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Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives (PGC6)

Product Code: PGC6
Series: Petroleum Geology Conference series
Author/Editor: Edited by A.G. Doré & B.A. Vining
Publication Date: 15 April 2005
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This title is out of print. It has been reprinted in DVD format - product code PGC6D. 

Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives - Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference represents key papers from the latest in a series of conferences that have become a focus for the most important issues in North-West European petroleum geology. As well as detailing the advances made in North-West Europe in the six years since the 5th Conference, this two-volume set also documents many generic advances in petroleum geology and addresses the North-West European experience in a global context. 

The content focuses on the following themes:

• The global resource context
• Exploration histories and future potential
• Better recovery through better reservoir characterization
• Gas renaissance
• Atlantic margins: new insights, regional synthesis and large-scale tectonics
• Deep-water plays and reservoirs
• Understanding petroleum systems
• Unlocking the future with innovative geophysics
• 3D visions

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-164-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-164-2
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 1690
Weight: 6.40 kg


Charpentier, R.R., Estimating undiscovered resources and reserve growth: contrasting approaches • Campbell, C.J., The meaning of oil depletion and its consequences • Vining, B.A., Munns, J.W., Stoker, S.J. & Erratt, D., Exploration histories and future potential: overview • Spencer, A.M., Chew, K. & Leckie, G., The discovery patterns of the resources of the rift and gas provinces of the North Sea compared with some analogous provinces worldwide • Vining, B.A., Mabillard, J. & Van Rijssen, P., UK North Sea exploration: a future • Munns, J.W., Gray, J.C., Stoker, S.J., Andrews, I.J. & Cameron, T.D.J., The remaining hydrocarbon potential of the UK Continental Shelf • Østvedt, O.J., Blystad, P. & Magnus, C., Assessment of undiscovered resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf • Blystad, P. & Søndenå, E., Exploration history on the Norwegian Continental Shelf • Breunese, J., Mijnlieff, H., Breunese, J & Lutgert, J., The life cycle of the Netherlands' natural gas exploration: 40 years after Groningen, where are we now• Lutgert, J., Mijnlieff, H. & Breunese, J., Predicting gas production from future gas discoveries in the Netherlands: quantity, location, timing, quality • Hemmet, M., The hydrocarbon potential of the Danish Continental Shelf • Bergslien, D., Kyllingstad, G., Solberg, A., Ferguson, I.J. & Pepper, C.F., Jotun Field reservoir geology and development strategy: pioneering play knowledge, multidisciplinary teams and partner co-operation - key to discovery and successful development • Rodriguez, J.M., Scholey, H. & Flanagan, K.P., Tullich Field • Fitzsimmons, R., Veiberg, D. & Kråkenes, T., Characterization of the Heimdal Sandstones within Alveim, Quads 24 and 25, Norwegian North Sea • Hurst, A., Cartwright, J.A., Duranti, D., Huuse, M. & Nelson, M., Sand injectites: an emerging global play in deep-water clastic environments • Dennis, H., Bergmo, P. & Holt, T., Tilted oil water contacts: modelling the effects of aquifer heterogeneity • Megson, J. & Tygesen, T., The North Sea Chalk: an under-explored and under-developed play • Gautier, D.L. & Klett, T.R., Reserve growth in chalk fields of the North Sea • Jakobsen, F., Ineson, J., Kristensen, L., Nytoft, H.P. & Stemmerik, L., The Valdemar Field, Danish Central Graben: field compartmentalization and regional prospectivity of the Lower Cretaceous chalk play • Oakman, C.D., The Lower Cretaceous plays of the Central & Northern North Sea: Atlantean drainage models and enhanced hydrocarbon potential • Wilson, J.W., Wall, G., Kloosterman, H.J., Coney, D., Cayley, G.T., Walker, J. & Linskaill, C., The discovery of Goldeneye: Kopervik prospect and play mapping in the South Halibut Basin of the Moray Firth • Argent, J., Blight, R., Cox, P., Hardy, R., Law, A., Smallwood, J.R. & Walter, D., The technical