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Geology and Warfare

Product Code: MPB48
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E. P. F. Rose and C. P. Nathanail
Publication Date: 17 August 2000
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This book records some of the lessons learnt from military experience in the two great wars – and the subsequent fifty years of ‘peace’ which ended the 20th century. It also complements recent perspectives from the Unites States of America which show how in warfare military geologists irrespective of nationality have traditionally pursued five main categories of work (tactical and strategic terrain analysis, fortifications and tunnelling, resource acquisition, defence installations, and field construction and logistics). It shows how in peace-time military geologists train for wartime operations and may be involved in peace-keeping and nation-building deployments. Chapters describe how the influence of geology and geologists on military operations is more deeply rooted in history than commonly perceived; how military applications of geology were first and more quickly appreciated in Europe rather than in the United States; and how geotechnical expertise which now supports NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – owes much to battlefield experience gained by British and more especially German military geologists during the two world wars.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-065-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-065-2
Publisher: GSL
Pages: 480
Weight: 1.2 kg


Part One: Geology and military history • Geological constraints on the siting of fortifications: examples from medieval Britain • Geological constraints on battlefield tactics: examples in Britain from the Middle Ages to the Civil Wars • Part Two: Early geologists and armed forces • The military service of G. B. Greenough, founder president of the Geological Society • Geologists and the American Civil War • Part Three: Battlefield geology in world war • Comparison of British and German applications of geology in world war • Development of military geology in the German Wehrmacht 1939-45 • Development and role of military geology teams in the German army 1941-45 • Part Four: Military use of terrain • Geology and warfare on the British sector of the Western Front 1914-18 • Geology and the fortress of Gibraltar • Geological influences on the siting of military airfields in the United Kingdom • Part Five: Recent military geologist roles • From dowsing to hydrogeology in the Royal Engineers 1939-70 • Operational roles for military geologists • Part Six: Future military geologist roles • Geoenvironmental security – the challenge for tomorrow’s geologists • Part Seven: Field guides to world war battlefields in northern France • A field guide to the geology of the British sector of the Western Front, 1914-18 • A field guide to British military applications of geology in Normandy during 1944 • Index. Contributors: M. R. Bennett, University of Greenwich, UK. R. N. E. Blake, Nottingham Trent University, UK. F. M. Cocks, University of Greenwich, UK. P. Doyle, University of Greenwich, UK. T. J. Halsall, The University of Reading, UK. H. Hausler, University of Vienna, Austria. F. Moseley, University of Birmingham, UK. C. Paul Nathanail, University of Nottingham, UK. C. Pareyn, University of Caen, France. W. E. Pittman, University of West Alabama, USA. E. P. F. Rose, University of London, UK. M. S. Rosenbaum, Nottingham Trent University, UK. D. Willig, Deutsche Bundeswehr, II (GE/US) Korps, Germany.


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