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The Geology Of Svalbard

Product Code: M0017
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: by W. B. Harland
Publication Date: 19 February 1998
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The Svalbard achipelago and its principal island, Spitsbergen, respectively about the size of Scotland and Switzerland, have the wealth in variety and complexity in stratigraphy and structure no less than those classic areas. Moreover with an international history and present treaty status many nations have participated in research so the geological literature currently comprising farmore than 3000 publications is widely scattered and rapidly increasing. There are indeed excellent published geologicaloutlines, but no comprehensive work. This work presents the detailed geology of Svalbard. It arises from about 50 years of research in many aspects of Svalbard geology by the author with many colleagues and collaborators. It is arranged systematically as a definitive study reflecting the present conjuncture of research. It thus meets the needs of specialists with convenient information on related fields or of any geoscientist surveying some aspect of global geology for an indication of what is known about this key region. This work is planned as an integrated synthesis. Part 1 is introductory, setting the stage. Chapter 3 in particular outlines themain geological features and the principal geological conventions used throughout. Part 2 divides Svalbard into eightregions/sectors and each chapter describes each with minimal interpretation. The rock successions are listed from the top downas observed, and the structures are outlined and to some extent illustrated. Part 3, in forward time sequence, interpretshistorical events and environments. Part 4 comprises a summary of the economic aspects of Svalbard geology and threealphabetical lists as reference aids namely place names, stratigraphic names and general index. There is also an extensive reference list, which will be a significant bibliographic resource for researchers of Svalbard geology.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-93-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-93-2
Publisher: GSL
Pages: 529
Weight: 2.2 kg


Introduction: Svalbard • Outline history of geological research • Svalbard’s geological frame • Regional descriptions: Central Spitsbergen Basin • Eastern Svalbard Platform • Northern Nordaustlandet • Northeastern Spitsbergen • Northwestern Spitsbergen • Central western Spitsbergen • Southwestern and southern Spitsbergen • Bjørnøya and neighbouring submarine geology • Historical synthesis: Pre-Vendian history • Vendian history • Cambrian-Ordovician history • Silurian history • Devonian history • Carboniferous-Permian history • Triassic history • Jurassic-Cretaceous history • Paleogene history • Neogene-Pleistocene-Holocene history • Modern glaciers and climatic change • Appendix: Economic geology • Index of place names with reference to figures • Glossary of stratigraphic names with recommended usage and equivalents • References • General index


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