challenges to exploration and development of the Kopervik Fairway, Outer Moray Firth, UK • Seldal, J., Lower Cretaceous: the next target for oil exploration in the Barents Sea • Doré, G. & Robbins, J., The Buzzard Field • Erratt, D., Nicholson, P.H., Winefield, P., Milton-Worssell, R.J., Cayley, G.T. & Arter, G., Exploration history of the high-pressure, high-temperature plays: UK, Central North Sea • Jones, A.D., Auld, H.A., Carpenter, T.J., Fetkovich, E., Palmer, I.A., Rigatos, E.N. & Thompson, M.W., Jade Field: an innovative approach to high-pressure, high-temperature field development • McKie, T. & Audretsch, P., Depositional and structural controls on Triassic reservoir performance in the Heron Cluster, ETAP, Central North Sea • Pöppelreiter, M., Borkhataria, R., Aigner, T. & Pipping, K., Production from Muschelkalk carbonates (Triassic, NE Netherlands): unique play or overlooked opportunity • Cooper, M.M., Easton, S.D.W., Lynch, J.J. & Fozdar, I.M., The Caister-Murdoch System (CMS) III Carboniferous cluster development, UK Southern North Sea • Corona, F.V., Fault trap analysis of the Permian Rotliegend gas play, Lauwerszee Trough, NE Netherlands • Richardson, N.J., Allen, M.R. & Underhill, J.R., Role of Cenozoic fault reactivation in controlling pre-rift plays, and the recognition of Zechstein Group evaporite-carbonate lateral facies transitions in the East Orkney and Dutch Bank basins, East Shetland Platform, UK North Sea • Smith, N.J.P., Shepherd, T.J., Styles, M.T. & Williams, G.M., Hydrogen exploration: a review of global hydrogen accumulations and implications for prospective areas in NW Europe • Gluyas, J.G. & Garrett, S.W., Better recovery through better reservoir characterization • Gluyas, J.G., Mair, B., Schofield, P., Arkley, P. & McRae, D., Ardmore Field: rebirth of the first offshore oilfield, UKCS • Farquharson, G.W. & Gibson, J.P.C., A significant satellite: the Nevis South Field in Block 9/13 • Battié, J.E., Siggerud, E.I.H. & Tveiten, O.G., Extending the life of the Varg Field, a tail-end production opportunity • Dreyer, T., Whitaker, M., Dexter, J., Flesche, H. & Larsen, E., From spit system to tide-dominated delta: integrated reservoir model of the upper Jurassic Sognefjord Formation on the Troll West Field • Hempton, M., Marshall, J., Sadler, S., Hogg, N., Charles, R. & Harvey, C., Turbidite reservoirs of the Sele Formation, Central North Sea: geological challenges for improving production • Doehler, M., The Mittelplate oil field • MacGregor, A.G., Trussell, P., Lauver, S., Bedrock, M., Bryce, J. & Moulds, T., The Magnus Field: extending field life through good reservoir management and enhanced oil recovery • Harker, S.D., Longis, C., Roux, J.-F., Livingstone, L., Thomas, H., Milne, K., Holm, G. & Stromberg, S., Designer wells to maximize recovery for Otter Field development, Northern North Sea • Matthews, S., Thurlow, A.D., Aitken, F.J., Gowland, S., Jones, P.D., Colville, G.J., Robinson, C.I. & Taylor, A.M., A late life opportunity: using a multidisciplinary approach to unlock reserves in the Rannoch Formation, Ninian Field • Sumner, W.R., Loutit, S., Tohill, E., Way, D., Criddle, D., Palfrey, A., Hakes, W.G., Archer, S., Colleran, J., Scott, A., Kaiser, K., Harding, A., Castellini, A., Clark, J. & Lianshuang, Q., Managing reservoir uncertainty after five years of field life: Britannia Field • Thompson, M. & Digranes, P., 4D Ocean Bottom Seismic technology - an innovative tool for improved hydrocarbon recovery at Gullfaks • Elfenbein, C., Husby, Ø. & Ringrose, P., Geologically based estimation of kv/kh ratios: an example from the Garn Formation, Tyrihans Field, Mid-Norway • If, F. & Frykman, P., Estimation of shape factors in fractured reservoirs • Hillis, R.R. & Nelson, E.J., In situ stresses in the North Sea and their applications: petroleum geomechanics from exploration to development • Burley, S.D. & Ireson, D., The global gas renaissance: opportunities for innovative exploration plays and new technologies in existing fields and unconventional gas resources in the liberalized gas market place: overview • Odedra, A., Burley, S.D., Lewis, A., Hardman, M. & Haynes, P., The world according to gas • Corbin, S., Gorringe, S. & Torr, D., Challenges of developing Carboniferous gas fields in the UK Southern North Sea • Moscariello, A., Exploration potential of