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Himalayan Tectonics

Product Code: SP074
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P J Treloar & M P Searle
Publication Date: 04 October 1993
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The Himalayan chain has long been recognized as a spectacular example of the result of continent—continent collision, in this case, the result of the closure of Tethys and the subsequent collision and indentation of the Indian plate into the collage of plates or terranes that made up Central Asia some 50 Ma ago. Although the effects of that collision are recognized over a much larger region than that of the Himalaya alone, the Himalayan region forms an excellent field laboratory in which to study the, still continuing, orogenic-related processes of deformation, crustal thickening, metamorphism and melting, and foreland basin evolution. 

The studies that make up this volume represent all aspects of the geological sciences and have been divided into six regionally and tectonically distinct settings: Karakoram and Afghanistan; North and West Pakistan; Tethyan Himalaya; High Himalaya; Main Central Thrust Zone; Main Boundary Thrust, Lesser Himalaya and beyond. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-92-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-92-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 640
Weight: 1.46 kg


Preface • Acknowledgments • SEARLE, M.P. & TRELOAR, P.J. Introduction • Karakoram and Afghanistan • CAPORALI, A. Recent gravity measurements in the Karakoram • ZANCHI, A. Structural evolution of the North Karakoram cover, North Pakistan • GAETANI, M., JADOUL, F., ERBA, E. & GARZANTI, E. Jurassic and Cretaceous orogenic events in the North Karakoram: age constraints from sedimentary rocks • CRAWFORD, M.B. & SEARLE, M.P. Collision-related granitoid magmatism and crustal structure of the Hunza Karakoram, north Pakistan • TRELOAR, P.J. & IZATT, C.N. Tectonics of the Himalayan collision between the Indian Plate and the Afghan Block: a synthesis • North and West Pakistan • AHMED, Z. Leucocratic rocks from the Bela ophiolite, Khuzdar district, Pakistan • ARIF, M. & JAN, M.Q. Chemistry of chromite and associated phases from the Shangla ultramafic body in the Indus suture zone of Pakistan • JAN, M.Q., KHAN, M.A. & QAZI, M. S. The Sapat mafic-ultramafic complex, Kohistan arc, North Pakistan • KHAN, M.A., JAN, M.Q. & WEAVER, B.L. Evolution of the lower arc crust in Kohistan, N Pakistan: temporal arc magmatism through early, mature and intra-arc rift stages • SULLIVAN, M.A., WINDLEY, B.F., SAUNDERS, A.D., HAYNES, J.R. & REX, D.E. A palaeogeographic reconstruction of the Dir Group: evidence for magmatic arc migration within Kohistan, N. Pakistan • POGNANTE, U., BENNA, P. & LE FORT, P. High pressure metamorphism in the High Himalayan Crystallines of the Stak Valley, northeastern Nanga Parbat-Haramosh syntaxis, Pakistan Himalaya • GEORGE, M.T., HARRIS, N.B.W. & BUTLER, R.W.H. The tectonic implications of contrasting granite magmatism between the Kohistan island arc and the Nanga Parbat-Haramosh massif, Pakistan Himalaya • CRONIN, V.S., SCHURTER, G.J. & SVERDRUP, K.A. Preliminary Landsat lineament analysis of the northern Nanga Parbat-Haramosh massif, northwest Himalaya • DIPIETRO, J.A., POGUE, K.R., LAWRENCE, R.D., BAIG, M.S., HUSSAIN, A. & AHMAD, I. Stratigraphy south of the Main Mantle Thrust, Lower Swat, Pakistan • GRECO, A. & SPENCER, D.A. A section through the Indian plate, Kaghan Valley, NW Himalaya, Pakistan • Tethyan Himalaya • VANNAY, J.C. & SPRING, L. Geochemistry of the continental basalts within the Tethyan Himalaya of Lahul-Spiti and SE Zanskar, northwest India • SPRING, L., Bussy, F., VANNAY, J.