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High Resolution Stratigraphy

Product Code: SP070
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E A Hailwood & R B Kidd
Publication Date: 12 March 1996
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“Topics covered range from classical biostratigraphy to molecular biomarkers, by way of trace element and isotope chemostratigraphy, magnetic polarity and susceptibility, and a small number of papers describe some numerical methods. There is no bias here towards deep ocean sediment stratigraphy, and the Mesozoic and Palaeozoic are as well represented as the Tertiary and Quaternary The reader will certainly gain a good impression of the wide range of stratigraphic activities and subject areas in which improvements to resolution are being actively sought.” D. G. Smith in Terra Nova, March 1994 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-86-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-86-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 0.89 kg


KIDD, R.B. & HAILWOOD, E.A. High resolution stratigraphy in modern and ancient marine sequences: ocean sediment cores to Palaeozoic outcrop • SMITH, A.G., Methods for improving the chronometric time-scale • MUSSETT, A.E., & MCCORMACK, A.G. Magnetic polarity timescales: a new test • THOMPSON, R. 7 CLARK, R.M. Quantitative marine sediment core matching, using a modified sequence-slotting algorithm • SMITH, M.B., POYNTER, J.G., BRADSHAW, S.A. & EGLINGTON, G. High resolution molecular stratigraphy: analytical methodology • ROBISON, S.G. Lithostratigraphic applications for magnetic susceptibility logging of deep-sea sediment cores: examples from ODP Leg 115 • ALI, J.R., KING, C. & HAILWOOD, E.A. Magnetostratigraphic calibration of early Eocene depositional sequences in the southern North Sea Basin • JENKINS, D.G. & GAMSON, P. The late Cenozoic Globorotalia truncatulinoides datum-plane in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans • RADFORD, S.S. & LI QIANYU Eocene-Miocene high latitude biostratigraphy • WEAVER, P.P.E. High resolution stratigraphy of marine Quaternary sequences • WHATLEY, R.C., Ostracoda as biostratigraphical indices in Cenozoic deep-sea sequences • KNOX, R.W. O’B Tephra layers as precise chronostratigraphical markers • SCHWARZACHER, W. Milankovitch cycles in the pre-Pleistocene stratigraphic record: a review • MCARTHUR, J.M., THIRLWALL, M.F., GALE, A.S., KENNEDY, W.J., BURNETT, J.A. MATTEY, D. & LORD.A.R. Strontium isotope stratigraphy for the Late Cretaceous: a new curve, based on the English Chalk • WRAY, D.S. & GALE, A.S. Geochemical correlation of marl bands in Turonian chalks of the Anglo-Paris Basin • HART, M.B. Cretaceous foraminiferal events • HANCOCK, J.M. Transatlantic correlations in the Campanian-Mastrichtian stages by eustatic changes of seal-level • COPE, J.C.W. High resolution biostratigraphy • HOUSE, M.R. & KIRCHGASSER, W.T. Devonian goniatite biostratigraphy and timing of facies movements in the Frasnian of eastern North America • BECKER, R.T., HOUSE, M.R. & KIRCHGASSER, W.T. Devonian goniatite biostratigraphy and timing of facies movements in the Frasnian of the Canning Basin, Western Australia • LOYDELL, D.K. Worldwide correlation of Telychian (upper Llandovery) strata using graptolites • BRASIER, M.D. Towards a carbon isotope stratigraphy of the Cambrian System: potential of the Great Basin succession •


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