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Arctic Petroleum Geology

Product Code: M0035
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A M Spencer, A F Embry, D L Gautier, A Stoupakova and K Sorensen
Publication Date: 09 August 2011
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The vast Arctic region contains nine proven petroleum provinces with giant resources but over half of the sedimentary basins are completely undrilled, making the region the last major frontier for conventional oil and gas exploration. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the geology and the petroleum potential of the Arctic. Nine papers offer a circum-Arctic perspective on the Phanerozoic tectonic and palaeogeographic evolution, the currently recognized sedimentary basins, the gravity and magnetic fields and, perhaps most importantly, the petroleum resources and yet-to-find potential of the basins. The remaining 41 papers provide data-rich, geological and geophysical analyses and individual oil and gas assessments of specific basins throughout the Arctic. These detailed and well illustrated studies cover the continental areas of Laurentia, Baltica and Siberia and the Arctic Ocean. Of special interest are the 13 papers providing new data and interpretations on the extensive, little known, but promising, basins of Russia.

A DVD is provided inside the back of the book that contains PDFs of all papers plus all related Supplementary Publications.

Chapter 25 erratum: Tectonic setting, structure and petroleum geology of the Siberian
Arctic offshore sedimentary basins
by Sergey S. Drachev. Figure 25.8 on page 378 is incorrect on the DVD and online version of this paper. Please see the Lyell Collection for a pdf of the corrected image.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-328-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-328-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 818
Weight: 3.25 kg


Section I Arctic overviews
Spencer, A.M., Embry, A.F., Gautier, D.L., Stoupakova, A.V. & Sørensen, K. An overview of the petroleum geology of the Arctic
Grantz, A., Scott, R.A., Drachev, S.S., Moore, T.E. & Valin, Z.C. Sedimentary successions of the Arctic Region (58–648 to 908N) that may be prospective for hydrocarbons
Gaina, C., Werner, S.C., Saltus, R., Maus, S. & The CAMP-GM Group. Circum-Arctic mapping project: new magnetic and gravity anomaly maps of the Arctic
Saltus, R.W., Miller, E.L., Gaina, C. & Brown, P.J. Regional magnetic domains of the Circum-Arctic: a framework for geodynamic interpretation
Lawver, L.A., Gahagan, L.M. & Norton, I. Palaeogeographic and tectonic evolution of the Arctic region during the Palaeozoic
Golonka, J. Phanerozoic palaeoenvironment and palaeolithofacies maps of the Arctic region
Chew, K.J. & Arbouille, D. Hydrocarbon finds in the Arctic basins: discovery history, discovered resources and petroleum systems
Charpentier, R.R. & Gautier, D.L. US Geological Survey Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal (CARA): introduction and summary of organization and methods
Gautier, D.L., Bird, K.J., Charpentier, R.R., Grantz, A., Houseknecht, D.W., Klett, T.R., Moore, T.E., Pitman, J.K., Schenk, C.J., Schuenemeyer, J.H., Sørensen, K., Tennyson, M.E., Valin, Z.C. & Wandrey, C.J. Oil and gas resource potential north of the Arctic Circle

Section II Baltica related articles
Henriksen, E., Ryseth, A.E., Larssen, G.B., Heide, T., Rønning, K., Sollid, K. & Stoupakova, A.V. Tectonostratigraphy of the greater Barents Sea: implications for petroleum systems
Werner, S.C., Ebbing, J., Litvinova, T.P. & Olesen, O. Structural interpretation of the Barents and Kara Seas from gravity and magnetic data
Ivanova, N.M., Sakulina, T.S., Belyaev, I.V., Matveev, Yu.I. & Roslov, Yu.V. Depth model of the Barents and Kara seas according to geophysical surveys results
Klimenko, S.S., Anischenko, L.A. & Antoshkina, A.I. The Timan–Pechora sedimentary basin: Palaeozoic reef formations and petroleum systems
Bagrintseva, K.I., Strelchenko, V.V. & Stoupakova, A.V. Lower Permian and Devonian carbonate reservoir rocks in the onshore and offshore areas of the Pechora Sea
Høy, T. & Lundschien, B.A. Triassic deltaic sequences in the northern Barents Sea
Khlebnikov, P.A., Belenky, V.Ya., Peshkova, I.N., Kazanin, G.S., Shkarubo, S.I., Pavlov, S.P. & Shlykova, V.V. Geological structure and petroleum potential of the eastern flank of the Northern Barents Basin
Henriksen, E., Bjørnseth, H.M., Hals, T.K., Heide, T., Kiryukhina, T., Kløvjan, O.S., Larssen, G.B., Ryseth, A.E., Rønning, K., Sollid, K. & Stoupakova, A. Uplift and erosion of the greater Barents Sea: impact on prospectivity and petroleum systems
Schenk, C.J. Geology and petroleum potential of the Timan–Pechora Basin Province, Russia
Klett, T.R. & Pitman, J.K. Geology and petroleum potential of the East Barents Sea Basins and Admiralty Arch

