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Glacimarine Environments: Processes and Sediments

Product Code: SP053
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J A Dowdeswell & J D Scourse
Publication Date: 01 October 1990
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The aim of this volume is to present the scientific results and ideas that have arisen from research carried out in recent years by geological surveys, universities and other establishments in many parts of the world. 

The occurrence of phosphorites in a sedimentary succession is almost certainly indicative of dramatic changes in palaeoenvironment and sedimentation. Phosphorites also provide the basis for the World's fertilizer industry forming the backbone of modern intensive agriculture. Few naturally-occurring raw materials have offered such a combination of great socio-economic importance and fundamental scientific significance. 

This volume starts with a comprehensive review of phosphorite research by the former leaders of International Geological Correlation Project 156 on Phosphorites. 21 papers by an international list of contributors follow. These cover many aspects of phosphorite research and discuss phosphorite occurrences in many parts of the world. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-54-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-54-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 420
Weight: 0.98 kg


Dowdeswell, J.A. & Scourse, J.D. Preface • Dowdeswell, J.A. & Scourse, J.D. On The Description And Modelling Of Glacimarine Sediments And Sedimentation • Boulton, G. S. Sedimentary And Sea Level Changes During Glacial Cycles And Their Control On Glacimarine Facies Architecture • Powell, Rd. Glacimarine Processes At Grounding-Line Fans And Their Growth To Ice-Contact Deltas • Cowan, E.A. & Powell, Rd. Suspended Sediment Transport And Deposition Of Cyclically Interlaminated Sediment In A Temperate Glacial Fjord, Alaska, U.S.A. • Domack, Kw. Laminated Terrigenous Sediments From The Antarctic Peninsula: The Role Of Subglacial And Marine Processes • Gilbert, R Rafting In Glacimarine Environments • Dowdeswell, J.A. & Murray, T. Modelling Rates Of Sedimentation From Icebergs Carlson, P.R, Bruns, T.R. & Fisher, M.A. Development Of Slope Valleys In The Glacimarine Environment Of A Complex Subduction Zone, Northern Gulf Of Alaska • Aitken, A.E. Fossilization Potential Of Arctic Fjord And Continental Shelf Benthic Macro­faunas • Syvitski, J.P.M., Leblanc, K.W.G. & Cranston, R.E. The Flux And Preservation Of Organic Carbon In Baffin Island Fjords • Fairchild, I.J. & Spiro, B. Carbonate Minerals In Glacial Sediments: Geochemical Clues To 2 Palaeoenvironment • Woodworth-Lynas, C.M.T. & Gulgne, J.Y. Iceberg Scours In The Geological Record: 2 Examples From Glacial Lake Agassiz • Bischof, J., Koch, J., Kubisch, M., Spielhagen, R.F. & Thiede, J. Nordic Seas Surface Ice 2 Drift Reconstructions: Evidence From Ice Rafted Coal Fragments During Oxygen Isotope Stage 6 • Solheim, A., Russwurm, L., Elverh0i, A. & Nyland Berg, M. Glacial Geomorphic 2 Features In The Northern Barents Sea: Direct Evidence For Grounded Ice And Implications For The Pattern Of Deglaciation And Late Glacial Sedimentation • Vorren, T.O., Lebesbye, K & Larsen, K.B. Geometry And Genesis Of The Glacigenic 2 Sediments In The Southern Barents Sea • Huddart, D. & Peacock, J.D. Early Holocene Morainal Bank Sedimentology And Marine 2 Ecology, Skjoldungebrae Gorge, North Scoresby Land, East Greenland • Stevens, R.L. Proximal And Distal Glacimarine Deposits In Southwestern Sweden: Contrasts 3 In Sedimentation • Lord, A.R. The Pleistocene- Holocene Transition In Southwestern Sweden And The Recog- 3 Nition Of De Glaciation Effects In Adjacent Seas • Scourse, J.D., Austin, W.E.N, Bateman, R.M., Can, J.A., Evans, C.D.R., Robinson, 3 J.E. & Young, J.R Sedimentology And Micropalaeontology Of Glacimarine Sediments From The Central And Southwestern Celtic Sea • Stoker, M.S. Glacially-Influenced Sedimentation On The Hebridean Slope, Northwestern 3 United Kingdom Continental Margin • Eyles, C.R. & Lagoe, M.B. Sedimentation Patterns And Facies Geometries On A Temperate 2 Glacially-Influenced Continental Shelf: The Yakataga Formation, Middleton Island, Alaska • Moncrieff, A.C.M. & Rambrey, M.I. Marginal-Marine Glacial Sedimentation in The Late 3 Precambrian Succession Of East Greenland • Subject Index • Geographical Index 


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