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3D Seismic Technology

Product Code: M0029
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R J Davies, J A Cartwright, S A Stewart, M Lappin and J R Underhill
Publication Date: 21 July 2004
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A ‘new age’ of subsurface geological mapping that is just as far ranging in scope as the frontier surface geological mapping campaigns of the past two centuries is emerging. It is the direct result of the advent of 2D, and subsequently 3D, seismic data paralleled by advances in seismic acquisition and processing over the past three decades. Subsurface mapping is fuelled by the economic drive to explore and recover hydrocarbons but inevitably it will lead to major conceptual advances in Earth sciences, across a broader range of disciplines than those made during the 2D seismic revolution of the 1970s. Now that 3D seismic data coverage has increased and the technology is widely available we are poised to mine the full intellectual and economic benefits. This book illustrates how 3D seismic technology is being used to understand depositional systems and stratigraphy, structural and igneous geology, in developing and producing from hydrocarbon reservoirs and also what recent technological advances have been made. This technological journey is a fast-moving one where the remaining scientific potential still far exceeds the scope of the advances made thus far. This book explores the breadth of the opportunities that lie ahead as well as the inevitable accompanying challenges.
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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-151-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-151-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 364
Weight: 1.6 kg


3D seismic technology: are we realising its full potential?, R J Davies, S A Stewart, J A Cartwright, M Lappin, R Johnston, S Fraser and A R Brown • Depositional systems. Seismic geomorphology: imaging elements of depositional systems from shelf to deep basin using 3D seismic data: implications for exploration and development, H W Posamentier • Depositional architectures of recent deepwater deposits in the Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, J N Fowler, E Guritno, P Sherwood, M J Smith, S Algar, I Busono, G Goffey and A Strong • The use of near-seafloor 3D seismic data in deepwater exploration and production, G S Steffens, R C Shipp, B E Prather, J A Nott, J L Gibson and C D Winker • Structural controls on the positioning of submarine channels on the lower slopes of the Niger Delta, R Morgan • Sea bed morphology of the Faroe-Shetland Channel derived from 3D seismic datasets, D Long, J Bulat and M S Stoker • 3D anatomy of late Neogene contourite drifts and associated mass flows in the Faroe-Basin Channel, P C Knutz and J A Cartwright • Interactions between topography and channel development from 3D seismic analysis: an example from the Tertiary of the Flett Ridge, Faroe-Shetland Basin, UK, A M Robinson, J A Cartwright, P M Burgess and R J Davies • 3D seismic analysis reveals the origin of ambiguous erosional features at a major sequence boundary in the eastern North Sea: near top Oligocene, J P V Hansen, O R Clausen and M Huuse • 3D seismic interpretation of the Messinian Unconformity in the Valencia Basin, Spain, J M Frey Martinez, J A Cartwright, P M Burgess and J Vincente Bravo • Structural and igneous geology. 3D analogue models of rift systems: templates for 3D seismic interpretation, K R McClay, T Dooley, P Whitehouse, L Fullaton and S Chantraprasert • Structural evolution of a complex 3D fault array in the Cretaceous and Tertiary of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland, G Jones, L S Williams, R J Knipe, 3D geometry and displacement configuration of a fault array from a raft system, Lower Congo Basin, Offshore Angola: implications for the Neogene turbidite play, D M Dutton, D Lister, B D Trudgill and K Pedro • Initial deformation in a subduction thrust system: polygonal normal faulting in the incoming sedimentary sequence of the Nankai subduction zone, southwestern Japan, A S Heffernan, J C Moore, N L Bangs, G F Moore and T H Shipley • The evolution and growth of Central Graben salt structures, Salt Dome Province, Danish North Sea, M Rank-Friend and C F Elders • Integrating 3D seismic data with structural restorations to elucidate the evolution of a stepped counter-regional salt system, Eastern Louisiana Shelf, Northern Gulf of Mexico, B D Trudgill and M G Rowan • Exploration 3D seismic over the Gjallar Ridge, Mid-Norway: visualization of structures on the Norwegian volcanic margin from Moho to seafloor, S M Corfield, W Wheeler, R Karpuz, M Wilson and R Helland • Tertiary inversion in the Faroe-Shetland Channel and the development of major erosional scarps, J R Smallwood • 3D seismic analysis of the geometry of igneous sills and sill junction relationships, D M Hansen, J A Cartwright and D Thomas • Kinematic indications for shallow level igneous intrusions from 3D seismic data: evidence of flow direction and feeder location, K J Trude • Application at development and production scale. Visualization and interpretation of 3D seismic in the Carboniferous of the UK Southern North Sea, J J Lynch • Direct visualization and extraction of stratigraphic targets in complex structural settings, H James, R Bond and L Eastwood • Locating exploration and appraisal wells using predictive rock physics, seismic inversion and advanced body tracking: an example from North Africa, G Pickering, E Knight, J Bletcher, R Barker and M Kemper • Use of 3D visualization techniques to unravel complex fault patterns for production planning: Njord field, Halten Terrace, Norway, C Dart, I Cloke, A Herdlevaer, D Gillard, J C Rivenaes, C Otterlei, E Johnsen and A Ekern • Seismic characteristics of large-scale sandstone intrusions in the Paleogene of the South Viking Graben, UK and Norwegian North Sea, M Huuse, D Duranti, N Steinsland, C G Guargena, P Prat, K Holm, J A Cartwright and A Hurst • Integrated use of 3D seismic in field development, engineering and drilling: examples from the shallow section, B Austin • 4D/Time lapse seismic: examples from the Foinaven, Schiehallion and Loyal Fields, UKCS, West of Shetland, G Bagley, I Saxby, J McGarrity, C Pearse and C Slatter • New applications. Improved drilling performance through integration of seismic, geological and drilling data, S A Stewart and J Holt • 4D seismic imaging of an injected CO2 plume at the Sleipner Field, central North Sea, R A Chadwick, R Arts, O Eiken, E Lindeberg, G A Kirby and P Zweigel • Towards an automated strategy for modelling extensional basins and margins in four dimensions, N White, J Haines, S Jones and D Hanne • Examples of multi-attribute, neural network-based seismic object detection, P De Groot, H Ligtenberg, T Oldenziel, D Connolly and P Meldahl • Modelling fault geometry and displacement for very large networks, D L Lister •


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