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A Reassessment of the Southern Ocean Biochronology

Product Code: M0018
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: By A.T.S. Ramsay and J.G. Baldauf
Publication Date: 23 March 1999
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The integrated approach applied in the study provides a reassessment of the stratigraphy previously established for the 18 holes that have been re-examined. The authors set out the current understanding of Southern Ocean biochronology and give a synthesis of biostratigraphical and polarity data from previous work.The volume will be a valuable reference for interpreting the palaeoceanography, climatic history and tectonic evolution of the Southern Ocean. It also provides a framework for dating oceanography and sedimentary events that are used as proxies for interpreting the glacial history of Antarctica. Paperback

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-027-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-027-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Weight: 0.65 kg


Preface • Acknowledgements • Introduction • Previous work • Methods • Results • Hole 51 • Hole 689B • Hole 6890B • Hole 695A • Hole 696A • Hole 697B • Hole 699A • Hole 701A • Hole 704B • Hole 737A • Hole 744A • Hole 744B • Hole 755B • Hole 746A • Hole 747A • Hole 747B • Hole 748B • Hole 751A • Discussion • Conclusion • References • Index •


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