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Cadomian Orogeny, The

Product Code: SP051
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R S D'Lemos, R A Strachan & C G Topley
Publication Date: 01 May 1990
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The Cadomian orogeny was first defined over 60 years ago to describe the earth movements which resulted in an unconformity between an Upper Proterozoic supracrustal sequence, namely the Brioverian, and Cambrian molasse in the north Armorican region. Since that time the terminology has been extended to encompass an extensive orogenic cycle lasting from approximately 700 - 450 Ma recorded in a belt running from the northern Appalachians to Armorica and the Southern British Isles. 

This volume is the first to collect together the views of workers from a variety of geological disciplines working on a range of aspects of Cadomian geological evolution. The 27 contributions contained provide both reviews and detailed studies of such topics as basement/ cover relationships, nature of supracrustal sequences, deformation, metamorphism and magmatism. Lithological, geochemical, geochronological and palaeomagnetic data presented allow petrogenetic and evolutionary models to be erected and assessed and correlations to be considered within the Cadomian belt so that global geodynamic evolutionary models may be postulated. The volume thus provides an essential reference to current thinking on the Cadomian orogeny and the date to guide future research. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-47-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-47-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 424
Weight: 1.08 kg


Preface • D’LEMOS, R.S., STRACHN, R.A. & TOPLEY, C.G. The Cadomian orogeny In the North Armorican Massif: a brief review • GUERROT, C & PEUCAT, J.J. U-Pb geochronology of the Late Proterozoic Cadomian Orogeny in the northern Armorican Massif, France • SHUFFLEBOTHAM, M.M. The geology of the Penthievre crystalline massif: a Reappraisal of the type-Pentevrian area, northern Brittany • ROACH, R.A., LEES, G.J. & SHUFFLEBOTHAM, M.M. Brioverian volcanism and Cadomian tectonics, Baie de St Prieuc, Brittany: stages in the evolution of a late Precambrianensialic basic • TAYLOR, G.K. A palaeomagnetic study of two Precambrian – Cambrian dyke swarms From the Armorican Massif • RABU, D., CHANTRAINE, J., CHAUVEL, J.J. DENIS, E., BALE, P. & BRADY, PH.The Brioverian (Upper Proterozoic) and the Cadomian orogeny in the Armorican Massif • BRUN, J.P. & BALE, P. Cadomian tectonic in northern Brittany • DUPRET, L., DISSLER, E., DORE, F., GRESSELIN, F. & LE GALL J. Cadomian Geodynamic evolution in the northeastern Armorican Massif (Normandy and Maine) &bull STRACHAN, R.A. & ROACH, R.A. Tectonic evolution of the Cadomian belt in north Brittany • RRELOAR, P.J. & STRACHAN, R.A. Cadomian strike-slip tectonics in NE Brittany • GAPAIS, D. & BALE, P. Shear zone pattern and granite emplacement within a Cadomian sinistral wrench zone at St Cast, N. Brittany • BROWN, M., POWER, G.M., TOPLEY, C.G. & D’LEMOS, R.S. Cadomian Magmatism in the North Armorican Massif • POWER, G.M., BREWER, T., BROWN, M. & GIBBONS, W. Late Precambrian foliated Plutonic complexes of the Channel Islands and La Hague: early Cadomian plutonism • GRAVIOU, P. & AURAY, B. Late Precambrian M-type granitoid genesis in the Cadomian belt of NW France • TOPLEY, C.G., BROWN, M., D’LEMOS, R.S., POWER, G.M. & ROACH, R.A. The Northern Igneous Complex of Guernsey, Channel Islands • POWER, G.M., BRWER, T & D’LEMOS R.S. The post-tectonic Cadomian plutonic Complex of La Hague, Manche, N. France • LEES, G.J. The geochemical character of late Cadomian extensional magmatism in Jersey, Channel Islands • WENT, D. & ANDREWS, M. Post-Cadomian erosion, deposition and basin development In the Channel Islands and northern Brittany • COGNE J. The Cadomian orogeny and its influence on the Variscan evolution of Western Europe • GIBBONS, W. & HORAK, J. Contrasting metamorphic terranes in northwest Wales • MURPHY, F.C. Basement – cover relationships of a reactivated Cadomian mylonite Zone: Rosslare Complex, SE Ireland • PAULEY, J. Sedimentology, structural evolution and tectonic setting of the Late Precambrian Longmyndian Supergroup of the Welsh Borderland, UK • QUESADA, C. Precambrian successions in SW Iberia: their relationship to ‘Cadomian’ Orogenic events • NANCE, R.D. Late Precambrian – Early Palaeozoic evolution of part of the Avalon Terrane in southern New Brunswick, Canada • MURPHY, J.B., KEPPIE, J.D., DOSTAL, J. & HYNES, A.J. The geochemistry And petrology of the Late Precambrian Georgeville Group: a volcanic arc-rift Succession in the Avalon terrane of Nova Scotia • NANCE, R.D. & MURPHY, B. Kinematic history of the Bass River Complex, Nova Scotia: Cadomian tectonostratigraphic relations in the Avalon terrane of the Canadian Appalachians • GIBBONS, W. Transcurrent ductile shear zones and the dispersal of the Avalon Superterrane


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