the mature Southern North Sea basin margins: some unconventional plays based on alluvial and fluvial fan sedimentation models • Dolson, J.C., Boucher, P.J., Siok, J. & Heppard, P.D., Key challenges to realizing full potential in an emerging giant gas province: Nile Delta/Mediterranean offshore, deep water, Egypt ? Sylta, Ø., On the dynamics of capillary gas trapping: implications for the charging and leakage of gas reservoirs • Larter, S.R., Head, I.M., Huang, H., Bennett, B., Jones, M., Aplin, A.C., Murray, A., Erdmann, M., Wilhelms, A. & Di Primio, R., Biodegradation, gas destruction and methane generation in deep subsurface petroleum reservoirs: an overview • Eiken, O., Tollefsen, T., Aanvik, F. & Alsos, T., Surface geophysical monitoring of gas fields: some experiences • Keller, T., Bayes, R., Auld, H.A. & Lines, M.D., Judy Field: rejuvenation through a second phase of drilling • Gilham, R., Hercus, C., Evans, A. & de Haas, W., Shearwater (UK Block 22/30b): managing changing uncertainties through field life • Samuel, A., Taylor, C., Richards, S., Warburton, I. & Highton, P., Armada Phase II & Seymour Phase I • King, T.R., Wannell, M. & Alqassar, T.M., Cross-flow to enhance gas recovery in the Dalton Field, East Irish Sea • Garden, R., Mentiply, M., Cook, R. & Sylvester, I., Modelling fine-scale heterogeneity for optimal history matching from aeolian gas reservoirs, Neptune field, UKCS • Selley, R.C., UK shale-gas resources• Jones, N.S., Holloway, S., Creedy, D.P. & Garner, K., Can UK coal resources contribute to a gas renaissance • Long, D., Jackson, P.D., Lovell, M.A., Rochelle, C.A., Francis, T.J.G. & Schultheiss, P.J., Methane hydrates: problems in unlocking their potential • Shannon, P.M., Faleide, J.I., Smallwood, J.R. & Walker, I.M., The Atlantic Margin from Norway to Ireland: geological review of a frontier continental margin province • Lundin, E.R. & Doré, A.G., NE Atlantic break-up: a re-examination of the Iceland mantle plume model and the Atlantic • Arctic linkage • Roberts, A.W., White, R.S., Lunnon, Z.C., Christie, P.A.F., Spitzer, R. & iSIMM Team, Imaging magmatic rocks on the Faroes Margin • Kusznir, N.J., Hunsdale, R., Roberts, A.M. & iSIMM Team, Timing and magnitude of depth-dependent lithosphere stretching on the southern Loften and northern Vøring continental margins offshore mid-Norway: implications for subsidence and hydrocarbon maturation at volcanic rifted margins • Tsikalas, F., Faleide, J.I., Eldholm, O. & Wilson, J., Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic structural and stratigraphic correlations between the conjugate mid-Norway and NE Greenland continental margins • Mjelde, R., Raum, T., Breivik, A., Shimamura, H., Murai, Y., Takanami, T. & Faleide, J.I., Crustal structure of the Vøring Margin, NE Atlantic: a review of geological implications based on recent OBS data • Kjennerud, T. & Vergara, L., Cretaceous to Palaeogene 3D palaeobathymetry and sedimentation in the Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea • Planke, S., Rasmussen, T., Rey, S.S. & Myklebust, R., Seismic characteristics and distribution of volcanic intrusions and hydrothermal vent complexes in the Vøring and Møre basins • Løseth, H. & Henriksen, S., A middle to Late Miocene compression phase along the Norwegian passive margin • Keep, M. & Harrowfield, M., Basement reactivation and inversion mechanisms in the Timor and Norwegian seas • Keser Neish, J. & Ziska, H., Structure of the Faroe Bank Channel Basin, offshore Faroe Islands • Hamann, N.E., Whittaker, R.C. & Stemmerik, L., Geological development of the Northeast Greenland Shelf • Strogen, D.P., Burwood, R. & Whitham, A.G., Sedimentology and geochemistry of Late Jurassic organic-rich shelfal mudstones from East Greenland: regional and stratigraphic variations in source-rock quality • Larsen, M. & Whitham, A.G., Evidence for a major sediment input point into the Faroe-Shetland Basin from the Kangerlussuaq region of southern East Greenland • Larsen, M., Heilmann-Clausen, C., Piasecki, S. & Stemmerik, L., At the edge of a new ocean: post-volcanic evolution of the Palaeogene Kap Dalton Group, East Greenland • Kimbell, G.S., Ritchie, J.D., Johnson, H. & Gatliff, R.W., Controls on the structure and evolution of the NE Atlantic margin revealed by regional potential field imaging and 3D modeling • Smith, L.K., White, R.S., Kusznir, N.J. & iSIMM Team, Structure of the Hatton Basin and adjacent continental margin • Nichols, G.J., Sedimentary evolution of the Lower Clair Group, Devonian, West of Shetland: climate and sediment supply controls on fluvial, aeolian and lacustrine deposition • Jolley, D.W., Morton, A. & Prince, I., Volcanogenic impact on phytogeography and sediment dispersal patterns in the NE Atlantic • Smallwood, J.R. & Kirk, W.J., Paleocene exploration in the Faroe • Shetland Channel: disappointments and discoveries • Johnson, H., Ritchie, J.D., Hitchen, K., McInroy, D.B. & Kimbell, G.S., Aspects of the Cenozoic deformational history of the Northeast Faroe • Shetland Basin, Wyville • Thompson Ridge and Hatton Bank areas • Naylor, D. & Shannon, P.M., The structural framework of the Irish Atlantic margin region • Morewood, N.C., Mackenzie, G.D., Shannon, P.M., O'Reilly, B.M., Readman, P.W. & Makris, J., The crustal structure and regional development of the Irish Atlantic margin region • Dancer, P.N., Kenyon-Roberts, S.M., Downey, J.W., Baillie, J.M., Meadows, N.S. & Maguire, K., The Corrib gas field, offshore west of Ireland • Readman, P.W., O'Reilly, B.M., Shannon, P.M. & Naylor, D., The deep structure of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland, from gravity and magnetic studies • Stoker, M.S., Praeg, D., Shannon, P.M., Hjelstuen, B.O., Laberg, J.S., Nielsen, T., van Weering, T.C.E., Sejrup, H.P. & Evans, D., Neogene evolution of the Atlantic continental margin of NW Europe (Lofoten Islands to SW Ireland): anything but passive • Haughton, P., Praeg, D., Shannon, P.M., Harrington, G., Higgs, K., Amy, L., Tyrrell, S. & Morrissey, T., First results from shallow stratigraphic boreholes on the eastern flank of the Rockall Basin, offshore western Ireland • Holford, S.P., Turner, J.P. & Green, P.F., Reconstructing the Mesozoic-Cenozoic exhumation history of the Irish Sea basin system using apatite fission track analysis and vitrinite reflectance data • Hurst, A., Fraser, A.J., Fraser, S.I. & Hadler-Jacobsen, F., Deep-water clastic reservoirs: a leading global play in terms of reserve replacement and technological challenges • Hadler-Jacobsen, F., Johannessen, E.P., Ashton, N., Henriksen, S., Johnson, S.D. & Kristensen, J.B., Submarine fan morphology and lithology distribution: a predictable function of sediment delivery, gross shelf-to-basin relief, slope gradient and basin topography • Martinsen, O.J., Lien, T. & Jackson, C., Cretaceous and Palaeogene turbidite systems in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea Basins: source, staging area and basin physiography controls on reservoir development • Gjelberg, J., Martinsen, O., Charnock, M., Møller, N. & Antonsen, P., The reservoir development of the Late Maastrichtian-Early Paleocene Ormen Lange gas field, Møre Basin, Mid-Norwegian Shelf • Hamberg, L., Dam, G., Wilhelmson, C. & Ottesen, T.G., Paleocene deep-marine sandstone plays in the Siri Canyon, offshore Denmark - southern Norway • Fraser, A.J., Hilkewich, D., Syms, R., Penge, J., Raposo, A. & Simon, G., Angola Block 18: a deepwater exploration success story • Vear, A., Deep-water plays of the Mauritanian continental margin • Fries, G., Nadeau, P.H. & Scotchman, I.C., Understanding petroleum systems: an overview • Swarbrick, R.E., Seldon, B. & Mallon, A.J., Modelling the Central North Sea pressure history • Scotchman, I.C. & Carr, A.D., Modelling the effects of transient overpressure on the petroleum systems of the UK North East Atlantic Margin and northern North Sea areas: implications for the deep water South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico • Nadeau, P.H., Bjørkum, P.A. & Walderhaug, O., Petroleum system analysis: impact of shale diagenesis on reservoir fluid pressure, hydrocarbon migration, and biodegradation risks • Clarke, S.M., Burley, S.D. & Williams, G.D., Dynamic fault seal analysis and flow pathway modelling in three-dimensional basin models • Wendebourg, J. & Trabelsi, K., How wrong can it be? Understanding uncertainty in petroleum systems modelling • Winefield, P., Gilham, R., & Elsinger, R., Plumbing the depths of the Central Graben: towards an integrated pressure, fluid and change model for the Central North Sea HPHT play • Justwan, H. & Dahl, B., Quantitative hydrocarbon potential mapping and organofacies