEET, A. J. & SCOTT, A. C. Coal and coal-bearing strata as oil-prone source rocks: an overview • General studies • POWELL, T. G. & BOREHAM, C. J. Terrestrially sourced oils: where do they exist and what are our limits of knowledge? • COLLINSON, M. E., VAN BERGEN, P. F., SCOTT, A. C. & DE LEEUW, J. W. The oil­generating potential of plants from coal and coal-bearing strata through time: a review with new evidence from Carboniferous plants • PHILP, P. R. Geochemical characteristics of oils derived predominantly from terrigenous source materials • STOUT, S. A. Chemical heterogeneity among adjacent coal microlithotypes ­implications for oil generation and primary migration from humic coal MACGREGOR, D. S. Coal-bearing strata as source rocks - a global overview • Case histories • THOMPSON, S., COOPER, B. S. & BARNARD, P. C. Some examples and possible explanations for oil generation from coals and coaly sequences • MATCHETTE-DOWNES, C. J., FALLICK, A. E., KARMAJAYA, & ROWLAND, S. A maturity and palaeoenvironmental assessment of condensates and oils from the North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia • CURRY, D. J., EMMETT, J. K. & HUNT, J. W. Geochemistry of aliphatic-rich coals in the Cooper Basin, Australia, and Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: implications for the occurrence of potentially oil-generative coals • BAGGE, M. A. & KEELY, M. L. The oil potential of Mid-Jurassic coals in northern Egypt • SCOTT, A. C. & FLEET, A. J. Coal and coal-bearing strata as oil-prone source rocks: current problems and future directions • Index



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