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Neoproterozoic Timanide Orogen of Eastern Baltica, The

Product Code: M0030
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D. G. Gee and V. Pease
Publication Date: 18 January 2005
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The Neoproterozoic Timanide Orogen of eastern Baltica extends from the high Arctic to the southern Ural Mountains and represents significant crustal growth of the northeastern European continental margin in the late Neoproterozoic. This volume, a co-operation between Western European and Russian scientists within the framework of the European Science Foundation's EUROPROBE programme, provides a comprehensive overview of the orogen and represents a new synthesis of Timanian Orogeny. It includes: the pre-Timanian passive margin deposits of the northern and northeastern flank of the East European Craton; the magmatic, metamorphic and structural evolution of the orogen across the Timan Mountain and Pechora Basin regions to the Ural Mountains; the post-Timanian platform successions, important for interpreting the timing of orogeny and the return to an early Palaeozoic passive margin setting; and the extension of the orogen northwards to Novaya Zemlya. Relationships westwards to the Caledonides of Greenland and Scandinavia and eastwards to the Baikalides of Siberia are also treated.


This volume will be of interest to geoscientists, students and researchers, concerned with orogenic processes and regional tectonics. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-172-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-172-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 260
Weight: 1.30 kg


The Neoproterozic Timanide Orogen of eastern Baltica: introduction, D G Gee and V Pease • Neoproterozoic, passive-margin, sedimentary systems of the Kanin Peninsula, and Northern and Central Timan, NW Russia, D Roberts, A Siedlecka and V G Olovyanishnikov • Riphean and Vendian sedimentary sequences of the Timanides and Uralides, the eastern periphery of the East European Craton, A V Maslov • Late Neoproterozoic sedimentation in the Timan foreland, D Grazhdankin • Structural and tectonic development of the Timanide orogen, D Roberts and V G Olovyanishnikov • Neoproterozoic high-grade metamorphism of the Kanin Peninsula, Timanide Orogen, northern Russia, H Lorenz, A M Pystin, V G Olovyanishnikov and D G Gee • The Vendian alkaline igneous suite of northern Timan: ion microprobe U-Pb zircon ages of gabbros and syenite, A N Larionov, V A Andreichev and D G Gee • Late Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism in the basement to the Pechora Basin, NW Russia: geochemical constraints indicate westward subduction beneath NE Baltica, V Pease, E Dovzhikova, L Beliakova and D G Gee • Protolith ages of eclogites, Marun-Keu Complex, Polar Urals, Russia: implications for the pre- and early Uralian evolution of the northeastern European continental margin, J Glodny, V Pease, P Montero, H Austrheim and A I Rusin • The Dzela complex, Polar Urals, Russia: a Neoproterozoic island arc, D Remizov and V Pease • Timanian blueschist-facies metamorphism in the Kvarkush metamorphic basement, Northern Urals, Russia, M Beckholmen and J Glodny • The Precambrian rocks of Novaya Zemlya, E A Korago, G N Kovaleva, B G Lopatin and V V Orgo • Early Palaeozoic unconformity across the Timanides, NW Russia, O K Bogolepova and D G Gee • Late Cambrian relative age constraints by acritarchs on the post-Timanian deposition on Kolguev Island, Arctic Russia, M Moczydlowska, M Stockfors and L Popov • Northeastern and northwestern margins of Baltica in Neoproterozoic time: evidence from the Timanian and Caledonian Orogens, A Siedlecka, D Roberts, J P Nystuen and V G Olovyanishnikov • Svalbard: a fragment of the Laurentian margin, D G Gee and A M Teben'kov • Grenvillian and Caledonian tectono-magmatic activity in northeasternmost Svalbard, A Johansson, A N Larionov, D G Gee, Y Ohta, A M Tebenkov and S Sandelin • Neoproterozoic Orogeny along the margins of Siberia, V A Vernikovsky, A E Vernikovskaya, V Pease and D G Gee • 


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