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Myanmar: Geology, Resources and Tectonics

Product Code: M0048
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.J. Barber, Khin Zaw and M.J. Crow
Publication Date: 20 November 2017
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Memoir 48

Myanmar is a country vastly rich in gold, silver, base metals, tin–tungsten, gems and hydrocarbons and is one of the last exploration frontiers remaining in the world. Tectonically Myanmar lies at the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountain Chain and over the last 50 Ma has been profoundly affected by the collision between India and Eurasia, which is still ongoing, with frequent destructive earthquakes. Recent advances have been made in understanding the results of the collision, through the study of geochronology, seismicity, stratigraphy and structure. The development of a systematic mapping programme has been restricted by problems of access, due to limited infrastructure and armed insurgencies, meaning that large areas of the country have not been explored adequately. Recent political changes and reforms, with reconciliations with various ethnic groups, however, will permit access to large areas in Kayin, Kayah, Shan and Kachin States, enabling further research and exploration in new crustal blocks and terranes. In this Memoir a group of Myanmar and international geologists have combined to include all that is currently known about the geology of Myanmar, its mineral and energy resources and its tectonic development.

Published online 15/11/2017. Print copies available from 20/11/2017.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862399693
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 776
Weight: 2.7 kg



Chapter 1 Khin Zaw, Win Swe, Barber, A. J., Crow, M. J. & Yin Yin Nwe Introduction to the geology of Myanmar

Chapter 2 Sloan, R. A., Elliott, J. R., Searle, M. P. & Morley, C. K. Active tectonics of Myanmar and the Andaman Sea

Chapter 3 Rangin, C. Active and recent tectonics of the Burma Platelet in Myanmar

Chapter 4 Kyi Khin, Khin Zaw & Lin Thu Aung Geological and tectonic evolution of the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (IMR) in the Myanmar region

Chapter 5 Kyi Khin, Sakai, T. & Khin Zaw Arakan Coastal Ranges in western Myanmar, geology and provenance of Neogene siliciclastic sequences: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Himalaya–Bengal System

Chapter 6 Hla Htay, Khin Zaw & Than Than Oo The mafic–ultramafic (ophiolitic) rocks of Myanmar

Chapter 7 Naing Maw Than, Kyi Khin & Myint Thein Cretaceous geology of Myanmar and Cenozoic

geology in the Central Myanmar Basin

Chapter 8 Myint Thein & Maung Maung The Eastern (Back-arc) Basin of Central Myanmar: Basement rocks, lithostratigraphic units, palaeocurrents, provenance and developmental history

Chapter 9 Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein, Thaung-Htike, Aung Naing Soe, Chit Sein, Maung-Maung & Masanaru Takai Review of the investigation of primate fossils in Myanmar

Chapter 10 Win Maw Historical review of the contribution of geophysics to petroleum discoveries in the Tertiary basins of Myanmar

Chapter 11 Than Htut Myanmar petroleum systems, including the offshore area

Chapter 12 Searle, M. P., Morley, C. K., Waters, D. J., Gardiner, N. J., Kyi Htun, U., Than Than Nu & Robb, L. J. Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Mogok Metamorphic and Jade Mines belts and ophiolitic terranes of Burma (Myanmar)

Chapter 13 Thet Tin Nyunt, Hans-Joachim Massonne & Tay Thye Sun Jadeitite and other high-pressure metamorphic rocks from the Jade Mines Belt, Tawmaw area, Kachin State, northern Myanmar

Chapter 14 Aye Ko Aung & L. Robin M. Cocks Cambrian–Devonian stratigraphy of the Shan Plateau, Myanmar (Burma)

Chapter 15 Zaw Win, Kyi Kyi Shwe & Ohnmar Soe Yin Sedimentary facies and biotic associations in the Permian–Triassic limestones on the Shan Plateau, Myanmar

Chapter 16 Ridd, M. F. Karen–Tenasserim Unit

Chapter 17 Aung Zaw Myint, Khin Zaw, Ye Myint Swe, Kotaro Yonezu, Yue Cai, Takayuki Manaka & Koichiro Watanabe Geochemistry and geochronology of granites hosting the Mawchi Sn–W deposit,

Myanmar: implications for tectonic setting and emplacement

Chapter 18 Mi Paik Geochemistry and geochronology of granitoid rocks in the Mawpalaw Taung area, Thanbyuzayat Township, southern Myanmar: their petrogenesis and tectonic setting

Chapter 19 Soe Thura Tun & Watkinson, I. M. The Sagaing Fault, Myanmar

Chapter 20 Myint Thein Current tectonic activity along the Sagaing Fault, Myanmar indicated by alluvial fans

Chapter 21 Soe Min, Watkinson, I. M., Soe Thura Tun, Win Naing & Tin Lwin Swe The Kyaukkyan Fault, Myanmar

Chapter 22 Myint Soe, Isao Takashima, Khin Zaw & Ye Myint Swe Remote sensing and GIS studies of alteration and predictive mineral exploration in the Central Volcanic Arc, Myanmar

Chapter 23 Kyaw Thu & Khin Zaw Gem deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 24 Khin Zaw Overview of mineralization styles and tectonic–metallogenic setting in Myanmar

Chapter 25 Ye Myint Swe, Cho Cho Aye & Khin Zaw Gold deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 26 Khin Zaw, Ye Myint Swe, Tin Aung Myint & Knight, J. Copper deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 27 Than Htun, Aung Kyin & Khin Zaw Lead–zinc–silver deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 28 Than Htun, Than Htay & Khin Zaw Tin–tungsten deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 29 Toe Aung Kyaw. Antimony deposits of Myanmar

Chapter 30 Gardiner, N. J., Robb, L. J., Searle, M. P., Kyi Htun & Khin Zaw The Bawdwin Mine, Myanmar: a review of its geological setting and genesis

Chapter 31 Barber, A. J., Khin Zaw & Crow, M. J. The pre-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Myanmar

Appendix Crow, M. J. & Khin Zaw Geochronology in Myanmar (1964–2017)


Foldout map: Geological map of Myanmar


Robert Anderson

Myanmar Geology, Resources and Tectonics, Geological Society Memoir No. 48 is made up of 31 chapters and an appendix on geochronology. Each chapter is a stand-alone paper that has been assimilated into a single volume covering three related topics. Details of some of the papers present an easy-to-follow description of the tectonic setting of different mining areas throughout most the country. The introduction to the volume has a general description of some of the major mining organizations that have worked in Myanmar since the Chinese started silver mining at the Bawdwin mine site in the 15th Century. Myanmar’s location and geologic evolution with respect to India, Eurasia, China, Thailand, Laos, Sumatra and the Andaman Sea from the Paleozoic to the present is discussed.
The authors note that, due to current internal conditions, not all of Myanmar is thoroughly discussed in the volume, or fully explored for mineral resources. For what is included and covered, an overview of the local geologic setting relationship between the ores and gemstones with respect to the local and regional geology is well presented. In several places the authors discuss the relationships between different ores and ophiolites, faulting, as well as granites and limestones or sandstones. In several cases, samples of selected mines are discussed in enough detail to allow the reader to obtain a picture of the geologic setting at the mines, including how much ore had been removed, when data was available.

Overall, I found the volume to be an outstanding general reference for the geology, resources and tectonic description of Myanmar, including adjacent offshore areas. I highly recommend this volume for anyone interested in the geology, resources and tectonics of Myanmar. The volume should be reviewed as a benchmark by anyone considering preparing a similar volume in another country or region

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