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Geological Applications of Wireline Logs II

Product Code: SP065
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A Hurst, C M Griffiths and P F Worthington
Publication Date: 21 July 1992
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Since the publication of Geological Applications of Wireline Logs in 1990, there have been many new developments in the technology of wireline logging tools and in the correlation and interpretation of downhole measurements.


This volume provides extensive documentation of the diversity of geological and geophysical problems which can be addressed by wireline log data. High-density/high-resolution log measurements now appear to be an integral part of the characterization of petroleum reservoirs: there is increasing interest in the use of logs for quantative determinations of the physical properties of rocks; there is also abundant evidence for the importance of intergrating geological and geophysical data at different scales and the potential benefits of multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-80-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-80-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 404
Weight: 0.98 kg


SLATT, R.M., JORDAN, D.W., D’AGOSTINO, A.E. & GILLESPIE, R.H. Outcrop gamma-ray logging to improve understanding of subsurface well log correlations • HATTON, I.R., REEDER, M., NEWMAN, M, St J & ROBERTS D. Techniques and applications of petrophysical correlation in submarine fan environment, early Tertiary sequence, North Sea • BOURKE, L.T. Sedimentological borehole image analysis in clastic rocks: a systematic approach to interpretation • PEZARD, P.A., HISCOTT, R.N., LOVELL, M.A., COLLELA, A & MALINVERNO, A. Evolution of the Izu-Bonin intraoceanic foreare basin, western Pacific, from cores and FMS images • SALIMULLAH, A.R.M & STOW, D.A.V. Application of FMS images in poorly recovered coring intervals: examples from ODP Leg 129 • SALIMULLAH, A.RM. & STOW, D.A.V, Wireline log signatures of resedimented colcaniclastic facies, ODP Leg 129, West Central Pacific • RUHOVETS, N., RAU, R., SAMUEL, M., SMITH H. Jr. & SMITH, M., Evaluating thinly laminated reservoirs using logs with different vertical resolution • BOLVIKEN, E., STORVIK, G., NILSEN, D.E., SIRING, E & VAN DER WEL, D. Automated prediction of sedimentary facies from wireline logs • CAMERON, G. I.F., Analysis of dipmeter data for sedimentary orientation • HILLIS, R.R & WILLIAMS, A.F. Borehole breakouts and stress analysis in the Timor Sea • YASSIR, N. A & DUSSEAULT, M.B. Stress determination in southwestern Ontario from borehole logs • COWGILL, S.M., MEREDITH, P.G., MURRELL, S.A.F. & BRIERTON, N.R. In situ stress orientations in the Witch Ground Graben, North Sea, revealed by borehole breakouts: preliminary results • HORNBY, B.E & LUTHI, S.M. An integrated interpretation of fracture apertures computed from electrical borehole scans and reflected Stornely waves • GOLDBERG, D., BROGLIA, C & BECKER, K. Fracture permeability and alteration in gabbro from the Atlantis II Fracture Zone • BELL, J.S., CAILLET G & ADAMS, J. Attempts to detect open fractures and non-sealing faults with dipmeter logs • BREMER, M.H., KULENKAMPFF, J & SCHOPPER, J.R. Lithological and fracture response of common wireline logs in crystalline rocks • MACLEOD, C. J., PARSON, L.M., SAGER, W.W and the ODP Leg 135 Scientific Party. Identification of tectonic rotations in boreholes by the integration of core information with Formation MicroScanner and Borehole Televiewer images • ADAMS, J.T., AYODELE, J.K., BEDFORD, J., KAARS-SIJPESTEIJN, C.H. & WATTS, N.L. Application of dipmeter data in structural interpretation, Niger Delta • JACKSON, P.D., SHEDLOCK, S., WILLIS-RICHARDS, J & GREEN, A.S. P., Enhanced resolution resistivity logging for fracture studies • RAAEN, A.M. High-frequency pseudo-Rayleigh waves as a new indicator of shear velocity• MCCANN, C & SOTHCOTT, J. Laboratory meansurments of the seismic properties of sedimentary rocks • GRIFFITHS, C.M., BRERETON, N.R., BEAUSILLON, R & CASTILLO, D. Thermal conductivity prediction from petrophysical data: a case study • MCCANN, D.M. & ENTWISLE, D. Determination of Young’s modulus of the rock mass from geophysical well logs • GRAN, K., BJORLYKKE, K & AAGAARD, P. Fluid salinity and dynamics in the North Sea and Haltenbanken basins derived from well log data • ALM, P.G. The Temperature Decay Log – a difference approach of presenting a temperature survey • OLGAARD, P.L. A new approach to the interpretation of nuclear borehole logs • HARVEY, P.K. & LOVELL, M.A. Downhole mineralogy logs: mineral inversion methods and the problem of compositional colinearity • MYERS, K.J & JENKYNS, K.F. Determining total organic carbon contents from well logs: an intercomparison of GST data and a new density log method • SELLEY, R.C. The third age of wireline log analysis: application to reservoir diagenesis • CHESHIRE, M.J & SELLWOOD, B.W. Sandstone diagenesis: framework of a forward modelling approach by integrating wireline and other geological date • Index


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