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Geology Of The Brent Group

Product Code: SP061
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A C Morton, R S Haszeldine, M R Giles & S Brown
Publication Date: 01 June 1992
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The Middle Jurassic Brent Group sediments, and their correlatives on the Norwegian Shelf are, in economic terms, the most important hydrocarbon reservoir in NW Europe. In 1971 the Brent Field was discovered by Shell/Esso and tested in 1972 with 1.8 billion barrels of recoverable oil. By 1988 discovered Brent hydrocarbons comprised some 49% of the UK’s recoverable reserves, totalling 22.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent. 

Now that the UK Brent Province has reached maturity, this book provides a comprehensive review of the geology and petroleum geology of one of the world’s major petroleum reservoirs. 

With the contents covering exploration history, structural evolution, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, diagenesis, palynology, hydrocarbon generation and migration, and petrophysics, the book will be of interest to geoscientists in many fields especially petroleum geologists, sedimentologists, petrophysicists and biostratigraphers. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-68-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-68-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 300
Weight: 1.26 kg


MORTON, A.C., HASZELDINE, R.S., GILES, M.R. & BROWN, S. Intruduction • BOWEN, J.M. Exploration of the Brent Province • RICHARDS, P.C. An introduction to the Brent Group: a literature review • YIELDING, G., BADLEY, M.E. & ROBERTS, A.M. The structural evolution of the Brent Province • MITCHENER, B.C., LAWRENCE, D.A., PARTINGTON, M.A., BOWMAN, M.B.J. & GLUYAS, J. Brent Group: sequence stratigraphy and regional implications • CANNON, S.J.C., GILES, M.R., WHITAKER, M.F., PLEASE, P.M. & MARTIN, S.V. A regional reassessment of the Brent Group, UK Sector, North Sea • HELLAND-HANSEN, W., ASHTON, M., LOMO, L & STEEL, R. Advance and retreat of the Brent delta: recent contributions to the depositional model • SCOTT, E.S. The palaeoenvironments and dynamics of the Rannoch – Etive nearshore and coastal successions, Brent Group, northern North Sea • ALEXANDER, J.A discussion of alluvial sandstone body characteristics related to variations in marine influence, Middle Jurassic of the Cleveland Basin, UK, and the implications for analogous Brent Group strata in the North Sea Basin • WHITAKER, M.F., GILES, M.R. & CANNON, S.J.C. Palynological review of the Brent Group, UK Sector, North Sea • WILLIAMS, G. Palynology as a palaeoenvironmental in the Brent Group, northern North Sea • MEARNS, E.W. Samarium – neodymium isotopic constraints on the provenance of the Brent Group • MORTON, A.C. Provenance of Brent Group sandstones: heavy mineral constraints • STATTEGGER, K. & MORTON, A.C. Statistical analysis of garnet compositions and lithostratigraphic correlation: Brent Group sandstones of the Oseberg Field, northern North Sea • BJORLYKKE, K., NEDKVITNE, T., RAMM, M. & SAIGAL, G.C. Diagenetic processes in the Brent Group • GILES, M.R., STEVENSON, S., MARTIN, S.V., CANNON, S.J.C., HAMILTON, P.J., MARSHALL, J.D. & SAMWAYS, G.M. The reservoir properties and diagenesis of the Brent Group: a regional perspective • GLASMANN, J.R. The fate of feldspars in Brent Group reservoirs, North Sea: a regional synthesis of diagenesis in shallow, intermediate and deep burial environments • HARRIS, N.B. Burial diagenesis of Brent sandstones: a study of Statfjord, Hutton and Lyell fields • HAMILTON, P.J., GILES, M.R. & AINSWORTH, P. K-Ar daring of illites in Brent Group reservoirs: a regional perspective • HASZELDINE, R.S., BRINT, J.F., FALLICK, A.E., HAMILTON, P.J. & BROWN, S. Open and restricted hydrologies in Brent Group diagenesis: North Sea • HOGG, A.J.C., SELLIER, E. & JOURDAN, A.J. Cathodoluminescence of quartz cements in Brent Group sandstones, Alwyn South, UK North Sea • LARTER, S. & HORSTAD, I. Migration of petroleum into Brent Group reservoirs: some observations from the Gullfaks Field, Tampen Spur area, North Sea • KANTOROWICZ, J.D., EIGNER, M.R.P., LIVERA, S.E., VAN SCHIJNDEL-GOESTER, F.S. & HAMILTON, P.J. Integration of petroleum engineering studies of producing Brent Group fields to predict reservoir properties in the Pelican Field, North Sea • Moss, B. The petrophysical characteristics of the Brent sandstones •


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