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Value & Valuation of Natural Science Collections

Product Code: MPB33
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. R. Nudds and C. W. Pettitt
Publication Date: 20 January 1997
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Addresses a number of questions about the natural world and how we relate to it, as exemplified in the collections of biological and geological material held inmuseums and scientific institutions throughout the world. The book explores the scientific, cultural and monetary values of natural science collections with the primary aim of informing and influencing Government of those collections policy on the care, use and development of those collections. The input of thought, knowledge and experience has produced a focused consensus outputin the form of a set of recommendations. These recommendations have been presented to the United Kingdom’s national museum advisory body, The Museums andGalleries Commission. It is hoped that these might also be taken to equivalent governmental organizations in other countries. This will reflect both the internationalrepresentation at this conference, and the international currency of knowledge represented by natural science collections.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-76-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-76-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 230
Weight: 0.85 kg


Introduction • The scientific value of collections • What’s important? • Calculating the financial value of systematic biology collections • Some notes on the quality and economics of a natural history collection • The Italian Association of Science Museums and its goals in regard to scientific collections • Archives of nature in natural history collections • Through a glass darkly: value concepts and ultimate objectives • The National Zoological Collection of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences • Microbial genetic resources: their use and organization • The social history value of natural science collections • Criteria for establishing the scientific value of natural science collections • The economics of botanical collections • Scientific and didactic valuation of moveable monuments of inanimate nature in museum’s geological collections • The cultural value of collections • Maintaining scientific collections: a parallel from the humanities • The cultural impact of natural science collections • Museum disposals • The educational value of university natural history museums • A comparison of methodologies used for valuation of the fish collection at the Canadian Museum of Nature • Evaluating the earth sciences collections at the Royal Ontario Museum • A Dutch exercise in the valuation of natural history collections • A scientific/historical/educational heritage for whom: the value of geological collections in a small museum • Slaying the sacred cow • Targeting the user short term - who pays for long term storage and maintenance? • From grave to cradle, the changing fortunes of the giant Irish deer • The effect of high market prices on the value and valuation of vertebrate fossil sites and specimens • Museums and the mineral specimen market • The evaluation of natural history collections: some remarks • The financial value of collections • The financial value of cultural, heritage and scientific collections: an accounting fiction • Insurance implications of display of collections made up of unique items with little or no commercial market interest • Natural science collections: the Loss Adjuster’s view • Valuations: a professional’s view • Accounting for local authorities’ museum collections • The cost of collecting: collection management in UK museums • Discussion • Debate and agreement of: The Manchester Accord • Additional papers presented as posters • Cost of natural science specimen conservation versus value of collections • The Natural History Museum of the University of Lisbon • Targeting collection care: costing and targeting collection care in North West England • The second Alexandrian tragedy, and the fundamental relationship between biological collections and scientific knowledge • The culture collection of Algae and Protozoa - a living resource • Monetary value of natural science collections of Museu de Ciencias Naturais, Fundacao Zoobotanica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil • Accidental damage leading to retrospective valuation of historically unique molluscan specimen • The value of natural science collections in contemporary society • The historical collections of the Botanical Museum of Florence and their scientific value • The key scientific educational value of natural history collection for primary school children • History and value of the malacological collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences • Invited lecture • Murder in the museum: a case of natural selection?


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