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Italian Volcanoes

Product Code: MPITVO
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Christopher J. Kilburn & Bill McGuire
Publication Date: 01 January 2001
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Published by Dunedin Academic Press. Distributed by GSL from February 2016.

Classic Geology in Europe #1, 166 pages, paperback

Richly illustrated with maps and photographs, this guide is ideal for all geologists, amateur and professional, and also for visitors to Italy who have been captivated by some of the world's most spectacular volcanoes.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781903544044
Publisher: Dunedin Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 166
Weight: 0.33 kg



Volcanism in Italy.

Somma - Vesuvius;

Campi Flegerei (Phlegraean Fields);

The Aeolian Islands;

Mount Etna.

Glossary. Index. 


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