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Petroleum Geology of NW Europe: 50 Years of Learning - Proceedings of the 8th Petroleum Geology Conference

Product Code: PGC8
Series: Petroleum Geology Conference series
Author/Editor: B. Levell & M. Bowman
Publication Date: 21 February 2018
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Published by the Geological Society on behalf of PGC Ltd. 

1 hardback volume in slipcase. 

Published online 16/01/2018. Print copies available from 21/02/018.

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The 8th Conference on the Petroleum Geology of NW Europe was held in September 2015 and marked the 50th anniversary of the first commercial discovery offshore in the North Sea (West Sole, in September 1965). Its focus was ‘50 Years of Learning – a Platform for Present Value and Future Success’ and its objective was to provide an update on discoveries, developments, technologies and geological concepts from the region.

The 39 extensively illustrated technical papers cover the full width of recent activity and are divided into the following sections:

  • Plays and fairways
  • Play assessment
  • Recent successes and learnings from failures
  • Infrastructure-led exploration and development
  • Late-life fields, re-development and the ‘next life’
  • Onshore exploration and development.

The proceedings volume follows the format of many of the previous conferences since the first in 1974. Collectively these provide a unique documentation of the discovery and development of several NW European hydrocarbon provinces.

The volume will be of interest to all geoscientists involved in exploration and development in NW Europe. It provides a fascinating overview of how creativity can continue to reveal hidden resources in an area that has been called ‘mature’ for at least the last 20 of its 50-year history.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786202772
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 646
Weight: 2.7 kg


The Technical and Editorial Committee


B. Levell & M. Bowman The Petroleum Geology of NW Europe: 50 years of learning – a platform for present value and future success. An overview

Plays and Fairways

F. S. P. van Buchem, F. W. H. Smit, G. J. A. Buijs, B. Trudgill & P.-H. LarsenTectonostratigraphic framework and depositional history of the Cretaceous–Danian succession of the Danish Central Graben (North Sea) – new light on a mature area

P. F. Green, I. R. Duddy & P. Japsen Multiple episodes of regional exhumation and inversion identified in the UK Southern North Sea based on integration of palaeothermal and palaeoburial indicators

J. Arfai & R. Lutz 3D basin and petroleum system modelling of the NW German North Sea (Entenschnabel)

S. Patruno, W. Reid, C. A.-L. Jackson & C. Davies New insights into the unexploited reservoir potential of the Mid North Sea High (UKCS quadrants 35–38 and 41–43): a newly described intra-Zechstein sulphate–carbonate platform complex

M. Akpokodje, A. Melvin, J. Churchill, S. Burns, J. Morris, S. Kape, M. Wakefield & R. AmeeraliRegional study of controls on reservoir quality in the Triassic Skagerrak Formation of the Central North Sea

E. Dmitrieva, C. A.-L. Jackson, M. Huuse & I. A. Kane Regional distribution and controls on the development of post-rift turbidite systems: insights from the Paleocene of the eastern North Viking Graben, offshore Norway

P. M. Shannon   Old challenges, new developments and new plays in Irish offshore exploration

I. C. Scotchman, A. G. Doré & A. M. Spencer Petroleum systems and results of exploration on the Atlantic margins of the UK, Faroes & Ireland: what have we learnt?

L. Watremez, M. Prada, T. Minshull, B. O’Reilly, C. Chen, T. Reston, P. Shannon, G. Wagner, V. Gaw, D. Klaeschen, R. Edwards & S. Lebedev  Deep structure of the Porcupine Basin from wide-angle seismic data

N. Schofield, D. Jolley, S. Holford, S. Archer, D. Watson, A. Hartley, J. Howell, D. Muirhead, J. Underhill & P. Green Challenges of future exploration within the UK Rockall Basin

M. Larsen, B. Bell, P. Guarnieri, H. Vosgerau & R. Weibel Exploration challenges along the North Atlantic volcanic margins: the intra-volcanic sandstone play in subsurface and outcrop

A. Finlayson, A. Melvin, A. Guise & J. Churchill   Controls on the reservoir quality of Late Cretaceous Springar Formation deep-water fan systems in the Vøring Basin

Play Assessment

G. P. Citron, P. Jeffrey Brown, J. MacKay, P. Carragher & D. Cook The challenge of unbiased application of risk analysis towards future profitable exploration

C. J. H. Mathieu Exploration well failures from the UK North Sea

E. J. Stirling, E. M. G. Fugelli & M. Thompson   The edges of the wedges: a systematic approach to trap definition and risking for stratigraphic, combination and sub-unconformity traps