Section III Siberia related articles
Pease, V. Eurasian orogens and Arctic tectonics: an overview
Stoupakova, A.V., Henriksen, E., Burlin, Yu.K., Larsen, G.B., Milne, J.K., Kiryukhina, T.A., Golynchik, P.O., Bordunov, S.I., Ogarkova, M.P. & Suslova, A.A. The geological evolution and hydrocarbon potential of the Barents and Kara shelves
Kaminsky, V.D., Suprunenko, O.I. & Suslova, V.V. Oil and gas potential of the Russian Arctic Shelf and palaeogeographical mapping of the Barents Sea
Ivanova, N.M., Belyaev, I.V. & Kolesnikova, Y.V. Geological model and oil and gas potential of the Gydan–Yuratskiy region and the southern part of the Kara Shelf
Kirilova-Pokrovskaya, T.A., Djyachenko, A.B. & Zavarzina, G.A. Application of AVO analysis to seismic records on the Laptev Sea Shelf
Drachev, S.S. Tectonic setting, structure and petroleum geology of the Siberian Arctic offshore sedimentary basins
Lebedeva-Ivanova, N.N., Gee, D.G. & Sergeyev, M.B. Crustal structure of the East Siberian continental margin, Podvodnikov and Makarov basins, based on refraction seismic data (TransArctic 1989–1991)
Klett, T.R., Wandrey, C.J. & Pitman, J.K. Geology and petroleum potential of the north and east margins of the Siberian Craton, north of the Arctic Circle
Grigorenko, Yu.N., Sobolev, V.S. & Kholodilov, V.A. Petroleum systems and forecasting the largest oil and gas fields in the offshore Russian Arctic basins
Kontorovich, A.E., Burshtein, L.M., Kaminsky, V.D., Kurchikov, A.R., Malyshev, N.A., Prischepa, O.M., Safronov, A.F., Stupakova, A.V., Suprunenko, O.I. & Epov, M.I. The potential for hydrocarbon resource development on the Russian Arctic Ocean Shelf

Section IV Laurentia related articles
Creaney, S. & Sullivan, M.A. The genetic evolution of Arctic North America and Greenland and implications for petroleum systems
Colpron, M. & Nelson, J.L. A Palaeozoic NW Passage and the Timanian, Caledonian and Uralian connections of some exotic terranes in the North American Cordillera
Bird, K.J. & Houseknecht, D.W. Geology and petroleum potential of the Arctic Alaska petroleum province
Kumar, N., Granath, J.W., Emmet, P.A., Helwig, J.A. & Dinkelman, M.G. Stratigraphic and tectonic framework of the US Chukchi Shelf: exploration insights from a new regional deep-seismic reflection survey
Houseknecht, D.W. & Bird, K.J. Geology and petroleum potential of the rifted margins of the Canada Basin
Helwig, J., Kumar, N., Emmet, P. & Dinkelman, M.G. Regional seismic interpretation of crustal framework, Canadian Arctic passive margin, Beaufort Sea, with comments on petroleum potential
Embry, A. Petroleum prospectivity of the Triassic–Jurassic succession of Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Omma, J.E., Pease, V. & Scott, R.A. U–Pb SIMS zircon geochronology of Triassic and Jurassic sandstones on northwestern Axel Heiberg Island, northern Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada
Dewing, K. & Obermajer, M. Thermal maturity of the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada and its bearing on hydrocarbon potential
Chen, Z. & Osadetz, K.G. Using discovery process and accumulation volumetric models to improve petroleum resource assessment in Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Harrison, J.C., Brent, T.A. & Oakey, G.N. Baffin Fan and its inverted rift system of Arctic eastern Canada: stratigraphy, tectonics and petroleum resource potential
Schenk, C.J. Geology and petroleum potential of the West Greenland–East Canada Province
Christiansen, F.G. Greenland petroleum exploration: history, breakthroughs in understanding and future challenges
Gautier, D.L., Stemmerik, L., Christiansen, F.G., Sørensen, K., Bidstrup, T., Bojesen-Koefoed, J.A., Bird, K.J., Charpentier, R.R., Houseknecht, D.W., Klett, T.R., Schenk, C.J. & Tennyson, M.E. Assessment of NE Greenland: prototype for development of Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal methodology
Sørensen, K., Gautier, D., Pitman, J., Jackson, H.R. & Dahl-Jensen, T. Geology and petroleum potential of the Lincoln Sea Basin, offshore North Greenland

Section V Arctic Ocean
Kristoffersen, Y. Geophysical exploration of the Arctic Ocean: the physical environment, survey techniques and brief summary of knowledge
Thiede, J., Eldholm, O. & Myhre, A.M. Scientific deep-sea drilling in high northern latitudes
Marcussen, C. & Macnab, R. Extending coastal state boundaries into the central Arctic Ocean: outer continental shelves beyond 200 nautical miles and the quest for hydrocarbons
Moore, T.E. & Pitman, J.K. Geology and petroleum potential of the Eurasia Basin
Moore, T.E., Grantz, A., Pitman, J.K. & Brown, P.J. A first look at the petroleum geology of the Lomonosov Ridge microcontinent, Arctic Ocean
Grantz, A., Hart, P.E. & Childers, V.A. Geology and tectonic development of the Amerasia and Canada Basins, Arctic Ocean



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