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Developments in Sedimentary Provenance Studies (hardback)

Product Code: SP057
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A C Morton, S P Todd and P D W Haughton
Publication Date: 01 January 1991
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This title is out of print. It is available electronically via the Lyell Collection.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0903317567
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780903317566
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 0.88 kg


HAUGHTON, P. D. W., TODD, S. P. & MORTON, A. C. Sedimentary provenance studies • ALLEN, P. Provenance research: Torridonian and Wealden • ZUFFA, G. G. On the use of turbidite arenites in provenance studies: critical remarks • MORTON, A. C. Geochemical studies of detrital heavy minerals and their application to provenance research • TORTOSA, A, PALOMARES, M. & ARRIBAS, J. Quartz grain types in Holocene deposits from the Spanish Central System: some problems in provenance analysis • BASU, A. & MOLINAROLI, E. Reliability and application of detrital opaque Fe- Ti oxide minerals in provenance determination • HURFORD, A. J. & CARTER, A The role of fission track dating in discrimination of provenance • BATTEN, D. J. Reworking of plant microfossils and sedimentary provenance • VELBEL, M. A. & SAAD, M. K. Palaeoweathering or diagenesis as the principal modifier or sandstone framework composition? A case study from some Triassic rift-valley redbeds of eastern North America • MlLODOWSKI, A. E. & ZALASIEWICZ, J. A. Redistribution of rare earth elements during diagenesis of turbiditejhemipelagite mud rock sequences of Llandovery age from Central Wales • V ALLONI, R., LAZZARI, D. & CALZOLARI, M. A Selective alteration of arkose framework in Oligo-Miocene turbidites of the Northern Apennines foreland: impact on sedimentary provenance analysis • CLIFF, R. A., DREWERY, S. E. & LEEDER, M. R. Sourcelands for the Carboniferous Pennine river system: constraints from sedimentary evidence and U-Pb geochronology using zircon and monazite • EVANS, J. A., STONE, P. & FLOYD, J. D. Isotopic characteristics of Ordovician greywacke provenance in the Southern Uplands of Scotland • FLOYD, P. A., SHAlL, R., LEVERIDGE, B. E. & FRANKE, W. Geochemistry and provenance of Rhenohercynian synorogenic sandstones: implications for tectonic environment discrimi­nation • GERRARD, C. M. Sedimentary petrology and the archaeologist: the study of ancient ceramics • GRAHAM, J. R., WRAFTER, J. P., DALY, J. S. & MENUGE, J. F. A local source for the Ordovician Derryveeny Formation, western Ireland: implications for the Connemara Dalradian MCCANN, T. Petrological and geochemical determination of provenance in the southern Welsh Basin • PIRRIE, D. Controls on the petrographic evolution of an active margin sedimentary sequence: the Larsen Basin, Antarctica • HUMPHREYS, B., MORTON, A. c., HALLSWORTH, C. R., GATLIFF, R. W. & RIDING, J. B. An integrated approach to provenance studies: a case example from the Upper Jurassic of the Central Graben, North Sea • ARRIBAS, J. & ARRIBAS, M. E. Petrographic evidence of different provenance in two alluvial fan systems (Palaeogene of the northern Tajo Basin, Spain) • GARDEN, I. R. Changes in the provenance of pebbly detritus in southern Britain and northern France associated with basin rifting • NlCHOLS, G., KUSNAMA & HALL, R. Sandstones of arc and ophiolite provenance in a back arc basin, Halmahera, eastern Indonesia • CA WOOD, P. A Nature and record of igneous activity in the Tonga arc, SW Pacific, deduced from the phase chemistry of derived detrital grains • EVANS, M. J. & MANGE-RAJETZKY, M. A. The provenance of sediments in the Barreme thrust­top basin, Haute-Provence, France • CUTHBERT, S. J. Evolution of the Devonian Hornelen Basin, west Norway: new constraints from petrological studies of metamorphic clasts • Index


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