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European Lithosphere Dynamics

Product Code: M0032
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D G Gee and R A Stephenson
Publication Date: 12 April 2006
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Memoir 32

Europe provides an outstanding field laboratory for studying lithospheric processes through time, for tracing the tectonic evolution of crust and mantle from the present far back into the early Precambrian. Two things are particularly striking: the importance of plate tectonics during the Phanerozoic and through the Proterozic into the Archeaen, and the significance of tectonic inheritance, older structures and rheologies guiding the younger evolution.

‘European Lithosphere Dynamics’ grew out of a major European Science Foundation programme, EUROPROBE, with participation of many hundreds of Earth scientists from all over Europe. The main research activities focused on specific target areas and involved integration of geological, geophysical and geochemical methods. Defining surface-depth relationships was a prerequisite for interpretation of the processes, present and past, responsible for the formation of the lithosphere. 

This Memoir addresses the major features of the European lithosphere and is aimed at giving the reader an overview of their development and growth during three billion years of Earth history.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-212-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-212-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 672
Weight: 2.60 kg


Deep Europe today: geophysical synthesis of the upper mantle structure and lithospheric processes over 3.5Ga, I M Artemieva, H Thybo and M K Kaban • Crustal evolution of Western and Central Europe, P A Ziegler, P Dezes and J Verniers • Europe from the Variscan to the Alpine cycles, G M Stampfli and H W Kozur • European geography in a global context from the Vendian to the end of the Palaeozoic, L R M Cocks and T H Torsvik • Post-Variscan evolution of the lithosphere in the area of the European Cenozoic rift system, P A Ziegler, M E Schumacher, P Dezes, J D Van Wees and S A P L Cloetingh • Thermo-mechanical controls on Alpine deformation of NW Europe, S A P L Cloetingh, P A Ziegler, F Beekman, P A M Andriessen, N Hardebol, J Van Wijk and P Dezes • Lithosphere structure and tectonic evolution of the Alpine arc: new evidence from high-resolution teleseismic tomography, E Kissling, S M Schmid, R Lippitsch, J Ansorge and B Fugenschuh • Tertiary-Quaternary intra-plate magmatism in Europe and its relationship to mantle dynamics, M Wilson and H Downes • Tertiary-Quaternary subduction processes and related magmatism in the Alpine-Mediterranean region, S Harangi, H Downes and I Seghedi • Formation and deformation of the Pannonian Basin: constraints from observational  data, F Horvath, G Bada, P Szafian, G Tari, A Adam and S A P L Cloetingh • Modes of basin (de)formation, lithospheric strength and vertical motions in the Pannonian-Carpathian system: inferences from thermo-mechanical modelling, S A P L Cloetingh, G Bada, L Matenco, A Lankreijer, F Horvath and C Dinu • Ranges and Basins in the Iberian Peninsula: their contribution to the present topography, J Verges and M Fernandez • Contrasting modes of ophiolite emplacement in the Eastern Mediterranean region, A H F Robertson • Eastern Mediterranean basin systems, Z Ben-Avraham, J Woodside, E Lodolo, M A Gardosh, M Grasso, A Camerlenghi and G Battista Vai • The Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Greater Caucasus, A Saintot, M F Brunet, F Yakovlev, M Sebrier, R A Stephenson, F Chalot-Prat, A Ershov and T McCann • The western accretionary margin of the East European Craton: an overview, T C Pharaoh, J A Winchester, J Verniers, A Lassen and A Seghedi • Physical differences in the deep lithosphere of Northern and Central Europe, S Gregersen, P Voss, H Shomali, M Grad, R G  Roberts and TOR WORKING GROUP • Palaeozoic accretion of Gondwana-derived terranes to the East European Craton: recognition of detached terrane fragments dispersed after collision with promentaries, J A Winchester, T C Pharaoh, D Ioane and A Seghedi • The Variscan Orogen in central Europe: construction and collapse, W Franke • Transpressional collision tectonics and mantle plume dynamics: the Variscides of southwestern Iberia, J F Simancas, R Carbonell, F Gonzalez-Lodeiro, A Perez Estaun, C Juhlin, P Ayarza, A Kashubin, A Azor, D Martinez Poyatos, R Saez, G R Almodovar, E Pascual, I Flecha and D Marti • Post-Variscan (end Carboniferous-Early Permian) basin evolution in Western and Central Europe, T McCann, C Pascal, M J Timmerman, P Krzywiec, J Lopez-Gomez, A Wetzel, C M Krawczyk, H Rieke and J Lamarche • Pre-Alpide Palaeozoic and Mesozoic orogenic events in the Eastern Mediterranean region, A I Okay, M Satir and W Siebel • Tectonic processes in the Southern and Middle Urals: an overview, D Brown, V N Puchkov, J Alvarez-Marron, F Bea and A Perez Estaun • The Southern Urals: deep subduction, soft collision and weak erosion, P Matte • Crustal structure of the Middle Urals based on reflection seismic data, S Kashubin, C Juhlin, M Friberg, A Rybalka, G Petrov, A Kashubin, M Bliznetsov and D Steer • U-Pb Silurian age for a gabbro of the Platinum-bearing belt of Middle Urals (Russia): evidence for an early closure of the Uralian Ocean, D Bosch, O Bruguier, A A Efimov and A A Krasnobayev • The Vendian-Early Palaeozoic sedimentary basins of the East European Craton, S Sliaupa, P Fokin, J Lazauskiene R A Stephenson • Late Palaeozoic intra- and pericratonic basins on the East European Craton and its margins, R A Stephenson, T Yegorova, M F Brunet, S Stovba, M Wilson, V Starostenko, A Saintot and N J Kusznir • The evolution of the southern margin of eastern Europe (Eastern European and Scythian platforms) from the latest Precambrian - Early Palaeozoic to the Early Cretaceous, A Saintot, R A Stephenson, S Stovba, M F Brunet, T Yegorova and V Starostenko • The Timanide, Caledonide and Uralide orogens in the Eurasian high Arctic, and relationships to the palaeo-continents Laurentia, Baltica and Siberia, D G Gee, O K Bogolepova and H Lorenz • Crustal structure and tectonic model of the northeastern part of Baltica based on deep seismic and potential field data, S Kostyuchenko, R Sapozhnikov, A Egorkin, D G Gee, R Berzin and L Solodilov • Electrical conductivity and seismic velocity structures of the lithosphere beneath the Fennoscandian Shield, S E Hjelt, T Korja, E Kozlovskaya, I Lahti, J Yliniemi, BEAR WORKING GROUP and Svekalapko Seismic Tomorgraphy working Group • The Svecofennian Orogen: a collage of microcontinents and island arcs, A Korja, R Lahtinen and M Nironen • The Lapland-Kola Orogen: Palaeoproterozoic collision and accretion of the northern Fennoscandian lithosphere, J S Daly, V V Balagansky, M J Timmerman and  M J Whitehouse • EUROBRIDGE: new insight into the geodynamic evolution of the East European Craton, S Bogdanova, R Gorbatschev, M Grad, T Janik, A Guterch, E Kozlovskaya, G Motuza, G Skridlaite, V Starostenko, L Taran, EUROBRIDGE WORKING GROUP and POLONAISE WORKING GROUP • The Archean nucleus of the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield, A I Slabunov, S B Lobach-Zhuchenko, E V Bibikova, P Sorjonen-Ward, V V  Balagansky, O I Volodichev, A A Shchipansky, S A Svetov, V P Chekulaev, N A Arestova and V S Stepanov • Archaean terranes, Palaeoproterozoic reworking and accretion in the Ukrainian Shield, East-European craton, S Claesson, E V Bibikova, S Bogdanova and V Skobelev  



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