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A Company Training Scheme has first and foremost to serve the needs of the employer, and each will be unique, in detail.

Within the field of engineering geology, the concept of company training schemes is well established, and in other areas formal training schemes have also been developed. The Geological Society expects that all Accredited Company Training Schemes will involve a process of continuing professional development that builds a culture of reflective planning and self appraisal, with appropriate record keeping to provide supporting documentary evidence. 

It is expected that professional staff with expertise in human resources, who may not be geologists, will participate in administrating an accredited scheme where appropriate.

The Engineering Group of the Geological Society (EGGS) has developed a general training scheme expressly aimed at those working in this area. Experience has shown that a scheme of this type is highly attractive to employers and employees who wish to engage with the Chartership process. 

The EGGS generic scheme forms the core of a number of the company schemes that the Society has endorsed, and its adoption and adaptation is commended. In other areas, individual employers may have in-house training schemes which may or may not mirror that produced by the Engineering Specialist Group.