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Aeolian Islands Volcanoes, The

Product Code: M0037
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: By F. Lucchi, A. Peccerillo, J. Keller, C.A. Tranne & P.L. Rossi
Publication Date: 04 December 2013
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Memoir 37

The Aeolian Islands form one of the most active geological structures in the Mediterranean area, comprising a number of active (Stromboli and Vulcano) and dormant (Panarea and Lipari) volcanoes. They have attracted the attention of scientists in modern and historical times and are the cradle of the scientific discipline of volcanology.

This Memoir provides information on geological features of the Aeolian Islands volcanoes at a regional scale and for each island. The stratigraphy, structural evolution, eruptive and magmatic history of the Islands is presented, along with the geodynamic setting of the Aeolian volcanism and implications for magma origin and evolution processes. Particular focus is given to the active and dormant volcanoes and the related natural hazards.

It includes a DVD with new 1:10,000-scale geological maps of the Aeolian Islands and bathymetric maps of sectors of the Aeolian archipelago, together with an extended dataset of rock compositions.


Published online 21/10/2013. Hard copy available from 04/12/2013.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-186239-365-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 520
Weight: 2.23 kg


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 VENTURA, G. Kinematics of the Aeolian volcanism (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) from geophysical and geological data

Chapter 3 ROMAGNOLI, C. Characteristics and morphological evolution of the Aeolian volcanoes from the study of submarine portions

Chapter 4 ROMAGNOLI, C., CASALBORE, D., BORTOLUZZI, G., BOSMAN, A., CHIOCCI, F. L. & D’ORIANO, F. Bathy-morphological setting of the Aeolian Islands

Chapter 5 LUCCHI, F. Stratigraphic methodology for the geological mapping of volcanic areas: insights from the Aeolian archipelago (southern Italy)

Chapter 6 LUCCHI, F., KELLER, J. & TRANNE, C. A. Regional stratigraphic correlations across the Aeolian archipelago (southern Italy)

Chapter 7 LUCCHI, F., PECCERILLO, A., TRANNE, C. A., ROSSI, P. L., FREZZOTTI, M. L. & DONATI, C. Volcanism, calderas and magmas of the Alicudi composite volcano (western Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 8 LUCCHI, F., SANTO, A. P., TRANNE, C. A., PECCERILLO, A. & KELLER, J. Volcanism, magmatism, volcano-tectonics and sea-level fluctuations in the geological history of Filicudi (western Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 9 LUCCHI, F., GERTISSER, R., KELLER, J., FORNI, F., DE ASTIS, G. & TRANNE, C. A. Eruptive history and magmatic evolution of the island of Salina (central Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 10 FORNI, F., LUCCHI, F., PECCERILLO, A., TRANNE, C. A., ROSSI, P. L. & FREZZOTTI, M. L. Stratigraphy and geological evolution of the Lipari volcanic complex (central Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 11 DE ASTIS, G., LUCCHI, F., DELLINO, P., LA VOLPE, L., TRANNE, C. A., FREZZOTTI, M. L. & PECCERILLO, A. Geology, volcanic history and petrology of Vulcano (central Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 12 LUCCHI, F., TRANNE, C. A., PECCERILLO, A., KELLER, J. & ROSSI, P. L. Geological history of the Panarea volcanic group (eastern Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 13 FRANCALANCI, L., LUCCHI, F., KELLER, J., DE ASTIS, G. & TRANNE, C. A. Eruptive, volcano-tectonic and magmatic history of the Stromboli volcano (north-eastern Aeolian archipelago)

Chapter 14 ROSI, M., PISTOLESI, M., BERTAGNINI, A., LANDI, P., POMPILIO, M. & DI ROBERTO, A. Stromboli Volcano, Aeolian Islands (Italy): present eruptive activity and hazards

Chapter 15 PECCERILLO, A., DE ASTIS, G., FARAONE, D., FORNI, F. & FREZZOTTI, M. L. Compositional variations of magmas in the Aeolian arc: implications for petrogenesis and geodynamics


Contents of the DVD

Online Readers can access these files at:


Bathy-morphological map of the eastern Aeolian sector

Bathy-morphological map of the central Aeolian sector

Bathy-morphological map of the western Aeolian sector

1:10 000 geological map of Alicudi

Geochemical dataset for Alicudi

1:10 000 geological map of Filicudi

Geochemical dataset for Filicudi

Xenolith data for Filicudi

1:10 000 geological map of Salina

Geochemical dataset for Salina

1:10 000 geological map of Lipari

Geochemical dataset for Lipari

1:10 000 geological map of Vulcano

Geochemical dataset for Vulcano

1:10 000 geological map of Panarea

Geochemical dataset for Panarea

1:10 000 geological map of Stromboli

Geochemical dataset for Stromboli


David Nowell

Geoscientist Vol 1 Feb 2015

A brief chapter explains the methodology underpinning the incredibly detailed geological mapping, reproduced on the disk (including additional data) as a wonderful series of downloadable colour pdf 1:10,000 maps, complete with numerous beautifully drafted inserts and annotations. This is followed by the detailed regional correlations across the archipelago supported by radiometric dating tied into the sea level curve.

……this excellent volume can be thoroughly recommended for anybody with a serious interest in volcanism.

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