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Practical Engineering Geology (paperback)

Product Code: MPPEG
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Steve Hencher
Publication Date: 13 January 2012
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Published by CRC Press. Distributed by GSL from July 2014.


Steve Hencher presents a broad and fresh view on the importance of engineering geology to civil engineering projects.

Practical Engineering Geology provides an introduction to the way that projects are managed, designed and constructed and the ways that the engineering geologist can contribute to cost-effective and safe project achievement. The need for a holistic view of geological materials, from soil to rock, and of geological history is emphasised. Chapters address key aspects of

    • Geology for engineering and ground modelling
    • Site investigation and testing of geological materials
    • Geotechnical parameters
    • Design of slopes, tunnels, foundations and other engineering structures
    • Identifying hazards
    • Avoiding unexpected ground conditions

      The book is illustrated throughout with case examples and should prove useful to practising engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers and to MSc level students of engineering geology and other geotechnical subjects.



      • The author’s strong combination of practical and academic experience makes this a unique book for both students and professionals
      • Sets out the role of the engineering geologist in the civil engineering industry
      • Contains practical guidance in a "cook book" style, with simple thumbnail sketches and illustrations
      • Contains new source data and example methodologies
      • Rich in up-to-date case studies

      Type: Book
      Ten Digit ISBN:
      Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-415-46909-8
      Publisher: Distributed by GSL
      Binding: Paperback
      Pages: 450
      Weight: 1.03 kg


      Engineering Geology

      Introduction to Civil Engineering Projects

      Geology and Ground Models

      Site Investigation

      Geotechnical Parameters

      Analysis, Design and Construction

      Unexpected Ground Conditions and How to Avoid Them: Case Examples

      Appendix A. Training, Institutions and Societies 
      Appendix B. Conversion Factors (to 2 Decimal Places) and Some Definitions 
      Appendix C. Soil and Rock Terminology for Description and Classification for Engineering Purposes 
      Appendix D. Examples of Borehole and Trial Pit Logs 
      Appendix E. Tunnelling Risk




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