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Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland, 2nd edition

Product Code: MPBVO2
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Brian Upton
Publication Date: 06 August 2015
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Published by Dunedin Academic Press. 2nd edition published 2015.

Hardback, 248 pages, 240 x 160mm

Scotland's mountains and glens retain the secrets of the long and frequently violent geological history that has gone into their making. Volcanoes have played a major role in the creation of Scotland and while the youngest, a mere sixty million years old, were responsible for much of the scenic splendour of the Inner Hebrides, the rocks composing many of the famous Scottish landforms as, for example, those of Glencoe and the Edinburgh district are also the direct result of volcanism.

Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland explores back in time from the most recent examples to volcanoes of the obscure Precambrian times which left their signature in the ancient rocks of the far north-west. Geographically the book ranges across all of Scotland from Shetland to the Borders. Reflecting current research into Scotland's geology, the author also speculates as to the climate, geography and ecology of the long-gone landscapes in which the volcanoes of differing ages were created and destroyed.

The book is extensively illustrated with maps, sketches, cross-sections and photographs and relates what can currently be seen in the worn-down remains of Scotland's old volcanoes to active analogues around the world. This book vividly brings life and meaning to what the layman would otherwise regard as cold and incomprehensible rocks.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781780460567
Publisher: Dunedin Academic Press
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 248
Weight: 0.8 kg



1: Introduction

2: Time on Earth and a Brief History of Scotland

3: Magmas, Igneous Rocks and Volcanic Products

4. Lava Flows and Pyroclastic Deposits

5. Early Cainozoic Volcanism and the Birth of the North Atlantic

6. Early Cainozoic Volcanoes: the Big Ones

7. Scotland within a Super-continent: Upper Carboniferous and Permian Volcanoes

8. Post-Caledonian Relaxation: the Lower Carboniferous Volcanoes

9. Volcanoes in the Old Red Sandstone Continent

10. Volcanoes and the Iapetus Ocean

11. Volcanoes as seen through a glass darkly: the earlier pre-Cambrian record

12. Epilogue. Select Bibliography. Index of Place Names. Index of Selected Technical Terms. 


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