Recent Successes and Learnings from Failures

G. Goffey, M. Attree, P. Curtis, F. Goodfellow, J. Lynch, D. Mackertich, T. Orife & W. TyrrellNew exploration discoveries in a mature basin: offshore Denmark

R. Catto, S. Taggart & G. Poole  Petroleum geology of the Cygnus gas field, UK North Sea: from discovery to development

P. Rose, G. Byerley & O. Vaughan  The Bacchus development: dealing with geological uncertainty in a small high-pressure–high-temperature development

J.-O. Koch, A. Frischbutter, K. Øygard & J. Cater   The 35/9-7 Skarfjell discovery: a genuine stratigraphic trap, NE North Sea, Norway

G. Ward & D. Baker Rhyl Field: developing a new structural model by integrating basic geological principles with advanced seismic imaging in the Irish Sea

S. Poppitt, L. J. Duncan, B. Preu, F. Fazzari & J. Archer The influence of volcanic rocks on the characterization of Rosebank Field – new insights from ocean-bottom seismic data and geological analogues integrated through interpretation and modelling

A. Belaidi, D. A. Bonter, C. Slightam & R. C. Trice The Lancaster Field: progress in opening the UK’s fractured basement play

Infrastructure-led Exploration and Development

S. Green, S. O’Connor, R. Swarbrick & K. Waters A hydrodynamic model and associated spill-point map for the Huntington Field, UK Central North Sea

C. Edwards, S. McQuaid, S. Easton, D. Scott, A. Couch, R. Evans & S. Hart Lateral accretion in a straight slope channel system: an example from the Forties Sandstone of the Huntington Field, UK Central North Sea

D. W. Jones, B. J. Taylor, C. E. Gill, M. Bevaart, P. F. van Bergen, J. S. Watson, S. de Gennaro & M. Hodzic The Shearwater Field – understanding the overburden above a geologically complex and pressure-depleted high-pressure and high-temperature field

S. S. Skarpeid, J. M. Churchill, J. P. J. Hilton, C. N. Izatt & M. T. Poole The Knarr Field: a new development at the northern edge of the North Sea

P. Noel & N. Taylor Beyond Laggan–Tormore: maximizing economic recovery from gas infrastructure West of Shetland

Late-life Fields, Redevelopment and the Next Life

J. Brain, T. Lassaigne, M. Darnet & P. Van Loevezijn Unlocking 4D seismic technology to maximize recovery from the pre-salt Rotliegend gas fields of the Southern North Sea

L. Singer, G. Byerley & P. Rose Re-saturation targets identified from 4D seismic softening responses in the Forties Field

P. Rose, G. Byerley, O. Vaughan, J. Cater, B. R. Rea, M. Spagnolo & S. Archer Aviat: a Lower Pleistocene shallow gas hazard developed as a fuel gas supply for the Forties Field

J. Pyle, G. Farquharson, J. Gibson, D. Helgeson & J. Towart  The Beryl Field area: increasing production in a mature asset

K. A. Wright, R. Nice, M. Tazzi, K. Purnell & V. Penasse Spectral decomposition: an aid in characterizing field architectures of the Laggan and Tormore fields, Faroe–Shetland Basin

M. Bentley & P. Ringrose  Future directions in reservoir modelling: new tools and ‘fit-for-purpose’ workflows

J. D. Marshall, O. D. Tucker, C. E. Lovelock, S. J. Darker, C. E. Annia & J. B. Hognestad  Goldeneye: Tomorrow Never Dies (or a field Only Lives Twice)

J. Gluyas, S. Mathias & S. Goudarzi   North Sea – next life: extending the commercial life of producing North Sea fields

Onshore Exploration and Development

A. L. Harvey, I. J. Andrews & A. A. Monaghan Shale prospectivity onshore Britain

D. A. Riley, T. J. Pearce, E. Mathia, K. Ratcliffe & J. Martin  The application of elemental geochemistry to UK onshore unconventional plays

J. Steventon & M. Bowman An assessment of the Upper Succession and the related secondary reservoirs in the Welton Field, onshore UK

F. Hughes, D. Harrison, M. Haarhoff, P. Howlett, A. Pearson, D. Ware, C. Taylor, G. Emms & A. Mortimer The unconventional Carboniferous reservoirs of the Greater Kirby Misperton gas field and their potential: North Yorkshire’s sleeping giant



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