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The Geology of the Eastern Mediterranean

Product Code: SP017
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.H.F. Robertson and J.E. Dixon (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Publication Date: 31 May 1984
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Special Publication 17.

Since its publication in 1984, the Geological Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean has proved to be an invaluable aid to research in this important region. Many of the papers are classics that report basic data and tectonic interpretations that still remain valid today. Those who have tried to obtain this book in the last few years have been disappointed, hence the decision to reprint. The editors have added an outline of the main research developments since 1984 and key references to the more recent literature.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-66-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-66-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 832
Weight: 1.82 kg


Introduction: aspects of the geological evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean • Palaeotethys • Editor's introduction • Tectonics of the Mediterranean Cimmerides: nature and evolution of the western termination of Palaeo-Tethys • Evidence for a Late Triassic-Early Jurassic orogenic event in the Taurides • Facies and tectonic setting of the Upper Carboniferous rocks of northwestern Turkey • Stratigraphic evidence of Variscan and early Alpine tectonics in southern Turkey • Neotethys: the Levant • Editor's introduction • Evolution of a Mesozoic passive continental margin: Baër-Bassit (NW Syria) • Tectonic and sedimentary history of the NE African margin (Egypt-Libya) • The Hercynian geanticline of helez and the Late Palaeozoic history of the Levant • Permian-early Mesozoic tectonism and continental margin formation in Israel and its implications for the history of the Eastern Mediterranean • Evidence for Early- Middle Triassic faulting and possible rifting from the Helez Deep Borehole in the coastal plain of Israel • Emergence of Wadi Mujib (Central Jordan) during Lower Cenomanian time and its regional tectonic implications • The Arabian sub-plate during the Mesozoic • Ophiolites and volcanic activity near the western edge of the Arabian plate • Neotethys: Turkey • Editor's introduction •The extension of the Ionian trough into southwestern Turkey • The SW segment of the Antalya complex, Turkey as a Mesozoic-Tertiary Tethyan continental margin • Structural history of the Antalya Complex in the 'Isparta angle', Southwest Turkey • Miocene clastic sedimentation related to the emplacement of the Lycian Nappes and the Antalya Complex, SW Turkey • Role of the Eastern Mediterranean ophiolites (Turkey, Syria, Cyprus) in the history of the Neo-Tethys • Mylonitic ductile shear zones within tectonites and cumulates as evidence for an oceanic transform fault in the Antalya ophiolite, SW Turkey • Fossil and K-Ar data for the age of the Antalya Complex, SW Turkey • The Mesozoic organization of the Taurides: one or several ocean basins? • Tauric subduction (Malatya-Elazig provinces) and its bearing on tectonics of the Tethyan realm in Turkey • The Maden Complex, Se Turkey: evolution of a Neotethyan active margin • Rb-Sr geochronology of the Bitlis Massif, Avnik (Bingöl) area, SE Turkey • The Eastern Pontide volcano-sedimentary belt and associated massive sulphide deposits • HP/LT metamorphism and the structure of the Alanya Massif, Southern Turkey: an allochthonous composite tectonic sheet • he role of the Ankara Melange in the development of Anatolia (Turkey) • Basic and ultra basic rocks from the Ankara Melange, Turkey • Distribution and characteristics of the north-west Turkish Blueschists • Palaeo-tectonic evoultion of the Tuzgölü basin complex, Central Turkey: sedimentary record of a Neo-Tethyan closure • Geodynamic evolution of Turkey and Cyprus based on palaeomagnetic data • Neotethys: Greece and the Balkan • Editor's introduction • The significance of Crete for the evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean • Correlation of the Hellenides nappes in the south-east Aegean and their tectonic reconstruction • High-pressure rocks of Samos, Greece • High pressure metamorphism in Ghiaros Island, Cyclades, Greece • The significance of deformation associated with blueschist facies metamorphism on the Aegean island of Syros • The three metamorphic belts of the Hellenides: a review and a kinematic interpretation • Tectonic setting of the Mesozoic Pindos Basin of the Peloponnese, Greece • Origins and significance of rocks in an imbricate thrust zone beneath the Pindos ophiolite, northwestern Greece • Structural evolution of the Pelagonian zone in northwestern Macedonia, Greece • Pre-Neogene nappe structure and metamorphism of the North Sporades and the southern Pelion peninsula • Metamorphosed ophiolitic rocks from the Serbo-Macedonian Massif, near Lake Volvi, north-east Greece • Age constraints on the igneous and metamorphic evolution of the Hellenic-Dinaric ophiolites • A half-ridge transform model for the Hellenic-Dinaric ophiolites • Tectonic implications of palaeomagnetic results for the Carpatho-Balkan and adjacent areas • Neogene • Editor's introduction • Paleogeography and palinspastic reconstructions of the Neogene of the Mediterranean and Paraththys • Palaeomagnetic evidence of Miocene and Pliocene rotational deformations of the Aegean Area • Palaeomagnetic data from Tertiary units of the north Aegean zone • Tertiary to Quaternary evolution of volcanism in the Aegean region • Graben formation and associated seismicity in the Gulf of Korinth (Central Greece) • Tectonic evolution of the North Aegean trough • Subsidence history of the North Aegean Trough • Rotational mechanisms of active deformation in Greece and Iran • Listric normal faulting and the reconstruction of the synmetamorphic structural pile of the Cyclades • Neotectonic deformation patterns in the convex-northwards arc of the North Anatolian fault zone • The Western Arabia rift system • On the Neogene development of the Eastern Mediterranean basins • Pliocene lacustrine sediments in the volcanic succession of Almopias, Macedonia, Greece • Sapropelic layers in the NW Aegean Sea • A middle Miocene thermal event in northern Greece confirmed by coalification measurements • Neogene to Quaternary geodynamics of the area of the Ionian Sea and surrounding land masses


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