-C., HUON, S. &COSCA, M.A. EarlyPermian granitic dykes 2 of alkaline affinity in the Indian High Himalaya of Upper Lahul and SE Zanskar: geochemical characterization and geotectonic implications • STECK, A., SPRING, L., V ANNAY, J.-C., MASSON, H., BUCHER, H., STUTZ, E., MARCHANT, R. & TIECHE, J.C. The tectonic evolution of the Northwestern Himalaya in eastern Ladakh and Lahul, India • GARZANTI, E. Sedimentary evolution and drowning of a passive margin shelf (Giumal Group; Zanskar Tethys Himalaya, India): palaeoenvironmental changes during final break-up of Gondwanaland • ROBERTSON, A.H.F. & DEGNAN, P.J. Sedimentology and tectonic implications of the Lamayuru Complex: deep-water facies of the Indian passive margin, Indus Suture Zone, Ladakh Himalaya • High Himalaya • POGNANTE, U. & BENNA, P. Metamorphic zonation, migmatization and leucogranites along the Everest transect of Eastern Nepal and Tibet: record of an exhumation history • LOMBARDO, B., PERTUSATI, P. & BORGHI, S. Geology and tectonomagmatic evolution of the eastern Himalaya along the Chomolungma-Makalu transect • SCHNEIDER, e. & MASCH, L. The metamorphism of the Tibetan Series from the Manang area, Marsyandi Valley, Central Nepal • REDDY, S.M., SEARLE, M.P. & MASSEY, J.A. Structural evolution of the High Himalayan Gneiss sequence, Langtang Valley, Nepal • HARRIS, N.B.W., INGER, S. & MASSEY, J.A. The role of fluids in the formation of High Himalayan leucogranites • ENGLAND, P.E. & MOLNAR, P. Cause and effect among thrust and normal faulting, anatectic melting and exhumation in the Himalaya • GUlLLOT, S., PECHER, A., ROCHETTE, P. & LE FORT, P. The emplacement of the Manaslu granite of Central Nepal: field and magnetic susceptibility constraints • SEARLE, M.P., METCALFE, R.P., REX, A.J. & NORRY, M.J. Field relations, petrogenesis and emplacement of the Bhagirathi leucogranite, Garhwal Himalaya • PATEL, R.C., SINGH, S., ASOKAN, A., MANICKAVASAGAM, R.M. & JAIN, A.K. Extensional tectonics in the Himalayan orogen, Zanskar, NW India • BROWN, R.L. & NAZARCHUK, J.H. Annapurna detachment fault in the Greater Himalaya of central Nepal • Main Central Thrust Zone • GRASEMANN, B. Numerical modelling of the thermal history of the NW Himalayas, Kullu Valley, India • METCALFE, R.P. Pressure, temperature and time constraints on metamorphism across the Main Central Thrust zone and High Himalayan Slab in the Garhwal Himalaya • MEIER, K. & HILTNER, E. Deformation and metamorphism within the Main Central Thrust zone, Arun Tectonic Window, eastern Nepal • MORRISON, e.W.K. & OLIVER, G.J.H. A study ofillite crystallinity and fluid inclusions in the Kathmandu Klippe and the Main Central Thrust zone, Nepal • Main Boundary Thrust, Lesser Himalaya and beyond • NAJMAN, Y., CUFT, P., JOHNSON, M.R.W. & ROBERTSON, A.H.F. Early stages of foreland basin evolution in the Lesser Himalaya, N India • PIVNIK, D.A. & SERCOMBE, W.J. Compression- and transpression-related deformation in the Kohat Plateau, NW Pakistan • McDOUGALL, J.W., HussAIN, A. & YEATS, R.S. The Main Boundary Thrust and propagation of deformation into the foreland fold-and-thrust belt in northern Pakistan near the Indus River • JADOON, I.A.K., LAwRENcE, R.D. & LILLIE, KT. Evolution of foreland structures: an example from the Sulaiman thrust lobe of Pakistan, southwest of the Himalayas • FRANCE-LANORD, c., DERRY, L. & MICHARD, A. Evolution of the Himalaya since Miocene time: isotopic and sedimentological evidence from the Bengal fan • Index 


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