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Duration of individual training programmes within an Accredited Scheme

Individual schemes may last for up to 5 years and the trainee should maintain the relationship with the Mentor up to the time they attain Chartership and in the early career years following professional validation. 

In some instances the basic training objectives may be reached in 3 years. If so, guided by the Mentor, the emphasis then should move to the broadening of experience, practicing of skills, continuation of CPD planning, taking on increasing responsibility for projects and so on until such time as the trainee is considered by their Mentor to meet all of the competencies and be ready to apply for Chartership. 

At this stage, the Mentor could become the candidate’s Sponsor.

As a generalisation the usual length of time after graduation needed to satisfy the requirements of Chartership will be 4 years or more. At that stage in an individual’s career, there will be a major review with the Mentor of achievements and competencies. 

If, in the Mentor’s professional opinion, the necessary competencies have been attained then the Professional Report should be prepared and the Supporting Professional Documents assembled. Once this is complete then a meeting with the Mentor (as one Sponsor) and a second Sponsor should review all aspects of the application before it is submitted.