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Palaeozoic Palaeogeography & Biogeography

Product Code: M0012
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: W.S. McKerrow and C.R. Scotese
Publication Date: 01 June 1994
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Includes the most recent palaeomagnetic and biogeographic data from all major Palaeozoic continents. From this information, a new set of world maps has been produced illustrating successive positions of the continents and oceans throughout the Palaeozoic Era. The relationships between climatic changes, sea level changes, evolutionary radiations and intercontinental migrations are discussed.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-49-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-49-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 435
Weight: 2.09 kg


Revised World Maps and Introduction 1, C.R. Scotese & W.S. McKerrow • Palaeomagnetism and Palaeoclimates

A review of palaeomagnetic data from Europe and their palaeogeographic implications, T.H. Torsvik, M.A. Smethurst, J.C. Briden & B.A. Stuart •: Palaeomagnetic constraints on the position of Gondwana during Ordovician to Devonian times, V. Bachtads & J.C. Briden • Palaeozoic palaeogeography from palaeomagnetism of the Atlantic-bordering continents, D.A. Kent & R. Van Der Voo • Palaeoclimatic constraints for palaeozoic palaeolatitude4s of Laurentia and Euramerica, B.J. Witzke • Gondwana’s movement over the south Pole during the Palaeozoic: evidence from lithological indicators of climate, C.R. Scotese & S.F. Barrett • Stratigraphic and palaeogeographic distribution of Palaeozoic oolitic ironstones, F.B. Van Houten & Hong-Fei Hou •

Early Palaeozoic Biogeography

Biogeography of Ordovician and Silurian faunas, L.R.M. Cocks & R.A. Fortey • Relations between conodont provincialism and the changing palaeogeography during the Early Palaeozoic, S.M. Bergstrom • The relationship of Ordovician graptolite provincialism to palaeogeography, S.C. Finney & Xu Chen • Graptolite biogeography: implications for palaeogeography and palaeoceanography, W.B.N. Berry & P. Wilde • Graptoloid biogeography: recent progress, future hopes, R.B. Rickards, S. Rigby & J.H. Harris • Cambrian-Devonian biogeography of nautiloid cephalopods, R.E. Crick • Early-Middle Palaeozoic biogeography of Asian terranes derived from Gondwana, C. Burrett, J. Long & B. Stait • The biogeographic affinities of East Asian Corals, Wei-Hua Liao • Brachiopod zoogeography across the Ordovician – Silurian extinction event, P.M. Sheehan & P.J. Coorough •

Silurian – Devonian Biogeography

Silurian biogeography, A.J. Boucot • Distributions and extinctions of Silurian Bryozoa, M.E. Tuckey • Palaeogeography of Middle Palaeozoic organic-walled phytoplankton, G.K. Colbath • Biogeography of Silurian stromatoporoids, H. Neston • Silurian and Early Devonian biogeography of ostracodes in North America, J.M. Berdan • Constraints on Silurian and Early Devonian phytogeographic analysis based on megafossils, D. Edwards • Devonian vertebrate distribution patterns and cladistic analysis of palaeogeographic hypotheses, G.C. Yong • Biogeography of Devonian stromatoporoides, C.W. Stock • Rugose coral distribution as a test of Devonian palaeogeographic models, A.E.H. Pedder & W. Oliver • Early and Middle Devonian gastropod biogeography, R.B. Blodgett, D.M. Rohr & A.J. Boucot • Biogeography of Devonian algae, J. Poncet • Givetian – Frasnian phytogeography of Euramerica and western Gondwana based on miospore distribution, M. Streel, M. Fairon-Demaret & S. Loboziak • The Balkhash – Mongolia – Okhotsk region of the Old World Realm (Devonian), Jong-Fei Hou & A.J. Boucot •

Carboniferous – Permian Biogeography

Late Palaeozoic provinciality in the marine realm, R.K. Bambach • Carboniferous brachiopod migration and latitudinal diversity: a new palaeoclimatic method, P.H. Kelley, A. Raymond & C.B. Lutken • Biogeography of Lower Carboniferous crinoids, N.G. Lane & G.D. Sevastopulo • the palaeobiogeography of the Blastoidea (Enchinodermata), J.A. Waters • Late Palaeozoic bryozoan biogeography, J.P.R. Ross & C.A. Ross • Phytogeographic patterns and continental configurations during the Permian Period, A.M. Ziegler •

Palaeozoic Geography

Early and Late Permian reconstructions of Pangaea, A.L. Lottes & D.B. Rowley • Constraints on the location of the Asian microcontinents in Palaeo-Tethys during the Late Palaeozoic, Nie, Shangyou, D.B. Rowley & A.M. Ziegler • Palaeogeographic evolution of southwestern Europe during Early Palaeozoic times, M. Robardt, F. Paris & P.R. Racheboeuf • Ordovician sedimentary facies and faunas of southwest Europe: palaeogeographic and tectonic implications, T.P. Young • Devonian palaeogeography and palaeobiology of the Central Andes, P.E. Isaacson & P.E. Sablock •


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