study in the Greater Balder Area, Norwegian North Sea • Vejbæk, O.V., Frykman, P., Bech, N. & Nielsen, C.M., The history of hydrocarbon filling of Danish chalk fields • Rasmussen, E.S., Vejbæk, O.V., Bidstrup, T., Piasecki, S. & Dybkjær, K., Late Cenozoic depositional history of the Danish North Sea Basin: implications for the petroleum systems in the Kraka, Halfdan, Siri and Nini fields • Schneider, F.J.S., Understanding the diagenetic evolution of potential reservoirs in fold/thrust belts: an example from eastern Venezuela • Christie, P.A.F. & Robein, E., Recent advances in geophysical technology: introduction and review • Kristiansen, P. & Waggoner, J., Using multicomponent seismic data to better characterize and manage reservoirs • Chadwick, R.A., Arts, R. & Eiken, O., 4D seismic quantification of a growing CO2 plume at Sleipner, North Sea • Vejbæk, O.V., Rasmussen, R., Japsen, P., Bruun, A., Pedersen, J.M., Marsden, G. & Fabricius, I.L., Modelling seismic response from North Sea chalk reservoirs resulting from changes in burial depth and fluid saturation • Egan, M.S., The drive for better bandwidth and resolution • Connolly, P.A., Wilkins, S., Allen, T., Schurter, G. & Rose-Innes, N., Fluid and lithology identification using high-resolution 3D seismic data • Suiter, J., Romani, R., Arnaud, J., Hollingworth, S. & Hawkins, K., Reducing structural uncertainties through anisotropic pre-stack depth imaging: examples from the Elgin/Franklin/Glenelg HP/HT fields area, Central North Sea • van der Burgh, J. & Douma, J., Pre-stack depth migration and velocity model building for imaging in the North Sea • Smit, D., Biegert, E. & Mondt, J., Advances in subsurface imaging using potential field technology: gravimetry sensors and applications • Japsen, P., Andersen, C., Andersen, H.L., Andersen, M.S., Boldreel, L.O., Mavko, G., Mohammed, N.G., Pedersen, J.M., Petersen, U.K., Rasmussen, R., Shaw, F., Springer, N., Waagstein, R., White, R.S. & Worthington, M., Preliminary results from investigations of seismic and petrophysical properties of Faroes basalts in the SeiFaBa project • Blanco, J., Borehole seismic: what does it bring to the understanding of the reservoir? • Davies, R.J., Gras, R. & Payre, X., A vision for 3D seismic technology and visualization • Dart, C., Denichou, J.M., Bridger, T., Haugen, R., Sjøholm, J., Halvorsen, Å., Øye, V. & Seim, M., Three-dimensional visualization for well placement and geosteering: Njord Field, offshore mid-Norway • Colleran, J., Loutit, S., Kaiser, K., Hakes, W.G., Sumner, W.R., Archer, S. & Criddle, D., Applications of visualization in the Britannia Field, UK North Sea • Scorer, J., Fuller, N., Malcolm, J. & Bruner, J., The MacCulloch Field: improving reservoir characterization through time-lapse analysis • Leadholm, R.H., Austin, T.J.F. & Ostendorf, P.F., Using spectral decomposition as a hydrocarbon indicator tool in the Norwegian Sea • McClay, K.R., Dooley, T., Whitehouse, P.S. & Anadon-Ruiz, S., 4D analogue models of extensional fault systems in asymmetric rifts: 3D visualizations and comparisons with natural examples • Gibson, D., Turner, J.P., Spann, M. & Wright, T., Automated interpretation of geological fault surfaces imaged in 3D seismic data • Posamentier, H.W., Application of 3D seismic visualization techniques for seismic stratigraphy, seismic geomorphology and depostional systems analysis: examples from fluvial to deep-marine depositional environments • Huuse, M., Cartwright, J.A., Gras, R. & Hurst, A., Kilometre-scale sandstone intrusions in the Eocene of the Outer Moray Firth (UK North Sea): migration paths, reservoirs and potential drilling hazards • Carrillat, A., Hunt, D., Randen, T., Sonneland, L. & Elvebakk, G., Automated mapping of carbonate build-ups and palaeokarst from the Norwegian Barents Sea using 3D seismic texture attributes • Kayser, A., Kellner, A., Holzapfel, H.-W., van der Bilt, G., Warner, S. & Gras, R., 3D visualization of a rock sample, Rotliegend sandstone, Southern Permian Basin: applications for core analysis and petrophysics • Thomson, K., Extrusive and intrusive magmatism in the North Rockall Trough • Dooley, T., McClay, K.R., Hempton, M., & Smit, D., Salt tectonics above complex basement extensional fault systems: results from analogue modelling • Index


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