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Issues in Environmental Geology: A British Perspective

Product Code: MPB39
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Matthew R. Bennett and Peter Doyle
Publication Date: 15 June 1998
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Presents a series of British case studies in environmental geology. The book covers information about the scope and definition of the subject; case studies in engineering geology and waste management, natural or coastal hazards; and information about environmental geology and education. Defines the scope and breadth of environmental geology in Britain together with case studies. The case studies would be highly relevant for use by undergraduates. Also presents views from the academic, commercial and political spheres. Issues of policy are dealt with in addition to practice in environmental management. 438 pages, hardback

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-014-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-014-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 438
Weight: 0.86 kg


List of contributors • Preface • Acknowledgement • Issues in environmental geology: a British perspective, M. R. Rennett & P. Doyle • Environmental geology: achieving sustainability, J. G. Larwood & T. Moat • Dissemination of information on the earth sciences to planners and other decision-makers,  A. P. McKirdy, A. Thompson & J. Poole •  Part One: Conservation and recreational pressure  Earth heritage conservation: past, present and future agendas P. Doyle & M. R. Rennett • Our 'green and pleasant land': loving it to death? F. Rennett, MP •  Part Two: The built environment  Environmental geology of Gibraltar: living with limited, resources E. P. F. Rose • A 'whole rock' approach to the engineering geology of the Chalk of Sussex, J. Lamont-Black. • Hills of waste: a policy conflict in environmental geology, J. M. Gray • Contaminated land: problems of liability, D. Cuckson• The generation of geological data from environmental and construction projects in the Penarth area of southeast Wales, C. Lee • Environmental impacts of lead mining in the Ullswater catchment (English Lake District): dam failures and flooding, J. Anderton, E. Y. Haworth, D. J. Home & D. S. Wray • The role of academic environmental geoscientists in radioactive waste disposal assessment, G. D. Couples, C. McKeown, R. S. Haszeldine & D. K. Smythe • Airborne particulate characterization for environmental regulation, J. Merefield, I. Stone, J. Roberts, J. Jones & J. Barron. • Anthropogenic platinum group elements in the environment, S. J. Edwards & F. Quinn •  Part Three: Natural hazards in the coastal zone  The rate and distribution of coastal cliff erosion in England: a cause for concern? A. R. P. Cosgrove, M. R. Bennelt & P. Doyle • Offshore sand banks and their role in coastal sedimentary processes: the Welsh coast of the outer Severn Estuary, SW Britain S. alto 'Sense and sustainability' - achieving geological conservation objectives as part of the present Shoreline Management Plan process, J. M cCue •  Part Four: Environmental geology and education  Environmental geology in the urban environment: a comment on the benefits of collaboration between universities and local authorities, N. R. G. Walton • Developing a degree in environmental geology, M. Rosenbaum • Index 


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